Dare devil baby

My 7 month old daughter is on the move constantly, some days it is hard keeping up with her. But now she likes pulling herself up on things and letting go and finds it funny that she falls. And her new thing is crawling off my bed (it’s just the box spring and mattress so isn’t a far fall). We bed share and the only way I can get her to sleep is while nursing her. I know explaining to her not to do this isn’t something you can do for a 7 month old cause they wouldn’t understand. I’ve ordered bed railings to put on to hopefully keep her on the bed. Please tell me I’m not alone. Has anyone else had a baby who isn’t fearful of getting hurt? I don’t know what to do, I am scared she’s actually going to get hurt one of these times. She’s on the go so much that if I know I can’t give her my full attention I have to put her in something to hold her and that just pisses her off and she just screams. I feel bad cause I am going into sensory overload and can’t get anything done around the house or give my older three boys attention because she either is screaming cause she can’t go and do what she wants or she’s everywhere and I’m chasing after her so she doesn’t get hurt. This all happened in a matter of weeks, any advice? Please and thank you!