Daughter is two and not talking much

My daughter turned 2 in June she still doesn't talk much she only says a couple words what can I do to help her talk more and I don't even know how to start on potty training as she won't let me know when she goes or needs to any tips on what I could do? This is my first child.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Daughter is two and not talking much

My dr told me that when they turn 3 a lot of things pick up faster and easier on them. My two year old was the same way right when she turned two but over the next couple of months she picked up a lot. I would just wait and not force her. She’ll do it when it’s her time.

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I wouldn’t worry to much yet, my youngest just turned to September 24, he wasn’t saying to much yet but now his vocabulary has picked up a great deal. He isn’t potty trained yet but he does go potty some. I don’t think he is quite ready dor the full potty train. Right now I am just encouraging it, we introduced the potty to him probably about 15 months old.

My 4th didnt start potty training til almost 3. she had no interest in it what so ever. Then on her 3rd birthday she started asking to use the potty and never had an accident. That was until her first day of kindergarten because shes never used the potty alone before without my help. So if i take her before she goes to school in the morning she is good until she gets home at the end of the day.

My son turned 2 in July and he is just now starting to try and say new words whenever he points at something I just tell him what it is and it seems to be working now and the potty training for him he doesn’t tell me either but I do ask him if he needs to go potty and he’ll run to the bathroom and at least try he likes flushing the toilet and he knows he can only do that if he at least tries to go to the bathroom

My daughter was my first and she did everything extremely early. I swear, her first word was “hi” and she would say it over and over and over again beginning at like 5 months. By the time she was 1 and a half she was speaking full sentences. At 3 years old she had a vocabulary that shocked anyone that didn’t know her.

My son on the other hand is 2 and a half and is saying more words (say about 15, maybe 20) but his speech isn’t super clear. I was getting ready to look into speech therapy, but then he finally started repeating some words. He understands every thing we tell him to do, he just doesn’t repeat. So I know it’s processing, he just does what he wants when he pleases. It’s his personality lol.

Every kid is different. My nephew (who is 9 now) was also not speaking pushing 3-4 years old, but the difference was he wasn’t understanding what we were saying either. Turns out he was completely deaf in one ear and a little in the other as well. He was taught sign language and now speaks. Look for signs of comprehension. If it seems like nothing you say is clicking with him (go to the potty, grab your juice, snack, blanket, etc.) It’s a possibility he may have issues with his hearing.

This is all just from experience, I am in no way a doctor/therapist. Seeing so many different kids in my family grow up, these are the things I’ve noticed.

Most parents start to toilet train around 18 mths /2yo. In fact if you leave it till 3yo your child is more physically / mentally ready to train and its less stressful for all concerned…of course many children will show signs of wanting to train before 3 …
Night training can take years longer but most are fully trained by 4/5 yo.
The most important thing is that your child is ready. They show signs of holding their urine much longer and being uncomfortable wet or asking to be changed
I always took my toddlers to the toilet with me …mummy needs to pee type thing…so they got the general idea what the toilet was for and had no fear.
If you try before they’re ready it can cause problems and may take longer for them to train
Thankfully the good old days where a child was expected to be fully trained / walking/talking and sitting at the table with perfect eating habits are long gone and we recognise that each child is different.
Talking…just talk to her. Have one sided conversations but give her time to answer …even if its just baby noises…read stories and sing songs . Like everything else…She’ll talk when she’s ready .

Don’t stress or push the potty training if she isn’t ready. You can read to her more to help with language, sing songs etc. Also when teaching a word tell them what letter it starts with and make the sound of the letter then say the word. Makes it much easier for them. Ex letter L is for letter l l letter lol

Not sure if this will help but have you considered using some basic sign language just for the simple things like toilet, drink, food, bed, play. Then eventually she will start speaking and responding? It’s just to kick-start it?


My kids had ear problems that caused a delay in speech. They had to have tubes put in.

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I recently googled something similar read read read also just pointing out objects and describing things we have been asking him to try and say certain words and praise for trying and then for getting it right or try again but we don’t do more than 3 tries maybe later we will try again he says a lot already but we are struggling for pronouncing or he knows what he wants and says gibberish takes a lot of tantrum to figure out what he’s asking for
Potty training we struggle with number 2 but both kids we put a potty out in the living room where we spend most of our time leave the diaper off my were pulling them off at this point anyway and when they start to go put them on the potty eventually they took on then after awhile we would practice asking to go potty my daughter didn’t take long to get it all down my son is three and struggling to poo in the potty we have to put a pull up on a few times a day or he won’t go at all sometimes we practice with undies to ask for help to get his undies down when he has to go potty and try not to pee pee on Mickey mouse praise helps a lot we always do a potty party after :joy: everyone sings bubby pee pees in the potty oh bubby pee peed in the potty yay!

I would suggest getting her hearing checked if it hasn’t been and talk to her pediatrician about speech therapy. My daughter is the same age and has hearing issues and now that we have hearing aids she has been in speech therapy for several months now. I would say she’s up to about 30-40 words and knows some sign language as well. I also wouldn’t rush the potty training that will come in time we haven’t even started trying yet but my daughter is starting to show signs of readiness like knowing when she needs a diaper change.

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She was almost 3.5 when she started talking and almost 4 when she was potty trained don’t rush it. Her former center tried to rush it and it set us back a good year

I would talk with her Dr. Every child is different… my oldest,she’s autistic. So we started doing sign language when she was non verbal. That helped alot. My 3rd child has a speech impediment,so I started sign language with him as well. Just takes lots of patience and constantly communicating with her even if she doesn’t respond. But I highly suggest not giving in and encourage her to communicate one way or another.

Don’t stress about potty training yet. Some kids don’t develop the nerves until aged five. You can just introduce the potty and put them on it at times you know they might go (a pee/poo diary will show some regular timings!) To get them to talk more, talk to them more. Point out names of things, ask them proper questions in sentences. You could also learn baby signing.

My son didn’t say a peep (in person) until he was 2.5, but I would hear him saying words when I wasn’t in the room. So I used that as my opener, if I heard him say something I would repeat it (like if he said “ball” I would say “ball!?!” Very excitedly) and then clap and cheer, he loved it! Within about a month he was all about talking and now at 4 he talks very well and uses pretty big words for his age. Just keep talking to her, read to her, narrate everything you’re doing during the day and she will catch on!

My mom worried about me not talking when I was young, took me to the Dr. He had me repeat several words back to him which I did perfectly. Then he told my mom I just didn’t have anything to say. After I hit kindergarten I didn’t stop talking. When I got talking on and on she said “and to think I worried about you talking”. If your baby speaks words back to you she may just needs more interaction. Good luck

Every kid is different. My daughter was potty trained by 18 months and was talking full sentences by the time she was 3. My son other the other hand had a speech delay and had to go to speech. He is 9 now and his speech still isn’t the best. It took him til he was almost 5 to potty train. You can’t compare your kid to any on else’s or except them to be like another. They will do stuff when they are ready. Just work with him on the talking. Everytime you do something say what you are doing. If he points say what it is. Or ask Do you want the cup, Do you want this snack. Eventually he will get it. If he isn’t talking more at 3 then I would say look deeper into it but for now he is still pretty young
Good luck momma.

My 1nd son only said mana, daddy & ball. When he was 3 he decided to start talking in full sentences. He just didn’t want to talk until then

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My daughter just turned 2 in Oct. She fairly advanced imo. She knows the alphabet, her colours, shapes and can count to 15. She also speaks in full sentences. My advice is make sure you read to them. I read like 10 to 20 books a day and we don’t watch shows much. We also sing songs and nursery rhymes ALOT! I am don’t have any advice for potty training as I’m just starting with my own.

My son wasn’t talking much at 15 months and he was referred to a speech therapist by his doctor.

My daughter who is now 4 almost 5, she has glasses for a minor lazy eye and is now being tested for speech intelligibility. She didn’t talk till after 2 either she also is persistent on always putting her shoes on the wrong feet, she also can’t write certain letters. When she does talk which is soooo much lol she tends to have to retract herself mid sentence quite a few times so I started googling about the speech intelligibility in toddlers and eventually ran across a site talking about dyslexia she matched so many of the signs for dyslexia and I messaged her speech therapist about it and she thinks that I’m right.