Daycare during pandemic?

I want to put my 11 month old into daycare. My husband isn’t comfortable with it for a few reasons. Mainly Covid. If he does go it’ll be part time and it probably won’t be until March. For those who have kids in daycare in the middle of a pandemic. Any advice?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Daycare during pandemic?

My baby girl has been in since she was 8 months old…( August 2020).
They take SO many precautions for the kiddos…each “class” is podded so they dont mingle with others, same as teachers…but its helped her to become socialize…and learn things I’d never be able to teach her really at hone…I am 100% behind daycares for kiddos


You can’t let covid stop you. It’s not going anywhere. Go for it.


My little girl has a immune disorder so she’s not been able to return since September ( due to all the kids were always sick with something and she would get sick) but I’d love to send her back but I’m scared to death just cause she’s soo little and her body can’t fight it (she’s 4 and was a nicu baby and still is tiny for her age)

I wouldn’t unless I had to


My toddlers have been in daycare since October and thankfully haven’t caught it. There has been exposures and they’ve remained safe. So many viruses go around daycare though. When there is exposures I’ll keep them home for 1-2 weeks, just as long as they’re making their subsidy hours then we’re okay.

My 2 year old is starting in march also I have no hesitation about it the media hype covid alot more then it needs to be. You child would be safer in a preschool/daycare then in ur local shops.


My 2yr idk had been in daycare since last March. I was in school for cosmetology when he started and even after I finished and started working. There would be 2weeks almost out of every month he’d have to stay home due to someone testing positive, and everyone having to quarantine and them sanitize the building. It freaking sucks. Then if your child has the slightest cough, or runny nose. You have to keep them home for 7 days and they have to either have to have a negative covid test or show no symptoms without the help of medicine to be able to return to daycare. Atleast that’s how our daycare in TX is. It’s freaking ridiculous with all this crap going around. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got allergy issues or not. The slightest cough and congestion, they keep your child home. Sinus infections and allergies is a big issues constantly in our house, my kids get it from me. So it sucks when you can’t rearrange work or school, and have to keep your kids home. Just be sure to have support and help on stand by if it happens. Here in tx we don’t have the help, so I ended up having to quit my job just to keeps my kids home from having to constantly miss work.

My 4 1/2 year old has been in daycare since it all began, just doing common sense precautions and we haven’t had it yet. Kids still need to be social, it can potentially impact their development.


My cousin worked at a daycare and her dumb ass still went to work knowing she had covid because 3 other people did and ended up giving half of the kids covid :disappointed:

For us daycare providers it is a challenge that we manage on a dailey basis. Ask questions and talk about concerns . We keep a small group especially in famiy daycare setting same group same provider and asst no mixing groups.

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My kids go to daycare part time and since we’re in a pandemic our daycare sends kids home if they have a runny nose, cough, fever, etc
Which is good.

Mines got an autoimmune disorder and I still send her ass. But I’m a single parent in California rent so I didn’t have a choice

My almost 2 yr old has been going since november 2020 and we havent had any issues :slight_smile: most daycares have pretty strict rules. Kids cant even have a sniffle and slightest temperature they get sent home, when my daughter was teething we had to get her covid tested and a drs clearance. Its good but can be tiring running around getting pcr tests and medical clearance for things like teething :blush: but it makes everyone safe so that’s all that matters

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We’ve been at daycare this entire time, just like a school they have protocals for covid and its safe. Covid isnt going anywhere, and I think its important to socialize kids even early on. Good luck with your decision

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Just wanted to express how your child’s immune system hasn’t been exposed to much yet. During a pendamic or not, when you first start a child in daycare they get sick. My daughter was sick at least once a month for the first few months. Common colds. It’s normal. With covid it will be a bit scarier because every time you’ll wonder if it’s covid. I would suggest trying to boost your child’s immune system naturally before starting. But I don’t see covid going away any time soon so if you’re going to ever do day care, no better time than now


My son has been in daycare two days a week through the whole pandemic. He caught Covid at home during Christmas break… my only advice with daycare is that it is a germy place so be prepared. We’ve been through numerous colds, hand foot mouth, and rsv… with that being said, it is the best place for my son. He absolutely loves going there. He’s made so many friends and learns something new every day he goes.

My daughter has been going to daycare this whole pandemic and they have precautions and regulations set up to keep then safe. They only mingle with the people in their class which is their age group, lots of cleaning and hand washing. If they develop any symptom while there, they message the parent to come pick them up or if they develop a symptom at home, you just let them know you are keeping them home until it’s clear. Also my daughters daycare are now wearing masks from 2years and up, teachers have been wearing them this whole time but since the schools confirmed cases have gone up, the kids now wear masks. My daughter loves it and has learnt so much being there. I am currently on Maternity leave and she still goes full time. All teachers are vaccinated (I know it doesn’t really make a difference where can still get it but it was one of the regulations for daycare providers to have all staff vaccinated) .

I work in a daycare and the teachers have to wear masks all day to protect everyone! We have had exposures and we take it very seriously

Everyone is living in the middle of a pandemic and who knows how long this pandemic may go on for. Life goes on. Adults are still going to work, children are still going to daycare/school.

Daycare is good for small children. It teaches them so much and prepares them for school.

Just be proactive and follow safety guidelines. If your husband or you work, you both risk exposing your child to COVID. Sending them to daycare is no different than taking him to church, family/friends houses or the grocery store. If any of the 3 of you leave your house, you risk exposure.


Since your child will be new to day care… be prepared because he/she will most likely catch a virus of some kind. Kids are just little germ carriers until their immune systems builds a good defense. During a pandemic it might be best for them anyways.

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My Experience as a former teacher in childcare. If you don’t need it right now I would recommend to hold off until preschool age unless things become more consistent again before then .

The inconsistency right now will serve no positive benefits as for socialization. It may become more stressful for them. Days to weeks off to quarantine, then come back to the classroom shutting down. Its just a lot of inconsistencies for them. They can get stressed with the lack of routine and unknown.

As for a financial aspect as well, you will still have to pay the same tuition even with all the unknown random closures.


If you child is new to day care they will likely get sick several times (Covid or not). It’s kind of the norm.

My friends 4year old went to preschool after the holidays and it ends up … teacher has covid. 5 day quarantine and he’s now getting sick .

My son (he’s one) started daycare back in August and it has been hell since! He had a runny nose and/or cough all the time for about a month starting then when he got to the point where he could tolerate all the germs the daycare closed rooms for two weeks once a month due to covid (who can be off work two weeks every month and still keep their job, let alone still have to pay the daycare fees) either close contact or a kid or teacher had it. Of course it doesn’t help that they blend classrooms due to being short staffed so everyone was exposed to everyoneand don’t get me started on how they pick and choose when to enforce masks both with staff and parents picking up/dropping off! Too many inconsistencies with them that are unacceptable especially with how much they charge $279/week. Anyway so grateful for a long time friend that can care for him without any issues🥰

Live your life. We cannot hide from a flu forever

My toddler goes and he loves it. With all of the restrictions in my area, he wouldn’t be able to socialize at all otherwise. So for myself at least, I find it’s extremely important for him to go. And I also work full time, so it’s needed lol.

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This is our new life, our new normal… the virus changes every year.

I work in a pre-K program thats 6 months to pre k.

We have to stop letting this virus have power over us. I have had it twice.


They keep getting shut down if u don’t have to don’t do it

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If you don’t have to don’t do it

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Maybe an in home Daycare might be better with a smaller group of children

My girls started daycare in July of 2020, yeah it sucks when the whole center closes because someone turned out positive but this virus isn’t going away. And any kid gets sick very often when they start daycare cuz. But thing for my girls they have came so far since starting

Mine has been going for the last 3 years (she’s in pre-K now) make sure the facility actually CLEANS… your kid is going to get sick but shouldnt stay sick.

My kids have a strong immune system from being in daycare at an early age. Take a tour of potential centers. Observe and ask about their hygeine practices. It’s really what’s best for your family. But, having not had that direct one on one time with my kids in a way that you do with yours at that age (not working wasn’t an option for me) , maybe don’t do it if you don’t have to. Wait a year. See how things are then.
Someone once said to me… You’ll know at the door whether or not you’ll leave your child there, and my kids have only ever been to one daycare, I don’t regret it.

My daughter started daycare last January. And she was pretty much sick the entire first year. Never with covid. But everything else. This year she’s hardly ever sick. Make sure you are comfortable with the sick policy but know…they will get sick

Be prepared for your child to get sick on and off for about 3+ months until they build an immune system . Make sure you have an understanding employer that you WILL be missing a lot of work due to this .

If you are working you have no choice!!

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You should probably go visit some local daycares because the ones here have a waiting list and they don’t do part time. It’s full time ONLY.

Maybe depends where you’re at/ how big the daycare is. I know in my area schools and daycare are having trouble keeping staff because of covid right now

This isn’t a pandemic. Its a cold. Never had an issue with my now 10 y/o going to school. Never wore a mask. Its been…what…going on year 3? Never got it. No need to worry. Go about your life :roll_eyes: