Daycare food ideas?

My one year old starts daycare on Monday. Can you give me ideas of food to send for lunch?


Chicken fries, yogurt pouch, apple sauce pouch

Food that your one year old eats​:strawberry::apple::blueberries::banana::broccoli:πŸ«›:pancakes::hamburger::hotdog::pizza::fries::cookie:

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Whatever they like to eat at home they will like to eat at daycare too.

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Daycare should provide lunch

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Finger foods are best chicken nuggets, pouches like apple sauce or yogurt. Those little finger raviolis they are in the baby food they have cheese and spinach in them. Sauce makes a mess and is a pain to clean up.

The same things you feed at home ….

Why are you asking Facebook, ? You know what your child eats we dont

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