Daycare meal ideas for an 11 month old?

My 11 month old starts daycare on Monday and I need to provide the meals for her. I need to hit the grocery store tomorrow, so what are some good things to get that I guess aren’t tooo messy?! She eats regular food and isn’t much into purées.


Mini pancakes, soft fruits, grapes cut up, cut up hot dogs, cheese, roasted veggies

Soft veggies in Tupperware. Is what 1 of my mom’s used to send.

String cheese, fresh fruit and veggies that she can chew, cut up cooked italian sausage, chicken, ground beef, crackers, etc.

Our daycare had a microwave so I brought chef boyardee, Mac n cheese, pop tarts, canned fruit granola bars, cheese puffs and yogurt melts

Pudding. Applesauce. Cheese puff crackers

Buy a thermos and you can heat food to put in it. I would send spaghetti, soups, dinner leftovers.

Can she take a sandwich or a wrap
With her favorite spreads
On it

Pack what you eat at dinner. The left overs are perfect.

Im a child care teacher and you can pack them anything that they would typically eat at home from sandwiches to chicken nuggets to any leftovers that you have from dinner the night before that they liked along with fruit and any other finger food snacks. Yogurts all of that.

I used to send mine with fruit cups, yogurts, uncrustables, juice, gummys.


Cubed cooked potatoes/sweet pot
Banana, crackers, cheese cubes
Cooked carrots, cooked little pasta bites
Cubed cooked chicken, peas

I would start by fruit/fruit cups , yoghurt, cheese, cubes like fritz and kabana and biscuits. Like rice crackers.
Then could make your own muffins

Then a choice for lunch.
Chicken, lettuce mayo sandwich or wraps
Ham and cheese
Vegemite and cheese

  • or make pizza scrolls or vegemite ab cheese scrolls.
    Or could do saladas etc.

Remember to be mindful of allergie food. Like nuts an chocolate usually aren’t allowed.

Donna Wayman Soups at that age are not great foods to send in daycare setting.

Chef b r de meal’s are pretty good, I’ve used those a lot for kid’s I watch plus there a lot of new ones in big can
Isn’t day care provider getting her food??? The money you pay you would think her good would be daycare was 20. A day an parents supplied food an I did to.

Pb&j. Cut up hot dogs. Chix nuggets

The same things she eats now just packed in a lunch box?


Since food isn’t supposed to be her main form of feedings just yet, I’d do very very small portions of foods she can practice finger-feeding with. Most things I saw recommend are too big of a serving for an 11 month old.

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Thick sliced turkey, ham, thick sliced cheese, and
Blueberries, bananas, apples, oranges slices. All cubed. Finger size. Separated for different days. Figs. Tupperware and Kroger have three compartment containers.
Ice packs a must

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Chick peas, regular Cheerios, puffed rice cereal, tofu cubes soaked in apple juice, soy sauce, chicken broth or whatever liquid she likes. Little dumplings or tortellini cut into pieces. Leftovers as others have said.

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