Depo side effects?

Can you share what are your experience in depo provera. I have it for 1 year and 5 months and no period at all. I stopped it last january and still no period. Now Im scared of having a baby right now. I have a son his 1 year 7 months and purebreastfeed. I stopped it because I feel weight gain, depressed, losing sex drive, got swellness of breast, there are times i cant walk straight because there is something sore on my hips down to my thigh, and mood swing. How long I will wait to my period? Will waiting my period can cause me to get pregnant if then i will take some pills even my period doesnt come at all.

I got my last depo shot in November of 2015. Didn’t get my first period until March of 2016. Was pregnant by that summer but we were trying which is why I stopped it to begin with. If you just came off of it in January, I wouldn’t be too concerned yet but if you’re worried about being pregnant, or getting pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor.

I took 2 or 3 shots of depo and I got my period and everything then I stopped after my third one bc I heard it could stop u from having babies. I stopped in Nov 2017 and was pregnant by January 30

I was on Depo 2 different times. After awhile, you don’t get your period at all.

Took me 3 years to get pregnant after stoppung my depo. Had sex everyday sometimes several times

Took me three months of getting off it to get mine back

It’s very common to not have your period while on the depo. It’s one of the side effects.

It took me 2 years to get my period back both times I was on depi. The first time I was on it for 2 years the second time I only got 1 shot

I’ve been on and off the shot since I was 14/15 (now almost 22) is use it for a year or two then go to the pill ow patch only due to the fact after 2 consecutive years on the shot can cause you to be infertile and I clearly being a teen wasn’t sure if I ever wanted kids or not and didn’t wanna risk it. January 2017 I got my last shot before I got pregnant in February 2017 (had an allergic reaction to the shot and therefore didn’t have it in my system and got pregnant) had my son November 2017 got first shot after that at 6 week checkup and continued it until August 2018 due to it messing with my hormones and causing me to be very very emotionally unstable, I still have not had my period. It can take a year or more to get your cycle back and on track when going off any birth control.

18 months to get my cycle back about 3 months before I did I had sooooo many pregnancy symptoms for the full 3 months big sore boobs etc I think it was just my cycle coming back a very irregular cycle I was never irregular previous to depo it took a further 2 years to get pregnant what doctors don’t tell you is that depo is the worst thing to be on if your planning children in the near future it stays in your fat layer and can do for years especially if you have been on it a while I was told losing weight helps flush it out if that helps ?

I was on depo for 3 years. 3 months after i stopped taking it i got my period back.

I took me 3 yrs off of depo to get a period extremly outa wack. I got pregnant within like 6-10 months off depo tho.
U can still get preggers with out a period.
Its been like 4 yrs now and my period is still majorly outa wack, i was on depo for like 8 yrs tho

It took me about a year to start having periods again.

I only had one shot and regretted it. It took me 3 months after it was suppose to ware off, so 6 months all together, to get my period back. And another month for my period to be normal for me. It may take your body longer.