Depo side effects?

I had my baby November 21 right at 6 weeks I got my depo shot. When I got it I was already in my period but it made it last 10 days which usually is only 6 if at most. Now this month I am late. Or somewhat. When I pee no blood comes out it’s just brown discharge. I been like this for 3 days now. I been feeling really weird from my stomach unexplainable feeling. Just wondering Has anybody else had this experience with the depo shot? Or what have y’all experienced with it? First time I use it.


I got 2 depo shots after my son was born and had a brown discharge that didn’t stop the Dr said it was my uterus shedding idk stopped when I didn’t get the 3rd shot

I never had a period with the depo shot

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I got 1 round of depo shot and stopped it, I gained a crap ton of weight and couldn’t lose it for anything!

the depo shot is like the worst birth control ever. just saying. crazy weight gain. crazy mood swings. longer periods. short periods. no periods at all. it’s never consistent.


I got on depo when i was 16 cuz my mom figured it would be better than hoping i remember my pill everyday. I don’t say this lightly but Depo made me a friggin Psycho! Mood swings like crazy and weight gain too. Ohhh but i was so crazy hormonal. I do not recommend depo


Depo knocked my periods out completely

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I started like that then quit having periods all together for 15 years i never gained extra waight from it either it works different for everyone


Yes the first time i used it and got those same things you said and I was pregnant I was convinced it was side effects from the shot so my pregnancy went unknown for 5 months , please take a test and don’t trust your birth control also it was a depo fail my baby is two and a very healthy and smart girl so I had two babies in a year because I had just had a baby got on the depo and had another baby

I was on depo for 3 years and never gained any weight or any other issues! The first few periods after getting the first shot were not regular and then it stopped completely. And once I got off I got pregnant right away. Everyone is different.

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I didng get a period on depo. Saved looots of money

I had my first depo shot before leaving the hospital after having baby number 3. Went to my 6 week check up was cleared all good to go. 6 weeks later we were pregnant with baby number 4.

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Your body is gonna be ALL out of whack for many many months. I think depo is a terrible bc. I was on it for years prior to my first, but i got one shot after he was born and it wreaked havoc on my body.


Yall…why ya gotta put hormones in ya body…
Our bodies aren’t meant to think they’re pregnant all the time. Our bodies aren’t meant to skip periods for years at a time either.

I know they suck but condoms dont come with any shitty side effects and they’re just as effective as bc.
I haven’t taken bc in almost 7 years because it absolutely made me miserable, too emotional and fat as hell.
Just a thought.

When I got the depo. I gained 60 lbs started loosing hair and had no period for a year. I finally switch to the copper IUD no hormones in it


I would go get checked for yeast infection or an std

I was on Depo and it was awful! I lost a lot of hair, like huge chunks on my pillow, gained 45 lbs and had terrible headaches and moodswings!


To each their own and it does different with everyone but I have heard alot of women say it stops thier period and although I hate my period i personally feel like it’s unhealthy to tale something that stops your period. Having your period gets rid of all the yucky wastes so I feel it’s not healthy to take something that stops that! But not judging anyone who feels otherwise. Just my opinion.

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Yes. I barely had proof on depo shot. I was on it for years and loved it.

It’s normal. Depo stopped my period and cause pregnancy symptoms around the time I would supposed to get my period

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Got pregnant shortly after my first depo shot. Switched to that from the pill and was pregnant less than 2 months later… Didn’t find out until a month after my second shot. Not a fan of depo!

I bled for the majority of the 8 months I was on it. Gained 30 pounds. Anemia. Make me infertile and premenopausal for 2 years after stopping it.

I’ve also had 3 miscarriages since depo and no successful pregnancies in 4 years

I’ve been on Depo for going on 5 years and haven’t had a period since I got pregnant. I’ve spotted 3 different times in 5 years.

I didnt have any kind of bleeding on the Depo but I gained 50lbs in 6 months from it. It was AWFUL.

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I gained a lot of weight from the depo shot and had uncontrollable bleeding. Wasn’t good for me.

I didn’t have periods when I was on the depo shot

I bleed for a year and a half then got pregnant while on it found out when I miscarried

1% will bleed on the depo shot. It might dissappear after 12 months. I bleed heavy like a period bleed for the 9 months I was on it… I wasn’t going to do another 3 months to see if it let up.