DId a membrane sweep help you go into labor?

So I had my membrane sweep done today and since then my legs and back have been killing me so achy ! This was about 10 hours ago is this normal ? When if it worked did you mamas go into labor?


I went into labor right after having mine done with my 1st child started craping and hurting really bad and just got worse and worse as day went

I’m you might be in labor I felt mine in my legs and back… So painful, time them I never really felt contractions in my front with my first baby. Time them does the pain come and go?

I went for my 38 week check up thurs morning , was 2 cm and had my membranes swept , started having contractions within a couple hours . friday morning i was put in hospital at 6cm , had my son a little after midnight on saturday . so around 36ish hours from start for me

My daughter is 39 weeks, just had her membranes swept 7 hours ago, shes starting to really get crampy in her back and the contractions are coming on just not close enough together yet. She was dilated to 5 also

Pain is a good sign its working lol but if ur worried get checked.

Why would you get a membrane sweep? What even is that? Lol

My third it took about 24 hours for my water to start leaking. But right after I started having contractions and back pains and could not sleep.

My doctor said if it’s going to work it will work within 24 hours.

Mine told me I could have him within 2 weeks of getting it done but ended up being induced.

With my daughter I had my membranes swept twice! Both times I started cramping and having aches but not going into labor!

Mine didn’t. I got induced the following week.

I started cramping and hurting within an hour of having it done with my 3rd, after a few hours went to the delivery hospital before driving home 3 hours and it wasn’t active labor just my body having been aggravated. I went home and didn’t go into labor for a few more days. It doesn’t work for everyone but if it will it usually gets things going that day

I went into labor the day after I got my membrane stripped!!

Walk alot, bounce excersize ball, youtube the labor dance Dr :slight_smile:

Sounds like you could be in labor or at least starting labor now. My labor was in my back for the majority of the time. Good luck, I’m sure your going to do just fine and it won’t be long now. Contracts

I had mine stripped and 12 hours later contractions started

My water broke about 48 hours later. I didn’t have any pain though.

Sounds like contractions starting!

I had a stretch and sweep at 3 cm at 10 am and I went into labour 12 hours later, baby delivered 6 hours after.

Back pain was my first sign, I didnt even have any contraction pains, just solid back pain.

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I had the sweep done once.
On a Friday at 3ish and she was born at 2am that Saturday

Mine was stripped sometime in the early evening and my water broke around 6 am the next morning.

It took about 10 hours. I was told to go walk around after and it really did work for me!

I had it done and then 9 am the next day had an epidural and then my water broken by the doctor amd i had my baby that night. So about 24 hours after the sweep for me and it was an emergency induction starting with pitocin.

Do some walking in a store that will help with labor

My friend told me she got hers done in the am and by afternoon she was contracting- not active yet but by 24 hours she’d had the baby

Didn’t work for me…only thing that did was medical induction

I went into labor on my way home from having it done!

It was 12 hours later for me… Probably helped too that my sister took me out on some bumpy roads lol

I had that done and 4 hours later my water broke so you could be in labor

I had mine done 2 different times and got induced 2 weeks later

I got mine stripped 8am and went in to labor a few hours later. Had my daughter at 5:40pm

With my first it was 3 days after when I had her. With my 2nd I had it done around 11am and was admitted around 7pm the same day.

I went into labor that night! Good luck!:heart::heart:

They stripped mine on a Friday morning, started having contractions Friday during dinner. Had back labor until 5am Monday when we finally went to the hospital. I was scheduled to be induced Monday evening, so they just sped the process up.

My doctor wouldn’t strip me :weary: I’m 39 weeks tomorrow, being induced next Thursday if I don’t go naturally before then which I know I will not because I didn’t with my first either. I was basically in “early labor” for 3 days with my first before being induced! Had been stripped with her and two days after was when early labor started.

Walk around the mall or whatever big store is around you

It took me 10mins after the sweep :grin:then my princess came :grin:

Yes honey I know women who had they’re membrane scraped and a couple hours later where in active labor

Take a hot bath and some Tylenol pm. Try to relax. You need your energy

Hey ladies so I’m the fan asking out of curiosity what do y’all think I live in the mountains so the drive is a hour to the hospital and I have a wicked high pain tolerance but I’m getting a constant ache and cramps around my pelvis shoulder blades and lower back and into my upper thighs could this be labor ? My daughter I was induced so I’m not sure

Amber Lefebvre when I felt what you are talking about (pain in my pelvis) I was in labor! My son is 5 months now!!! The only think I will say is while I had the pain you are describing constantly, I almost had contractions so every 4 mins it would slowly hurt worse then slowly return to the constant ache until I delivered him. I would go now if you have any question!!! Better to be wrong then wait and have a “Hyundai born baby” or “side of the highway” baby…

Good Luck!!!

I had mine swept on a Thursday afternoon and had my daughter at 10:30 pm on a Sunday night.