Did anyone else gain a bunch of weight on the depo?

I got my first shot in January of this year. I spotted on and off for the first four months or so until the spotting just stopped altogether. I haven’t really noticed other changes. Well, I got my 3rd shot on October 4th, and I have gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks! Totally abnormal for me since I’ve always stayed around 135lbs even after having two kids, and my weight never fluctuates. My appetite has increased out of nowhere as well (not pregnant, I have taken SEVERAL tests because I got paranoid lol). I try to go to the gym at least twice a week but even if I don’t get the chance I really don’t each much junk food… I’ve just been so hungry and eating bigger portions at every meal. My mom is saying that it may just be water weight. Is this appetite increase normal? Any advice on how to keep the weight off?


Yep gained a 100 pounds in two years

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Many of my friends say it does.

yes i did put on weight and was constantly hungry. was glad when i came off it

I gained a crazy amount of weight. Almost 70lbs. Was told it would be very hard to loose until I was completely off birth control

Me! And on Mirena. It was so bad. I got to be around 200lbs. Once I was off both of those I lost weight.

I got 2 doses last year (September and December). Gained about 20 pounds. Finally back to my normal weight

Been on it almost 2 years haven’t had problem with gaining any weight. I do spot the last couple weeks though before I’m due for my next shot. Talk to your Dr about other birth control options

I had it for 6 months and bled the entire time before I gave up on it. My Obgyn told me that it’s some hormone that makes you feel more hungry when you’re not, so if you’re concious of that you should just control yourself since you know you’re not actually hungry.
So I don’t have any real advice besides what she told me because i was much more concerned about the bleeding than noticing if i had gained weight.

I gained 100 in 2 years as well

I was on it years ago, before kids & I gained weight too. Very normal side effect of depo, unfortunately.

Definitely spotted consistently for 6 mths and gained 20 lbs.

Yeah, one of the main side effects of Depo is weight gain. I’ve been on it for a year and have never gained weight (which is why I wanted to go on it fml​:sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:t4:), but I’ve known a few people who gained weight pretty quick on it

Omg happened to me the first two years gain like 60lbs but im still on it and I lost all that weight now being careful of what i eat and exercise with no problems.

It’s a common side affect to the depo. I only got 1 shot after my 4yh child and gained 30lbs.

If being on the depo for 6 yrs iv gained abit but always training so i lose it quick now i only gain weight if i eat alot of crap food

No. Never or the pill

Yes, 60 lbs in 6 months and it made me rage all the time, I was so angry.

Been on it for a year and have gained about 45 pounds. My gyne is going to take me off of it at my next appt if I havent lost weight. :roll_eyes:

Yes! And mood swings.

My doctor told me that’s why the depo is rumored to make people gain weight…cuz it increases your appetite. I’ve recently started taking wellbutrin for anxiety and it really seems to be helping. I’ve been on depo for almost 4 years.

My granddaughter gained quite a bit as well. She was very uncomfortable with it. She switched to the nexplanon

My sister gained 80lbs on that. I’d go off of it

That was the worse thing I did… Weight gain moodiness everything I wasn’t use to being :persevere:

I gained 30lbs on it. Once I came off… I easily lost the weight and was back down to my start weight prior to depo

It’s an estrogen thing, means there’s too much, try a different type of bc ones that do that aren’t right for your body. Can cause breast cancer down the line.

I gained so much weight being on the depo shot I ended up switching to a different birth control. All I did was eat and was miserable half the time. I had the arm implant for 3 years. Didn’t have a period, didn’t gain weight, didn’t have moodiness! Once I have my daughter I know for sure I’m going back on that one!

Everytime I got the shot I would gain 5lbs and couldn’t lose it.

I was on it for 4 years. Gained 35-40 lbs and couldnt lose it… Then after that 4 years i tracked my cycle for 3.5 years and lost all sorts of weight but was able to stay off birth control.

Drink more water and milk and eat more fiber so you feel full so you can control how much you’re eating and gaining

Your brain doesn’t get the signals that you’re full from eating. A negative side of the Depo for sure. Just remind yourself portion control.

I gained 33 pounds while on the depo.

I gained 40 pounds but then got a job at Amazon and lost almost 50 then go i got pregnant on it and gained 40

Nope and i was on it for 3 years. I was actually hoping it would cuz I had lost a lot of weight due the issues with the 2 pregnacies before, but I didn’t. No side affects whatsoever except no period.

Yes! Mood swings and headaches galore

Thats 1 of the side effects. Sometimes spotting will occur or you will get your period week on week off

I gained about 100lbs. I stopped bled for several weeks and lost the weight (thank God)

Look up side effects of any medication and it will tell you

I’ve known people who had no issues, and I’ve known people who gained weight with every shot. One friend gained 20 lbs with each shot. Just depends on how it works with your body

I gained 20lbs and after just 2 shots never got my period again. My doctor said it put me in early onset menopause (39). They tried to restart it but never got it again(53 now)

Side effect of depo my Dr. Wouldn’t put me on it. You can gain approx. 5lbs with every shot!

First time I did but I put it down to my lifestyle. This time which I have now been on for six years haven’t put on any extra weight if anything I have lost weight cause of my life style now

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When I was younger I had the depo shot I was on my period for 6 months straight non stop and i gained 80lbs I never again took that shot

I did i got off the depo after three years and i weighed 245… Took me a year but i got down to 215 and back to size 16 and then i got pregnant and jumped back up to 247 after 5months post partum… But even though the gain weight i loved it cause no periods