Did anyone else have horrible periods on Mirena?

Does anyone else who has the Mirena IUD have horrible PMS? I’ve had the IUD for almost exactly a year, and I’m sure it has been the entire time, but recently I’ve been noticing how horribly depressed I am the week before I get my period. It’s light and only 2-3 days, but the PMS is in full swing. I want to cry 24/7, can’t get out of bed and my moods are everywhere. I feel like this thing is messing up my hormones 100%. Anyone else has this issue?


Oh no I hope not I’m due to have mine fitted in 2 week x

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Not at all, had it twice.

Iv had mine for 5 years just got another one and Iv never had an issue with it, it could just be your body not adjusting to it but everyone is different

I didn’t have that exact issue when I had mine but I had other issues like really bad dizzy spells and I kept getting bacterial vaginosis because of it so I got it removed

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My daughter has one I think it’s the mirena not sure but me personally I wouldn’t trust an IUD bc it only releases a certain amount of hormones that a female needs that fluctuates with the moods and all…it scares me for her to have considering she is already depressed and attempted suicide last WK…now idk of that’s her reason but she says she’s always cramping…they’ve x-rayed her said everything’s good but that was the ER I’ve advised her to go back to the obgyn

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I hated mine when I had it. Horrible periods. Mood swings like crazy. Just all around unpleasant. And then after a year and a half it gave me a nasty cyst and I had the damn thing removed. Best thing I did. It was the worst experience ever. Now I have my tubes tied and it’s really not much better🤷

I don’t have a issue with mine I don’t have a period

Im on the pill and my period symptoms are gone.

I had the Mirena removed because it caused all sorts of health issues for me. =\

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Omg yes. I thought I was the only one. I had it removed and finally things turned back to normal!
I loved the birth control aspect and not having my period but it was messing with me emotionally.

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I recently got my 4th Mirena… It has worked very well for me. I dont have periods with it, however I DO get PMS symptoms (synched with my daughter’s, so who really knows?!:rofl:), but not like you are describing. I would suggest talking to your doc… no matter how “great”, not every form of contraceptive is right for every body.


I have this issue, but my periods also last 7-14 days and I get horrible cramps on top of that. I’m having mine taken out.

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I didn’t I stop having a period thank god

I had it for about 5 years and it made me a different person, and not in a good way. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got it removed and was a different person. I was more depressed, moody, and just awful at times.

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I had it for 2 years after my daughter was born and it was constantly bleeding. Finally had it removed and everything went back to normal. I personally will never get another one. I would rather take pills or get the shot.

Everyone is different! I’ve had mirena in for 3 years now. I dont get a period but I do get some moodiness once a month lol. As most of these ladies will say, we all have different experiences and you just gotta try until you find what works for you. Good luck!


I never had a period with mine, but got horrible cramps to the point i thought i was dying. I eventually had it removed and went with the nuva ring

Me. Horrible cramps and bad mood swing

I started having severe cramping but no spotting with mine about a year in and turns out it was out of place. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and see what they say.

My periods got worse. Heavier and way more painful. My mood swings were insane too!
My Mirena actually dislodged and my body pushed it out… :grimacing:

When I had it after using Depo it was great. Less symptoms, no period. After giving birth though, I’m having trouble regulating my bleeding. Dr gave me a month of estrogen to reset my uterus. It got better but… meh.

Yes my daughter was just like that an after about a year an a half she said she could. Feel the difference right away when she had them removed

I have it but have no periods at all. My emotions are terrible ill have it removed in may next year it’ll be 5 years.

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I’ve had mine for 8 years (I’m on my 2nd IUD) and never had any issues with it. No periods, no mood swings and best of all… no pregnancies lol

I use a copper IUD never had a problem

I had mine to out cause of moods and headache

I had a skyla first and now have a kyleena. They are smaller than mirena. I do still get pms symptoms, but nothing extreme. No period or barely one. I personally really like them. Idk if they quit making skyla or if my ob just quit carrying them in the 3 years I had it. But I really liked it. I haven’t had any problems with the kyleena in the 6 months I’ve had it

I have always had heavier periods but after the IUD they are lighter and shorter. And even more so now that I’m off of bc.

No problems here and no periods. 3 yrs, my third one!

I’m toward the end of my Mirena, My period is only a day if anything, and it’s light. The week before I’m a hormonal roller coaster.

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Why are you choosing to ask 100s of strangers something you should be discussing with your doctor? Smh

My dAughter did. She ended up having to have it removed.

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Had it removed after only 8 months, bled nearly non stop with it.

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