Did anyone else have these issues while pregnant?

So I have a question okay is there anyone else that has had group b and gestational diabetes while pregnant and them had a healthy delivery both you and the baby


I had group B strep but not GD. All that was different was being on iv antibiotics my entire labor (induced for one, went in with water intact the other):slightly_smiling_face: The sooner you can get on the antibiotics during labor the better is what I was told!

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My daughter had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her son. they both had no issues during labor or delivery and he was and is healthy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had GD with my first ; had to be induced early . Labor for 2 days was terrible :disappointed:… healthy 7 lb girl … within 2 days I had normal sugar levels . 2nd child , I did not develop GD. 8.5 healthy boy . But alas … 3 yrs later I was a full blown diabetic using insulin . Still to this day , 22 years later .

Group b strep only sounds scary. Only difference is getting iv antibiotics

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I had gestational diabetes with both of my boys. I was induced with each one. I had no issues during delivery and both babies were healthy.

I had the gestational diabetes while pregnant,my baby was a little bigger but healthy.

I had “gestational diabetes” my OB and dietician had me monitoring my blood sugar 3x a day. Everything perfectly fine. Once I delivered everything was fine with me and baby. Healthy 7lb baby. Popped baby out in less than 30 minutes. No complications. When I had the glucose test done. It was a 2 hour process. First hour, blood test came out high. Second hour, second blood test, the results came out normal. They went based off of the first result said after I had drank the nasty drink. Even the nurse at the hospital said my clinic was dumb cause my blood sugar levels were fine.