Did anyone elses child get their top teeth first?

Has any of your littles get top teeth first? I swear my 7-month-old is getting his top 4 teeth before his bottom ones.


My oldest got 6 at once, 2 top and 4 bottom

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It happens. my daughters came in order and my sons came in out of order like that.

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Yup both my kids lol

I have mirror image twins. One got teeth on the top first, the other got his on the bottom.

My 8 mo old has been getting teeth since 4mo old. Has 4 top 2 bottom

Both my girls got their tops first.
They also got my gap :woman_facepalming:

Yes. All four of mine got their two front teeth first.

My 2 got their bottom teeth first

My niece got her fang teeth first!! cute little thing! All babies are different!

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My son cut 4 teeth at a time usually. Only symptom was bad diaper rash caused by yeast.

My daughter did my boys got the bottom ones first

Yes all 4 of mine did.

Yeah . . . Most everyone

My oldest got her top canines first, she looked like a vampire for a year