Did anyone feel nauseous after having a colposcopy?

Has anyone else gotten really nauseous after a colposcopy?


It’s from the sedation


Yeah. Didn’t last too long. It should npass

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Mine lasted a couple hours.

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I didnt have sedation when I had mine. And I was fine. Didn’t feel sick at all.

It isn’t the colonoscopy it was the anesthesia depending on how much. But it could be from the gas take gas pills cause endoscopy and colonoscopy add gas and discomfort for the next few days

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Yes. Several years ago I had a colonoscopy and barely made it inside the house.:face_vomiting:I was miserable. The anesthesia just has to wear off. I hope you feel better. It’s miserable!

Before the clean out meds then and after anesthesia makes me sick so does dye.

I recently had one! I felt worn out afterwards and nauseated, but I think it was the adrenaline wearing off from the initial anxiety/worry about getting the procedure done.

Just rest, drink lots of fluids and relax :heart:

Colpo not colon related. I didnt feel nauseous but I was nervous as hell!!!


You guys she is talking about a colposcopy not a colonoscopy. Two completely different things. And you do not get put under for a colposcopy. Also I have had several colposcopy and have not felt any nausea. Contact your gynecologist.


You could be having a vasal vagal reaction which is basically when you get yourself worked up due to nervousness,


I haven’t had one but my mom feels terrible after hers, she always just assumed it was from not being able to eat beforehand and going through the prep.

Y’all need to read. :woman_facepalming:
I’ve have two colposcopies done. Once while pregnant. The one while I was pregnant was the worst! I wouldn’t say I was nauseous either time. Definitely super crampy though!


Yes. When I get anxious and tense up I pinch the vagus nerve in my neck. It actually can make you pass out. With my last colposcopy, I told the assistant I was either going to pass out or vomit (because it makes you nauseous when that nerve is pinched). She tilted the bed back until my head was the lowest on the table to recirculate blood flow. I was nauseous for two days afterwards. It takes a lot out of your body because that nerve controls many things along with your heart and lungs.

No not after a colposcopy I don’t think? I know it’s been about 8yrs cuz my OB did my last colpo as well as a biopsy on my cervix when he suspected I had cervical cancer because I tested positive got HPV.

Most likely due to nerves and anxiety.

I’ve had two colposcopies. I never felt nauseous after. Just cramping.

After the leep, but not the colpo.

Anesthesia makes me nauseated.

I did after I had one, but i had a biopsy done aswel so i thought it was just the after affect of having a piece of cervix removed🤣 cause the little cough they tell you to do dunt really help

I felt crampy after but I wouldn’t say nauseous

Weird that you would get anesthesia. I’ve assisted with these and they were done in office. No prep and No IV or anesthesia/medicine of any kind. Doesnt take very long. I however get nauseous after every procedure. Just how my nerves and body react.


I didn’t get nauseas. That might be from nerves. I however had really bad cramps and pain in my abdomen and lower back for a few days.

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Colposcopy or colonoscopy? 2 different procedures. Colposcopy is involved with a pap smear. I never had nausea with it, but its very uncomfortable. Colonoscopy you prep for and yes I felt sick after and is common.


…Ive had a Colposcopy, in my Dr office. Took a matter of minutes. No anesthesia and minimal discomfort or pain


It is a possibility that any part of it could make you neasueas… They blow everything up with air which causes the gas afterward but it can make you feel sick. I would call the doctor if you are unsure

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Colposcopy and Colonoscopy are 2 different things… and yes it’s normal to feel nauseated after a colposcopy. Doesn’t happen to everyone… happens when your cervix is manipulated… I use to work in OB/GYN and assisted with this procedure many times!!!


Had two done, two years apart. No anesthesia for either. First one, I felt sick. Second one, different doctor, felt nothing.

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I’m not sure what doctors you ladies had but I got nothing at all when I had my colposcopy done. And yes I cramped and was nauseous for several hours after. I also bled when I urinated the first few times after.


I had 2 colposcopy procedures when I was 17 and I remember after the first one I drove myself home and had to pull over from nausea and extreme cramping…pretty sure it’s normal to have a little bit of a reaction

Had one and did not experience anything. Just some cramping afterwards. My dr told me to take it easy gave me a huge dose of ibuprofen. Could be from the ibuprofen if it’s a big dosage.

An examination with possible biopsy of the cervix… Usually following an abnormal pap… No prep, no anesthesia, like a pap, usually leaves some residual cramping & maybe a lil bleeding…

When I did, the next time I told them and they changed my anesthesia…used to give me a headache and stomach blah afterward
When they changed it I did better

Probably from the sedition until my dr figured out what to use to sedate me I would always get nauseous and throw up

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Call and ask for Zofran. I get really sick with anesthesia…if you have a little peppermint on hand, that helps me, too.

You probably worked yourself up anxiety does all sorts of things. Did the nausea go away after a while

I didn’t feel the greatest afterwards. Had cramping and did feel a bit nauseous. Just rested and felt better the next day.

No nausea but I had cramping and ended up with an infection after having to have biopsy on a few abnormal Cells, i had no anesthetic either

Yes they gave me gas to put me out. After I finally woke up I was sick twice while getting dressed to come home when I got home slept about 4hrs.The other 4 times I had anistetic not a problem.

They give you anesthesia so totally normal to feel nauseous. Next time you need anesthesia for anything, let them know.


They give you a little bit of meds to calm you in the i.v. maybe that’s what caused it?

I had one and I was in an out of my doctor’s office in 20 minutes. No nausea, just some spotting and minor cramping for 2 days

It can be a side effect of the meds they used to put you to sleep for the procedure. I slept for 2 days after mine.

Not nauseous…anxiety was through the roof, though. Stay calm and focus on breathing. You got this!!

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Had several and never had any problems or nausea. Don’t remember any pain, always drove myself to and from in my twenties with no problems.

Ive had 2 done. Never nauseous after. No pain either. The worst part for me was the prep.

My last one I had a migraine and I was throwing up for 2 days

I felt queasy after mine, but I thought it was just bc I watched the screen and it kinda freaked me out to see my own cervix

I was sick. I had a migraine and pooping. I had 1 last yr. I was kinda nervous

Yes I did…I was told to tell them the next time and they can give me something to help.

Yes I got very sick. I threw up for 24 hrs and couldn’t function.

I had lots of gas, but the nurse told me to walk and came out.

Yes!!! I’ve had several and usually felt sick afterwards…was told it was from my anxiety. :woman_shrugging:

You guys crack me up. There is no prep for a colposcopy. That’s a colonoscopy. Wrong hole lol


They put me in a twilight sedation so I was a little sleepy but not nauseous.

My mom threw up from the anesthesia.

I’ve had two and no nausea. Have you spoken to your doctor?

When I get mine done it’s at the hospital and I get a local anesthesia

Did you have anesthesia??

For me it was prep … good luck !!

Colposcopy is biopsies of the cervix


I went under anesthesia for this. And every time I go under I get nauseous

My dad was super nauseous. He threw up on the way home lol

Anesthesia can cause this

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Wait , what??please don’t laugh but I thought only men got that :pensive: I hope you feel better

Yes it will go away after a couple days

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Yes I think it was the prep

Nausea and horrible cramping

Yes! Ask for Reglan or Zofran!

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Yes I got sick afterwards My paperwork said it’s a possibility

I was put under but only tired afterwords

I want to forget that was ever done too me

Okay, people are confusing two different procedures.

I threw up and passed out. Vagaled!

Had two already I felt fine after I got done

No my doctor puts us out and then woke us up and gave us juice and a muffin

I did but they also put me to sleep so it may have been a side effect of that

No i had a colposkopy month ago and i was alright.

First one yes second one nope

Just someone to love me and hold me at night.

What is colposcopy??

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Don’t know never had one never will


From the anesthetics

I’ve had several. I also had several endoscopes. It is uncomfortable when first wake up. A couple times they hadn’t removed the tube from the endoscopy before i woke up so i was disoriented. Usually i vomit for a few hours. The discomfort snd cramping can be helped with tylenol. Usually they have polyps to remove as well
I’m not a fan but it’s a necessity

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Colposcopy or Colonoscopy? I’ve had both! I felt a tad nauseous after a Colonoscopy, but I think it’s because of the prep and anesthesia! I had some cramps after my Colposcopy, but only for that day!


I have had quite a few colposcopys i ended up having treatment at all of them. The local anesthetic they injected into my cervix sent me nauseous last time but it was very painful as i have a lot of scar tissue from previous treatment. I also had bad cramps for 2 days afterwards.

If its bad enough to ask a fb forum and you are concerned call your drs office and page the dr on call. They may want to see u or call u in some Zofran. But usually clears up in 24hrs. Sometimes the anesthesia can make u nauseous

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The don’t give you any anesthesia for a colposcopy. I’ve have it done a few times. After my paps have come back abnormal A little pain after that was all. Can have some little bleeding

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Has anyone ever gotten nauseated after they have had their cervix scrapped for abnormal cells? Yes I have with some cramping and spotting.

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It is a common symptom.
Increase your fluids, as tolerated. Try 1 teaspoon every 2 minutes.
Call the doctor’s after hours number for complete instructions.
Call your 24 hour pharmacy.

I was put under but only tired afterwords

Is this like a cervix biopsy?

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