Did anyone get sick near the end of their pregnancy?

Did anyone get really sick near the end of their pregnancy? Like you felt like you were going to throw up all the time? I had no morning sickness early on and now I just feel so sick


Yes!! I suddenly felt sick a week before I gave birth. Started getting nauseous and bad heartburn again.

Get your sugar levels checked out as you’re putting strain on your system. It could also be the strain on your heart. Take it easy!

I had morning sickness all the way with all 4 if mine and the last trimester I was sick morning and night. It was horrible.

No, but my pelvis hurts so freaking bad that i can barely walk… I’m at 36wks.

Up! I even threw up the entire time I was in labor!

I was sick the entire time, but yes the hormones go up towards the end as well as at the beginning.

Yeah, i suffered from the same problem few years back. But the positive part is that someone recommended me to go for acupuncture. And it was like a miracle. I really got relaxed and I would highly recommend it.