Did anyone have to have a c-section due to a big baby?

I’m 29 weeks today. My baby is measuring in the 96th percentile. I’m a diabetic and have been trying my best to keep it under control with medication, diet, and little excersise. I’m on strict bed rest due to preterm labor problems. My doctor informed me the baby will be 11+ lbs when she’s born. I’ll have to get a csection done because of how wide her shoulders already are and my pelvis isn’t going to be wide enough. I’m so scared. I was wondering if any other moms went through this? Had a very large baby and had to get a csection done? I have 5 kids already all was natural. So I’m so terrified about getting this done.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did anyone have to have a c-section due to a big baby?

I had a c-section because they thought my boy would be big, turns out he was only almost 8lbs. I had gestational diabetes.
Honestly, I would do a c-section again. I had zero pain and no issues. I was up walking the baby around the next day. I know my experience isn’t everyone’s, but don’t stress about it!


I had an emergency c-section with my oldest, she got stuck and I wouldn’t dilate. She went into distress, umbilical cord wrapped around her ankle, I was put under. I scheduled my other two c-sections after that. I didn’t want that stress again. Each experience and recovery was different, but I didn’t have any serious complications.

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You are only 29 weeks there’s no way they can make that assumption at this point so far. Advocate for yourself and ask for a growth ultrasound later in pregnancy . Your body is capable of amazing things!

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I don’t know about big babies but I’m a C-section pro, I had 5 and they are not always as bad as you hear. My first was an emergency C-section so I had labored for 24 hours and was rough, scheduled C-sections aren’t as bad. Good luck momma, get baby here safely is most important

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I was just about to be induced when my dr got there and asked if it was ok for him to give me an X-ray, C-section right after that, she was way too big to fit through, and the cord was wrapped around her neck

No Dr can predict accurately the weight of the baby. I had a C-section due to a breech baby who didn’t turn when I had a manual external cephalic version. I was told he was to weigh between 6-7lbs. He ended up being closer to 10

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I have 4 kiddos, youngest 11 oldest 17. Even those who know them cannot tell which had medical intervention at birth, which was breast or bottle fed, which had a pacifier until 3.5 years, which didn’t potty train until 3.5 or who wet the bed until 8 or who needed speech therapy. Goal is healthy baby, healthy mama. Try not to worry, it will be ok.

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Some doctors can predict the weight. My doctor told me, “she’ll be a little bigger than her cousin, but not much” (my sister delivered 3 months before me) Her baby was 6lb even, mine was 6lb 7oz.

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I was astounded. I weighed 110 lbs pre-pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes which I kept largely under control with diet. When they said I could begin pushing I was astounded thinking the giant baby would be taken by C-section. But I pushed out an 8 pound 13 ounce baby with an epidural. Kept those ice-pack like pads in my underwear for a month. My second without GD was 8 lbs 4 oz, so not much smaller, but she came out in one push.

I’ve had two kids.
I had gestational diabetes with both of them.
Honestly neither of them was considered large…but…my oldest got stuck.
His shoulder was dislocated, arm broken, and he has a permanent nerve injury that causes paralysis to his left arm. He was hypoxic when they got him out and had to be revived.
When I got pregnant with my second child I knew that he would probably need to be a C-section although i still wasn’t 100% sure why he got stuck.
My ob with my second told me she thought my cervix sits too far behind my pelvic bone to allow for natural delivery.

So…I had a C-section.
Obviously it was best for my youngest.
He had no complications. He was ready to go home before I was.
I feel like I actually healed faster from my C-section than I did from my oldest child’s birth. As bad as I hurt with the C-section I was at least taken seriously, and that made a world of difference to be honest.
The hospital didn’t think I was just being lazy or faking when I didn’t want to try to hold my child and climb (I’m short. I couldn’t just sit down) into the bed.

My first I had to go in for an emergency c-section, baby got stuck. Came out just shy of 9 pounds. Second was a vbac, I would say there are definitely differences between the two. Mobility was different and incision site was sore and made things a bit harder to do at times. Otherwise, I don’t regret it or feel that it was a bad experience by any means.

29 weeks is a little early for opinions on c-section. If this is your 6th baby I would definitely get a second opinion

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I was in my third pregnancy after two c-sections and it was my choice for a vaginal or another c-section. At 36 weeks my Dr. said that he was measuring a little over 8 lbs and that he would grow more… he told me “I would not push this one out”. I was 27, 5’9" and started pregnancy weight of 127 lbs. I went with a c-section and boy was I happy, whew! He was almost ten pounds at birth and stuck in the birth canal which made my c-section a little fun! It was fine, I did not feel anything except the operating table rock back and forth and he looked like he had been in a boxing match. Do yourself a favor, get the c-section. I have had 4, you forget all about it after it is done and the reward is so worth it! Good luck Mama! <3

There is no way exactly they can tell you they’re only estimating you’re only 29 weeks which the baby would be maybe like a pound or two…
My daughter was almost born at 35 weeks and when they did the ultrasound they said she was around 5 pounds she was delivered a week and a half later at 7 pounds

Honestly c section much safer. I had no intention of getting one but had an emergency during delivery and had no choice. He was 8lb 1oz. You will need help during recovery for at least 2 weeks though so hopefully you have support from Dad

Not because of him being big (he was 9#) but my 3rd was an emergency C-section. After having 2 normal births i’d choose a C-section if I was to have more. C-sections are easy compared to vaginal births in my opinion. I was up walking in about 7 hrs. I was walking laps around the nurses station in about 12. I wasn’t allowed pain pills either. Even with the best death part, no pain meds & everything else It was a lot better than my daughter’s birth which I don’t even celebrate because of how awful it was.

My first child was over 9 lbs and breech. Had an emergency c-section. I was scared but all was fine. Had 3 VBAC births after. Try not to lift too much. You will feel it. Wishing you well. Over 38 yrs ago.

There is no way to accurately say “your baby will this be weight or more”! At 29 weeks that’s a bold statement of a doctor to make. Do NOT do it if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, further in your pregnancy go for a growth scan and see where you’re at but right now? Don’t fret! This isn’t your first baby either, you got this!

Yes. They expected my 9 mo old to be over 10 lbs like my daughter was when they measured me at 38 weeks so they did a scheduled c sec and he ended up being normal weight… and had a horrible c sec experience. With my daughter it was an emergency c section and it went good I don’t remember any discomfort or pain