Did anyone not have pregnancy symptoms?

Did any of you mamas have no symptoms when you became pregnant ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did anyone not have pregnancy symptoms?p

With my son no with my daughter throwing up all the time

I didn’t have any with my first.

I’m 25 weeks and the only symptom of pregnancy I have is that I’m pregnant :sweat_smile: way different than my first pregnancy.

Not a single one either time I’ve been pregnant

My first (I was 15) I had no symptoms. I also didn’t know I was pregnant till 6 1/2 months along, so nothing.
With my second I was throwing up from 2 weeks after conception to 3 months after birth. Cramps and constantly tired on top of that. Both pregnancy were girls

4 pregnancies and 5 kids. Only thing I had was a missed period. No morning sickness. Nothing

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With my son, only for a couple weeks. Likely stress induced haha but then all good. my daughter and my twins sick the whole way through

I had zero symptoms with my first 3 pregnancies. My first symptom was peeing more often (tilted uterus). But never threw up or any other symptoms til much later in pregnancy. With all my pregnancies I had at least 1 period, I had 3 with my last

I had no symptoms till I was 7 months pregnant n baby moved

With my oldest I had a near perfect pregnancy but zero knowledge of her until I was 28 weeks.

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