Did anyone notice a change in their periods after giving birth?

Has anyone else noticed changes in their period since having their first baby? I was super over weight the year after having my son & with that my period basically never came back. I have lost almost 50 pounds since October of 2023, and now my body is better regulating and my periods have came back (for the last 3 months) but they are so heavy now, I bleed through a super plus tampon within 2 hours. I’m not cramping super bad or really any other bad symptoms but the heavy bleeding is hard for me to deal with while I work. I clean houses by myself for myself so I can’t really leave to go change pants. What products work aside from tampons? Agh. If my sons father didn’t die, I would get pregnant again to avoid this

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I’ve had 4 kiddos. After each one, my cycle was definitely worse (either by cramps, heaviness, or time length). I personally had to go on birth control to help mine calm down. As far as products I used before getting hormonal help, period panties, adult diapers (I used them during my postpartum time and they worked wonders), or bladder control pads, which hold so much liquid, and are not uncomfortable.

Mine got so much worse after having kids. I’ve been on 5 different types of birth control and nothing helped.

Try taking chaste tree. Your hormones are probably out of whack