Did anyones periods get worse after having a baby?

Did anyone’s periods get worse after having your baby? My son is 1.5 years old. I had irregular periods due to running Track in Middle school and high school. They started to get Normal right as I got pregnant. Now they are irregular again and extremely heavy.

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After my first one yes for a few yrs they were super heavy and irregular then they calmed down for awhile but after my second one there not so heavy but they are irregular again. I generally get 2 periods a month

I ran like clock work before my first. Then after having her my periods became heavier & I also use to get a bit of diarrhea a couple of days before my cycle. Warned me what was coming. Haha. And my labia feel heavy too; like they are dragging on the ground sometimes.

Unfortunately, as my doc told me, your body completely changes after having a child. Doesn’t go back to being the same. And then changes again after every pregnancy. The fun of being a woman & repopulating the world.

My period was absolutely awful after each baby but gradually (and I mean years) they have gotten better.

I would talk to your dr for sure. I had problems from the beginning and that caused fertility problems then I finally had My Little Rainbow baby and now My menstrual is surprisingly better. I nursed and it stopped mine for almost a year. I hope you find some relief.

Normal. Hormones are still wacky. Talk to your doc. Mine were more painful after my tubes were tied.

Are you on birth control?

Yes, they do get heavier. Talk to your doctor.

Your hormones change. And sometimes it takes a while to get them back into order. Especially since yours were just getting there before becoming pregnant.

Mine finally regulated for the first time in my life and they lightened up substantially. I use to go through a tampon every 90ish minutes, cramped horribly, and was super hormonal. Now I just wear a light pad which I change every few hours, don’t hardly cramp, and my period is done in a couple days. Makes me thankful.

Running track makes your period irregular.

Yes! Mine have changed after every pregnancy

After my first, I got the mirena and my period went away completely for almost 7 years until it was removed. I got my cycle back within a few weeks of it being removed and it was fairly light. I got pregnant after about 10 months (we weren’t trying for my son the whole time, I actually got pregnant right away after discussing having another baby, don’t worry) and after he was born, my cycle came back extremely heavy and angry. I was worried I was bleeding too much, actually. Its on schedule but the intensity varies from month to month now. He’s almost 2 and I still have some super angry ones every now and again.

Yes, mine are extremely heavy. I have to use a period tracker app to help me.

Mine did. My youngest is 3 and since I have had him my periods are actually regular for once but extremely heavy and severe cramps. I never had cramps before I had him.

No. They came more often. Before kids they were every six weeks. After kids, once a month. I am so happy with my hysterectomy.

After my daughter I went 2 months before I could get my BC pills and let me tell you…I would have to shower it was so bad. I was using super plus tampons and I would have to change it every hour. She’s 4 now and I had twins 8 years before that and it wasn’t near as bad. Once I got back on my BC pills I was back to normal…3 to 4 days of regular to light.

The only thing that came after my kiddo was like maybe once a year I’m now cramping like mad, not too bad of a deal for having an amazing daughter

My kids were the best thing for this situation!! Only 3 days now + Barely hurts … vs in HS with 6 days and DEATH !!!

I have 4 kids and I now bleed like a stuck pig for an entire 7 days. My periods were medium flow for about 4 days before having kids.

Hormones change wait till the change of life comes it changes again


Opposite for me. Mine were literally crippling/ nauseating since my first one. Had a kid and they have been so much easier to deal with, for me… Excluding the time I bled for 2 years straight anyway… Lmfao. Birth control fixed that… After my hubs forced me to go, anyway.

After my last child they were the worst. Had my tubes tied and cut and clipped. Didnt help. Had to get an IUD put in. We t from having to wear four pads at a time and still gushing through to only spotting for two days a month…and not a single cramp.

Yes!!! I was 100% normal for 14 yrs and always on schedule. I finally had my first one 1 year after baby was born and it increased by 5 days :grimacing: and heavy :sleepy: I never had cramps or at least they didnt bother me before and now I’m a big a$$ baby mine are so painful.

Might want to have that checked out. My periods got heavier and the lining of my uterus got thicker. I have to have surgery Monday to thin it out. Not the first time this happened.

Worse after kids, plus tubal didn’t help it any.

Mine got worse after every baby…but they’ve never been as bad as they are now…I had a tubal, and they are horrible!

Yes def worse after my 3rd its been regular but always heavy usually 5-7 days tampons with pads bc I leak so much but it has gotten better my youngest will be 3 in Feb

Mine didn’t till I had a tubal :unamused:

Mine only did after having my tubes removed. Now I hemorrhage each month and are back to being extremely painful

Not me. Hate to say it, but… my periods last less than 24 hours now.

It is a massacre every 28 days after these 2 kids​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My period has gotten heavier and more
cramping. I have 4 kids

Yes.periods got heavier and pms symptoms got worse as well

Actually mine got better. It’s more regular and I don’t have those awful I want to crawl into a fedal position and die cramps anymore.

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I never had cramps until after my children and they actually feel like contractions the first day

I mean i had 2 c-section babies and they were irregular as all get out!

Yes, after two children mine are now horribly unbearable :sob:

Mine have gotten way better. I don’t have boob pain anymore that I would get before my period since my 2nd child.

My baby is 17 months today and my period this week has been the worse yet but I’m also battling 2 ovarian cyst also

Have it checked & keep doing it. Mine steadily got worse until I had to have an emergency hysterectomy because of a football sized mass on my uterus. I was severely anemic & could have died. I wasn’t keeping up on my check ups

After my 1st no change but I tied my tubes after my 2nd and it was awful! I had 4 years of very heavy bleeding and painful PMS. It took about 6 months in to keto to get back to normal. I really believe though my issue was from the tubes and not giving birth.

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Mine got really bad after I got my tubes tied.

Mine changed after I got my tunes tied. My daughter was 3 months old when I had it done. They were every 28 days and lasted 4 to 5 days and not heavy at all. Now that I’m 44, most months, I’m surprised I can stand let alone work! And completely surprised I don’t need a transfusion!!!
It’s normal for our bodies to change with hormonal changes, especially after a baby. I would try birth control. That usually helps with irregularities and flow. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

OMG YES. They got lighter after baby #2. Had #3 in March and I’ve currently been bleeding super heavy for 2 1/2 weeks straight. I’m over it.

My son is almost 3 and they’ve been insufferably painful since he was born. They were never that bad before, or after my daughter

Mine did. And alot more pain too but then I found out I have cysts on my ovaries and due to that I lost my 3rd baby and now i cant have anymore

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Birth control can help that. I always went back on it during my first period after having a baby until I was ready to try for another. Mine were never super irregular. Just occasionally with BC but were always super super heavy before and after having kids. I would call ur dr. It may be a hormone imbalance.

mine have, it started after my 3rd baby, where i would know 2 days before i started i would get cramps, just ewww all over. now 3 yrs. after my 4th baby and last one, i can say i know a week to a week in a half before i start, just feel like heck. before I was regular, and unless i was super stressed then i would get the rare cramps, now cramps and everything else.

Yes, absolutely terrible! I ended up having an ablation done and it helped tremendously. That can only be done if you don’t plan on having more babies, though.

Worse after i tied my tubes

Mine are still and my son is 5

I was the opposite. My periods were so easy after my daughter. No boob pain, cramping, but still wanted to eat everything in sight lol…about two years later the symptoms came back :cry:.