Did I forget anything in my hospital bag?

Did I forget anything in my hospital bag? 5th child, and I’m overthinking and can’t shake the feeling I forget something. Items I have packed -one outfit for dad( he’s going home after the birth to be with our other kids) -toiletries for both of us -leggings, sweats and compression leggings for me -tank top and shirt for me -nursing bra and sports bra -outfit for baby to go home in -car seat cover -picture outfit I’ll be packing phone chargers tomorrow night before we leave. I also have my insurance card and ID in my purse. I’m all set, but why do I feel like I forget something? Ugh. I’ve gone over so many lists.


Hair ties & chapstick


Change for vending machines

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Flip flops for the shower

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Whatever snacks you want while you are there. They have some things, but nothing is better than your favorite snack after giving birth


Also, slippers or flip flops to walk the halls in. I just wore my flip flops there.

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Money, robe, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush, reading material, water bottle,

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Been there chick tons of undies just in case your stuck in there for a bit longer and hubby can’t keep up with the washing at home :laughing:

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The hospital shit for after care wouldn’t stay still for the life of me lol (gave birth Sunday) so I got depends and put maxi overnight pads on it

I was told to bring my power of attorney paperwork

:joy::joy::joy: my whole overnight bag.

Chapstick, hair ties, a sweater or robe for at night, slippers for walking the hall and boppy pillow definitely! :heart:

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Other IDs like health card and sin #, snacks. I find the 3 hospital meals aren’t enough.

Camera, snacks, own water, own pillow, night clothes/birthing clothes. Breast feeding bra, breastfeeding pillow , onesies for baby in case you have to stay, baby blanket

Wipes, hospital never provides over here.

Phone charger chapstick

Chapstick, hair tie, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush, shampoo and conditioner, hair straightener if you fix your hair that way. Snacks are my go to, underwear and pads cause I don’t like the big hospital ones that they give you.

Baby mittens or nail clippers

I know you said car seat cover. Does that include the care seat itself? Sorry never used a car seat cover so I don’t have a clue.

What about nappies for bub and nursing pads for urself i didnt see those mentioned

I like to bring my own pillow, and throw blanket.

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Chapstick. Hand lotion. Slippers. Hairbrush. Boob pads, and maxi pads.

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Nightgown, i has an emergency csection and I didn’t want anything on my bottom half, wipes, diapers,

Pacis if you want to use a certain one!

Nail clippers. My first came out with really long nails

I always like to make sure I pack mints cuz hubby and some staff can have gnarly breath. I try to pack a couple of fresh oranges too cuz they make the ice taste better.

Chapstick, money , and a folder for all the papers

Um, idk… i didn’t have anything when I had my daughter (emergency induction) and all I brought for my son was pajama pants, hygiene products, clothes for my son, and my phone charger. I didn’t really need/use anything else… so I think you’re okay. Both labors kept me longer than normal. 4 days with my son (I was strep b positive) and over a week with my daughter (pre-eclampsia).

diapers, pacifier, camera, phone number for uber, in case your husband falls asleep on the couch and forgets about you.

Chapstick toothbrush and hair brush

A pillow and a blanket if you want some comforts from home, and a nice big towel since hospital towels are TINY! Also, bring a robe. I lived in mine over my L&D gown as well as afterwards in my nursing nightgowns. I didn’t feel like wearing pants afterward so maxi dresses and nightgowns were about all I wore for weeks. Slippers and sandals are also easy options for wearing around the cold hospital floors!

Lip balm and hair ties

I brought my own pillow! The hospital ones are awful.

Get yourself a few pairs of undies, maternity pads, a couple changes of clothes (I hope nothing goes wrong but it can and you’ll need the extra clothes), slippers

Bring a boppy if u have one it will help!

I packed a small cooler full of pedialite, protein bars and yogurt for a midnight snack/after the baby woke me up at whatev time. I felt super dehydrated and was glad I had a little pick-me-up snack.

I also packed lavender essential oil to dash on my pillow and one small amount in my mask, I just like that it smelled fresh and clean when I was there. Instead of smelling that “hospital smell”. But I know that’s being a little exxtra :tipping_hand_woman:t3::joy:

Socks blankets pillows

Flushable wipes! Trust me they are soooooo much easier on ur lady bits than hospital 1 ply and also makes u feel sooo cleaner.

maybe pack a couple outfits or atleast 2 shirts per 1 pair of bottoms. My 4 month old spent 5 extra days in the NICU so after I was released from LD I was sent down a floor and couldn’t leave due to COVID. I was living in the same outfit that whole time.

Earphones, vaseline, hair bobbins, maternity pads, flip-flops 4 shower

Shampoo, conditioner, baby clothes (pajamas) blankets and receiving blankets (brought all my own clothes and blankets for number 4, wish I had done that with the other 3) … flip flops (shower) body wash, underwear, I bought my own pillow. Binkies (where I live they no longer supply binkies)

For me, a nursing pillow is like viiiiiital! Turns out my nursing pillow is also the perfect pillow for me so it double duties. Also hair elastics and lip balm are big

Flip flops for the shower.

Dont seem to have any nappies or wipes mentioned hospital gave me 1 nappy but I had to supply any extra, and even now at 7 months old my babys never in a dirty nappy for more then couple minutes or hes asleep! X

Arnica tablets for afterwards (to help with healing) and witch hazel for your pad, lip balm, drinks, changing bag for baby

Picture outfit??? You are having a baby. Behave yourself seriously.


Extra underwear and sanitary pads?


Make sure you grab an extra outfit for the baby. Just im case I grabbed a newborn and 0-3 and yes there is a difference lol! Good luck!

Your own pillow!! That was my saving grace and a boppy pillow!

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My own pillow, and robe were my 2 must haves! I wish I had taken my robe with my 1st, instead of wearing the hospital gown afterwards…

Sandals for the shower and shower supplies

Receiving blankets.
Good luck💞

Pads and breast pads

Baby wipes, underwear. I took my own pads, toothbrush, toothpaste

I work in a hospital. People bring their favorite blankets, cameras, diffusers and oils, washcloths and towels, breast pump and storage bags, pacifiers and bottles

Lotion, earbuds, books/Bible, notepad and pen, snacks, chapstick, flavors for water, glasses if you normally wear contacts, slippers or thick socks, scrunchies, body pillow

Snacks, hair tie, chap stick, your own pillow.

SNACKS & A big tumbler cup :cup_with_straw:

Nappies lol the 1 mager thing n i forgot lol xoxo

You’ve already done better than I have. I packed a hospital bag, literally the only things I used out of that bag were my toiletries. And I brought my pregnancy pillow because who the hell actually likes sleeping in uncomfortable hospital beds, especially after a c-section? Exactly. It doesn’t sound like you’re forgetting anything, but I also don’t know you personally, so I can’t tell you if you missed anything. All the important stuff does seem like it’s there though. Maybe like someone else suggested, if it’s your 5th child and you plan on breast feeding, I would probably just pack your breast pump as well. You never know if baby might have to go into the NICU for any reason after birth and if they end up having a feeding tube like mine did for the first 3 days, they want you to pump.

Muslins, nappies, wipes, pjs, pads…

Overpack. Covid has wild restrictions in place in most hospitals. God forbid something happen and you have to stay longer.

I also loved having my own pillow and blanket.

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It doesnt hurt to take wipes with you so you can try them in the hospital that way if your baby has a reaction you can make proper changes before going home

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Paci if your going to offer one.

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Your favorite snack?

Other clothes for baby besides for photos. I took snacks because hospital food :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: if you’re hungry I wasn’t but my husband ate them :woman_shrugging:t2:

Diapers and wipes. Not sure if the hospital will provide them at this time. Pads, hairbrush, shampoo, body wash, pillow to sit on for the ride home.

I learned after my last baby being sent to the nicu to have an extra bag packed in my car with 3-5 days worth of clothes and all the extras. Im just saying to be prepared. I was so scatter brained trying to pack a bag in a panic and covid had just began so no stores were open. So better to be overprepared than under. Good luck to you :heart:

Boppy pillow is a life saver even if your not breastfeeding.

More baby clothes, my baby spit up quite a few times.

Chapstick deodorant and slippers

Your own toilet paper hospitas one is so crap

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Extension cord for charger

Chapstick, your own pillows for you and hubby the hospital pillows suck, snacks, Pads

Dressing gown, extra clothes

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Snacks. I have 3 kids and for some reason I am starving after child birth.

Chapstick, snacks, hair ties or brush.
Other than that sounds like you got it covered

Loads of knickers and pads you can’t have enough of them I took 10 pairs and loads of PJs and fluffy socks

Baby nail clippers, snacks, a good donut pillow, burp cloths nipple cream if you’re breastfeeding

Underwear, lotion, chapstick

Hair tie and charger!

Man…all hospitals must be different and hand out only certain things. Only thing I needed was my charger, hoodie and sweatpants. I wore the underwear they gave me. I used the pads they gave me and the pillows and blankets I used were AWESOME lmao. I wanted to take the shit home with me including the bed. :joy::joy::joy:🤷


Pads, snacks, extra pillows, & drinks

How many weeks will be there???

Definitely extra clothes for you! I needed up bleeding bad and right through the only pair of leggings I had. I stayed in my night shorts the rest of the time and for the trip home!

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You’ll be in your gown most of the time, and they have those mesh underwear (if there’s extra take a few home with you) outfit to go home, slippers, snacks, bigger water bottle. Baby will be doing skin to skin contact so mostly need an outfit for going home (they’ll have the towels to be wrapped in while there), two receiving blankets to put on each side of baby for car seat, travel shampoo and conditioner and soap.

I brought an extension cord so my phone charger could be by me, a haakaa, and slip on shoes. Also snacks bc we weren’t allowed to leave during covid.

Hair tie!! Brush maybe

Make sure you have the car seat with you and not in the car. Some babies have to have a car seat test done and the hospital checks the car seat over :blush: i hope you have a healthy and safe delivery. Congrats

Rubber slippers to bathe

Your own shampoos and conditioners and body wash that shower after birth or c sections for me was great

Depends! They are 1000 times better than the mesh undies and pads! And way more comfortable!


Go to FridaMom Instagram and see if there’s any mom postpartum things there you may need. Mesh underwear, ice pads, etc. Dont always assume the hospital will have all this for you! Better to have it all yourself! Also extra clothes for you cause no you won’t wanna be in that hospital gown it’s not comfy. Depending how long you and baby have to stay if anything happens make sure you have everything for baby! Extra clothes burp rags blanket literally anything you could thing of. Always safe to overpack then to forget anything! Good Luck!

Depends adult diapers!!! So much better and comfy than a giant pad stuck up your butt.

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I ordered perineal ice packs off of amazon that double as pads for the ride home and they are self activating.

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Sunglasses, in case the baby needs the bilirubin lights. So you can still hold and nurse in case the lights cant be shut off.

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Toothbrush and tooth paste. Under rated but when I gave birth was the best thing to have my own.

#toothbrush #ToothPaste #MouthWash

I would take a few more vest/sleepsuits for bubs, I remember getting through 4 lots in about an hour!

Receiving blanket for baby head support
Girl, get a 10ft charger haha

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