Did My Mom's Boyfriend Cross a Line With Me?

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"My mom started dating this new guy a few years ago…he comes over on and off and has always been “okay” i guess. We dont really talk much…but the other day when i got out of the shower (i was visiting for the weekend) he looked at me and said "wow your hair is getting so long, i could sit there and brush it for hours" and kept going on about how good i smelt…it made me feel really weird…my mom was at work when it happened and i am debating on whether or not i should tell her what happened…i can be dramatric sometimes which is why i amasking"

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"If he hasn’t done this before I’d kind of let it slide, maybe he was just really oblivious to how creepy that sounded. If he starts making more comments when you are together I’d firmly let him know his comments make you uncomfortable and I would definitely say something. Hopefully he was just trying to be nice and didn’t realize how weird he sounded. I know half my family is tone deaf with that kind of thing. Now if he has said creepy things before i would go ahead and bring it up to mom."

"Yeah that’s inappropriate and it sounds like he was trying to see how far he could get. I’d tell her."

"That’s creepy I would tell her and tell him he needs to understand boundaries"

"That would definitely make me feel uncomfortable… I don’t know how to advise you as to whether or not to tell your mom. I think I probably would"

"How old are you? Because he either a plain out creep flirting with his girlfriends daughter, or he’s a creepy ass pedo flirting with his girlfriends child."

"I definitely would tell her. That’s not good"

"Yes he should have kept his fantasy of sniffing your hair and brushing it to himself"

"yes, that is crossing a line. Trust your gut feeling & tell your mom."

"If you felt uncomfortable then yes he crossed a line.You need to make your mum aware of it so she can talk to him and it doesn’t happen again.It could have been innocent on his part or not."

"If you feel uncomfortable there’s a reason why. Always follow your gut"

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