Did you decide to home school or are you sending your child to school?

I live in MA and have a daughter entering Kindergarten this year. I wonder how many mamas have decided to home school this year - but not out of fear of catching COVID-19, just out of fear of the state of the world we live in? I think this would apply more to parents of younger school-aged children but am curious to hear from all!


I did virtual with my children Pre-K -8th not exactly due to covid but due to the new restrictions and mandates due to covid.

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My daughter starts pre-k through her daycare September 8th. She’s been in daycare since 14 months. She starts kindergarten next year and I have no problem sending her, then again we made sure were in a decent public school district.

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My daughter is in 1st this year and she is in school full time and im so thankful. The normalcy was more important to me than anything. She needs to be around other kids and have her teacher right there to help. I can’t imagine trying to teach a child to read virtually


I’ve done virtual with my 7 year old

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My 3rd grade will be going all 5 days. No virtual for us.

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I live in VT and have a son that’s in 2nd grade this year and decided to homeschool. Partly because of covid and partly because of the education system.

We are doing the in school option. We have a choice but for my boys in school is better for their learning.

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I’m in MI and I’m keeping my son home he’s goin into 4th grade this year, my husband and I talked about it and then asked our son what his thoughts were and he’s ok with home school his close family is doing it as well so he’ll have kids to play with as well

My kids are going into 2nd & 4th they are going to regular school we live in a very small town and have a 4 day school week and both are playing sports as well right now

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I have 3 kids one will be a senior ,ones going into 11th grade and ones going into 9th grade , me my husband and kids talked bout it and we decided to do distance learning/home schooling for the kids

My son is going into first grade this year and he will be doing remote learning but it’s because of the risk of Covid. I don’t think what they are doing will prevent anything.

My kid is going into kindergarten and will be doing distance learning this year. After lots of thinking, this is what we thought was best for our family.

Sent my kids to school. My two oldest went back on the 17th they are in 8th and 2nd grade, and my youngest started on the 19th she is in Kindergarten. My kids (mainly my 2nd grader) learn better in person last school year online was really rough.

I’ve been doing virtual school for a few years but personally I don’t think fear should be a reason to homeschool or virtual it’s not for all children and you gotta really decided if it will be good for your child’s education. Things can happen anywhere anytime just because they don’t go to an actual school doesn’t necessarily mean they are any safer.


My lil one will be doing virtual, we’ve had 5 deaths due to Covid-19. Children now a days learn how to maneuver a phone & other electronics in my opinion is no different than learning virtual, theres special needs students & those who have no parents I feel a district should focus more on. My choice bc of parents whom lie & love to send their kids sick to school. My lil was in the hospital 3 weeks prior to this pandemic bc he got sick from children that had pneumonia in school. I’m sure those same parents will do the same w/out consideration of others health.

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I have a 1st and 2nd grader. We opted for virtual for consistency. None of my questions were answered in a timely manner (not only at school but at job as well). I have a feeling they are going to be bouncing back and forth to and from school week and week. My oldest would struggle with that and felt virtual would be better.

My son is in 3rd grade this year. He goes in person Monday through Thursday.

Mine began last week already. Grade 10, 4, 1st, Kindergarten, and preschool. We chose in school 2 days a week virtual 3 days. Youngest is fulltime.

I mean, I’m keeping my daughter home but our options were two days a week at school and three days online or 100% virtual, and because we are a single vehicle home and I don’t want to walk my 1.5 year old to the bus stop in 110°+ weather, even just two days a week. Today is her first day of school.

I’m in California. Where we are there are no in person classes. All kids are doing distance learning/home school.

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How many people that chose to home school are licensed and trained teachers?


Well , I live in Canada and where I am from covid is really minimal, meaning there are no cases in or around my city. There is no conflict or any crazy shootings so my kids are going back.

My kids are 4th & 1st. We started on the 20th. Our district is 4 full days in person then virtual on Fridays grades pre-k through 5th. Grades 6-12 are on a A/B schedule… some are Monday/Wednesday, other days virtual then the second group does Tuesday/Thursday in person & virtual the rest of the week. I sent my kids… we needed a sense of normalcy & my 1st grader needs to be in class learning. My 4th grader would do fine virtual but we opted for in person for our family.

We sent my daughter to school, right now they are doing a hybrid school

We have 4 kids going to traditional school and 3 staying home for remote due to not being able to wear a mask and 2 babies at home.

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Gr.1,gr.5,gr.7 going in class

My daughter is in kindergarten and she is doing e-learning. She’s been doing it for three weeks now and has been doing great. You just have to have the time and patience cause you will be her teacher. Her teacher can only do so much on video then leaves lots of work and learning activities for them to do online. Her being younger we have to sit with her as she does her work to make sure everything is getting done and that she’s actually learning so it can be a lot.

My 2nd grader is doing online, we have a newborn in the house and we do worry about Covid.

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I am homeschooling. Because I do not think my kids’ school’s reopen plan is feasible or fair. I think their expectations of little kids is ridiculous. Plus their plan if they have cases is even more dumb. I withdrew my kids from school completely because their online program is bogus. Plus my kids don’t want to go. My thoughts are if you can homeschool do it. There are lots of parents who can’t and have to send their kids to school. So if those of us who can homeschool do, it makes a few less kids, so that a parent who has to send their kid to school has a little less worry.


I dont have no kids in school yet! But i work at a school! And they are doing all remote learning! Which made it easier on the parents. And decide every 5 weeks if they want to try to bring the kids in or still work from home! Obviously our special needs kids are going to school since they need more work! But it seems like my school is the only one around me thats going to start school like this!

My daughter is going back on Thursday and she’s excited. She’ll be in 5th grade this year

we are doing virtual, i work at the school…so i didnt want to risk it…my hubs stays at home helping with the school until i get home

If not for fear of COVID, may I ask what exactly is your fear?

My teenager is going to school but my 1st grader will be homeschooled because there is no way she will be able to keep a mask on for 8 hour days due to autism. School is not offering virtual learning to those with mental incapacities as an alternative.

Nope. They are staying home.

My first grader is going back to school in person next week! Our school district is amazing and have done everything they can to be prepared and I’m confident in them.

My oldest is 7. Hes going to school. He needs the social interaction he gets from being in school. He needs the consistent routing he gets from being in school.
I’m definitely not afraid of covid…I’m pretty sure we all already had it. And statistically speaking RSV and the flu is more dangerous to children. He had flu b earlier in the year. Ran a 100 temp for 6 hours and was back to normal.
We live in a Small community. I went to school with half the parents in his class. So I don’t really have any fears there either.

My girls are back to school, they were in 5 days and my youngest already has strep. Happens every year in the first couple of weeks of school.
I expect them to get sick from school they are germ factories.
but I cannot teach my own children, I have my own learning disabilities and they need qualified teachers.

I chose virtual for my kindergartener. She went to pre I last year

I actually decided my to send my oldest to private school. It’s his first year of middle school. There are only 12 students in his grade so social distancing is easy. If I could afford to send my youngest too I would. He is on an A/B schedule. And with 4k being optional anyway, a lot of people are just waiting till next year to enroll their kids on school. There are only 10 students in his class.

My kids are being homeschooled. Both 5th graders. I’m more concerned over the crazy in the world then just covid itself. I also live in an area that have had protests and legionaries popping up in all the schools water so were just keeping them home for now. Not to mention covid is pretty bad here right now. We were just taken off of the travel restrictions. So homeschooling it is lol

My daughter is a freshman this year… The school is requiring we sign a waiver if we want to do in school

Mine are going to school. They will be in 2,6,9 grades. I work at the school. Figured if I am going they might as well too. If I didn’t send them I would have to quit my job. Plus I feel they need some interaction with other kids even if it will be minimal

My son went back today full time. He goes to preschool at a private school and they added another class so there are now 10 students in each class. They have less students than public, so the older children are able to spread out in the classrooms. We’re in Kentucky and the county we live in does not have a lot of cases.

We decided on virtual learning through our district this year. My son is 8

We made the choice to keep our 3 year old out of preschool and send our first grader back ( it’s 2 in school and 3 days of packets).

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2nd grade, Ohio… homeschooling

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Started e-learning last week

8th grader is in school, 2nd and 7th graders are virtual

I always planned on homeschooling my kids since I was pregnant with my now 4 year old. For a while host of reasons but during this time it just confirmed my decision for me

I’m keeping my 13 year old boy home. Because of the virus, and how different school is. It’s a Trainwreck from what I’ve heard.

Mississippi here. 11yr old doing virtual. Actually thankful. So far 119 have been quarantined in the middle school (her teacher was one) and 92 in the high school. One county over just quarantined the whole 4th grade. :roll_eyes:

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We weren’t given a choice, our district is all virtual for the time being. If given a choice I probably would have sent them, especially my son with severe learning disabilities if I felt safe with the districts plans

My son is in 10 th grade with an IEP he starts sept 15th. But I don’t think it will last long.

Boston , where you’re forced to have a flu shot to go to school

School already started back her… Two days at school (last names A-m Monday and thursday… Last names n-z Tues. And friday) then three days virtual. Temperature checks before kids enter school. No masks. No social distancing in classes or lunch room. No new cases in our town since July.

My kids hate it. They want and need real school.
Kids need socialization with others. Not stuck at home up moms butt. They need school bus rides and lunch room communications


School is online for my 1st grader. I decided to keep my preschooler home this year.

I had chosen to keep my 11 year old home this year, besides the covid, he is having stomach problems and they have him seeing a specialist so it works out better for me. Our district just announced that all schools in my district will be distant learning for the beginning of the year.

I live in Mass too. Were doing remote this year

My kids school options 5 days on line and 2 days in school 3 days home. But my kids are doing 2 in 3out of school for home.

I decided to homeschool because it’s my daughter’s first year and I don’t want this to be her experience. I want her to be able to play with other kids give hugs share toys. This would be a terrible memory I feel like…


My 4 year old starts in person preschool in 2 weeks. My 10 and 11 year old were not given a choice and is doing elearning for at least the 1st 4 weeks

Our preschool is in full swing. Of course extra precautions for covid. But it’s been the best thing. Our girls LOVE their school and we love their teachers and all the staff. I couldn’t imagine keeping my girls home, they get so bored and lonely!

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My granddaughter is going to school.

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No choice here in Georgia, its virtual learning the first 3 weeks, but even if they allow the kids back its so strict its going to be like prison. My son is in 3rd grade and they have to keep their distance and all of course but some fail to realize that means while on the play ground for recess the kids are not allowed to play together, they have to play by themselves, they can’t eat lunch together. They can’t have any interaction with their fellow classmates and thats going to impact their development so I am torn on sending him back or not. Im not super worried about the virus as I am a health care worker and am around it all day every day swabbing people so if he was going to catch it, he would have caught it from me by now because I cant even count the times he has barreled around a corner and slammed into me hugging me as soon as I walk through the door with the scrubs I have swabbed people in for the last 12 hours🤦‍♀️ and hes still fine!

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Homeschooling for us for multiple reasons. 1 being that one child would be in school fulltime while the other attended only 2 days 2 days remotely. So we decided to keep them both home also have an infant and a newbaby on the way so it’s the best option for us for now.

Our household experienced covid first hand. My kids are going back full time. Your kids are at LEAST 5x more likely to catch and die from the flu than they are from covid. If you’re not this scared of the flu then you need to stop listening to the fearmongering.

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In FL here… I’m homeschooling our 3rd and 1st graders. Public school is going to be so different here with no recess, mandated masks, and lunch time in the classrooms. Not to mention if they have to shut down and go to elearning due to an outbreak. It just makes sense for us.

My son is 4, and in pre-school through the school district. We had the option of either virtual learning, or 1/2 days. I had no choice but to send him back to the daycare that offers before/afterschool care where he will get the bus to and from school,and the 1/2 day option simply because my job isn’t guaranteeing anyone to work from home regardless of the situation…if i had my choice though, I would of chosen virtual learning. I know who I have my kids around personally (just family), but I fear the parent that sends their kid to school regardless of if they’re sick or not… and then, if the school is shut down due to an outbreak, he can’t go to the center while im at work. Its all a mess that im stressing about every day lol

Virtual second grade. This had been our plan all along, AFTER about second or third grade, Covid just put us in fast forward. Too many kids are just brats now. With bratty, disrespectful parents. I’ve had my 3 oldest graduate from
Public schools. No way I was sending another one back through, not in the city where we live. I’m happy with our decision, although he’s trying to push my limits when it’s “school time” and he wants me to be mommy instead of teacher. :woman_shrugging:. He’s smart and we’ll find our rhythm with it soon!!

My children’s (18,17,15,12,3 years old) school district pushes their political views on the kids. Parents who have different views than the kids need to be open and upfront. As far as Covid. I’m doing hybrid schooling for the first quarter. Then maybe full time

Virtual for four, schools here are going hybrid or starting online for a month then hybrid… hybrid requires masks for 8 hours a day. That’s the part I don’t like. So mine are going virtual for at least the first semester.will see after that

Mine is going to school! :school:

my son will be in 2nd grade and we will be doing remote learning through the school district. we are in NJ

My child has been off for 6months.
Shes going back, she misses her friends, teachers, routines. I dont want her to miss vital education any longer.
All schools have safety measures in place.
Covid isnt going anywhere anytime soon so we need to learn to live with it and be cautious x

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I’m keeping my kids home. Mostly because a lot of schools around us open and then close. I didn’t want my kids to be stuck in that routine. They do better in structure. The only way to do that is to keep them home this school year. I knew this year wasn’t going to be easy and on day 1 I was correct. I am straight exhausted from jumping from computer to computer. Hopefully once they learn the program it will be easier!

I live in Florida and my son started 5th grade today brick and mortar school. He was very excited to go back to school.

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I have a 6 year old and one on the way next month i am due i decided to homeschool my daughter in 1st grade i think if the school didnt keep my daughter safe from the flu in 5k how can they provide her safety for the corinavirus

I would love if my kids could go back to school but I also live in California and don’t get that choice. Stuck with distance learning.

We have a Senior going back to school & the other 3 younger ones will be home school for a few weeks. As long as the school has no issues then they can go back if they want to.

I live in California… I don’t get a choice…lol distance learning for us

I think there is concern for what is being taught in some schools as well

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We have to do virtual here in TN. :purple_heart:

I live in Tennessee and I’m homeschooling my kindergartener. Not so much for fear of the virus, but because I worried all the rules and such would be too hard on the littles’ mental health.

I also live in MA and my daughter was supposed to go to pre K but we are keeping her out. It is scary and I have older kids homeschooling due to covid so we are being safe this year.

I plan on homeschooling. My daughters are 4 and 2. I have a fear of someone molesting them. I havent personally experienced it, but most of my family members have and you hear about all of these people that are supposed to be taking care of children like teachers, daycare workers,doctors, dentists, foster parents, cps workers even childrens own family members abusing them. Its disgusting.

I have 2 high schoolers doing elearning… a 2nd grader doing in person and a 6th grader doing in person… in my opinion (based on last year) the elementary need to be in school person to person. But I let my kids chose to be honest🤷‍♀️ it’s a rough decision to make… just remember know matter what you pick it doesnt matter what others think…they’re your kids❤


Homeschooling a 5 yr old. So excited and nervous. I’m not exposing my children to the nonsense of public school this year.

Our almost 5yr old is doing virtual as of now. Esp because she’s been hospitalized twice from respiratory related illnesses over the last 3yrs.

I let my daughter choose what she wanted to do. She chose to go to school the 2 days they have and other days are virtual.

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I have 7th and 1st grade who are still school age. They are both learning from home. Our 18yo has started college and is in a hybrid situation of some online and some in person. The classes only meet in person once a week so the class is taken down to 50% or less of students present at the same time. The other days you do online

Here the schools are hybrid 2 days in and 3 days out. Im Currently 27 weeks pregnant and I am not worrying to much . They have to wear mask as well

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Id never send my child into that abuse.

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Virtual for our kindergartener. I don’t see a point to send her only one day

We decided to have our 2nd grader switch to a private Catholic school. She is on her second day of all day school Mon-fri. Our 11th grader is doing a hybrid as that is the only option for in school at our public school.

I’m from Ontario, Canada…we are doing virtual learning from home for our gr8 & gr1 :frowning: