Did you get pregnant right after a miscarriage?

Has anyone fell pregnant after having a miscarriage, but before your period came? I have been waiting for my period then ovulation to try again after a miscarriage almost six weeks ago. However, my period still hasn’t returned. I did some research that says you ovulate two weeks after a miscarriage which I didn’t know—wondering if this has happened to anyone and fell pregnant? Thank you.


:raising_hand_woman: I have. The miscarriage basically was the only period I had… I was pregnant again a by the time my next one was due. I did see a doctor so I know for sure it was 2 separate pregnancies.

Happened to my best friend. She miscarried and had to have a d & c…she found out she was pregnant again before her cycle even returned. They had a hard time dating the baby because of the situation. But she went into labor with her baby boy about 2 weeks before her estimated due date.

I did. I’m currently 33 weeks along. Lost the last baby 37-38 weeks ago. So I didn’t have a period but got immediately pregnant again

Yes. Got pregnant with twins.

Yes I got pregnant not even a month later, I didn’t even get a period before I was pregnant again, you are extremely fertile just like after you give birth

Yes! She’s seven now :kissing_heart:

I delivered my son at 5 months pregnant in October I bled for a couple days then stopped and then I never had my November period because I was pregnant… then miscarried and got pregnant in December miscarried then got pregnant in January and I’m still pregnant

Yes 🙋 No period in between miscarriage and pregnancy. He turns 5 next week! :blush:

I had a miscarriage in July 3rd and got pregnant beginning of September! I ended up getting my period last week in August and then got pregnant!

I got pregnant twice almost immediately after miscarriages

I got pregnant with my daughter right after a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I never had a period after the miscarriage but I ovulated

I got pregnant right after a miscarriage and had a completely healthy pregnancy.

I waited 6 months before we started trying. It took 3 months to get pregnant after that.

My miscarriage was in November, got my period in December, super light in January, I’m currently 10 weeks with rainbow baby

I got pregnant 4 days after a miscarriage. Very possible.

I’m not 100% sure and I wasn’t trying at the time but I’m about 90% sure that my last “period” before conceiving my son was a.miscarriage. It was the most painful cramping, I was physically sick and stuck on the toilet for about 40 mins etc… when I missed missed my next one I found out I was around 3 weeks

Yes I found out I was pregnant 6 weeks after a miscarriage sadly that one didn’t stick either :frowning:

I was told to wait 6 months before trying again. I miscarried my twins at 12 weeks and had a d&c

I did , one month later after miscarriage!

Yes I did, 2 weeks after, and my son is 6 months old now.

Yes. I did. I never got a period. My miscarriage was right before Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve I realized I had not had another period. I went that night and got a test.
She’ll be 4 in August. :heart:

My period was super late after my miscarriage so it could either be that or you are pregnant. I would go see a doctor

Yes this happened to be I got pregnant two weeks after having a miscarriage and got a positive pregnancy test 1 month after. It really depends on the person though and everyones situation is different. Some women don’t ovulate that soon after and others do, but yes it’s absolutely possible!

I did I had a miscarriage abd got pregnant 3 wks later before I even had a period

Yes… I had a chemical pregnancy and conceived within weeks after. Dakotah is a happy healthy 12month old now.

I had a miscarriage. One normal period and was pregnant.

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant. 6 weeks later I found out that I was 4 weeks pregnant. It could happen

I miscarried September 27th… found out I was pregnant mid December

Yes, miscarriage on the 5th October. Now currently 28 weeks pregnant

Yes I did miscarried in the summer and got pregnant right away. I’m due anytime now.

I did, and they told me that it was just leftover hormones from my miscarriage. I went in for blood tests and once they saw the levels going UP everyday, then it was confirmed.

I did (currently pregnant) . My conception date is the same as my miscarriage date. I’m now 29 weeks pregnant.

Yes. 6 weeks after my last miscarriage we found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby who is now 11 months old

I knew a woman once who had a miscarriage then was still pregnant. Turned out she was pregnant with twins. Lost 1 but carried the other.

I was pregnant 3xs in a year. Lost the first 2. Carried 3rd to term. Then got pregnant by again when she was 8-9mos before getting my period back.

Yes! I found out I was pregnant again just 4 weeks later!

I miscarried 6 years ago then fell pregnant 2 months later didn’t get period in between I also have pcos So I rarely got mine so didn’t think it was odd

I was 7 weeks when I had my miscarriage. I got pregnant that same month with my little miracle babes :heart:

Yes 4 months after the first one and 4 months after the second one. I have 3 beautiful grown children now❤️ sorry for your loss. It’s tuff

I gave birth, pregnant again 6 weeks after miscarriage when I was 4 months then another pregnancy 8 weeks later the miscarriage to now my 5th child. I was pregnant 3 times in one year

I did with my second child.