Did you go into your second pregnancy with your pregnancy weight from your first?

I’m hoping to be a 2nd-time mom within the next few years when we get our life settled as we just moved a few states away from where we used to live. So my question is moms who’re first pregnancy you had weight left over after you gave birth but later lost it how did you go about your 2nd pregnancy? I had 20 extra pounds left over. I was then classified as overweight when before I was even pregnant, I was at a healthy weight. I’m scared to end up struggling with weight when I go to have the next child. I took eating for two literally. Did anyone else keep their weight under check the 2nd time around? I want to do everything in my power to keep at a healthy weight throughout my next pregnancy and hopefully, after not struggle with weight loss. Thanks & please be nice!


Nope I was back to my weight about 3 months after birth each time

I gained 74 lbs with my first child 10 yrs ago and only lost about 15 lbs of it… I just had my 2nd baby 7 weeks ago and only gained 22 lbs and I’ve lost it all already

My kids are 54 weeks apart so I didnt get the chance to lose any weight plus side was I didnt really gain more lol…

I gained 60 ib with my first baby lost like 40 before i had my 2nd i gained 30ish with him and a year later ive lost all from my 2nd pregnancy… its all bout the efort you put in and the outcome you strive for youve got this

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I weighed more with my first pregnancy and had a smaller baby at 32 weeks… my second baby was much larger than my first baby born at 34 weeks and I weighed less🤦🤷😂

I still had baby weight from 1 and 2 when I got pregnant with number 3 (175 lbs) and ended up gaining less than 10 pounds. I’m 2 months postpartum and I’m already down to 165 … Don’t focus as much on your weight gain during pregnancy but just make sure you’re making healthy eating decisions

Nope gained 10 pounds during my first pregnancy and lost 20 after birth lol I looked better after I had him then I gained 7 pounds with my daughter and lost like 40 after birth i look the best I’ve ever looked now, if it’s been months since you’ve had the first one it probably wont go away unless you make it bc it’s not baby weight anymore

I gained 65 with first 16 years ago. I lost about 50lbs in 5 months then got pregnant and put on 54lbs and now I am pregnant with my 3rd almost 14 years later and I have only gained 24 lbs I am 39 weeks… but this pregnancy I have walked every day 4-5 times for about 20-30 mins (we have a dog that likes to go on lots of walks)

Yes. I figured I’ll lose it after #2​:joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

I went into my 4th pregnancy with the weight of my first :roll_eyes::joy:

Im on preg 2 with the weight from the prev i gained afair bit with the first i didnt lose due to hormonal imbalance that tooks years to get preg but im half way in this preg now and actually haven’t gained apound i was more sick this time around too which may had a play but id gain a couple from things i was eatting example fries everyday helped with sickness for like a week i gained idk 5lbs but lost it quickly when i stopped eatting so im still at start weight half way in and my stomach hasnt changed either maybe lift slightly but cant even notice a difference from the start

My first 2 were okay after my first baby I literally went back to my regular size, after second baby it took me literally 7 years almost to lose it all, then got pregnant again, and then when she was around 17 months had another and was almost 200lbs while pregnant. Now since I’ve had my last I am between 165 and 175 I refuse to weigh myself.

I generally gained about 5 lbs from before pregnancy to 3 months after birth weights.with all 3 pregnancies… If you can do it breast feeding will help your body bounce back soooooooo much quicker…

I still have weight from my 2nd baby, i struggled more after him then i did after my first. Best we can do is eat healthy and do light exercise :purple_heart: walking is what i was told was best.

I stayed overweight after first baby… 2nd I only gained 11lbs. And lost it after

I didn’t gain a whole lot from my first pregnancy. I was literally back in my pre-pregnancy pants by my 6 week appointment. I did however gain a few pounds between my pregnancies (they were almost 9 years apart) and was 30lbs heavier when I got pregnant the second time around. I got HUGE with him. Tipped the scales at just under 200 by the time I went to deliver. I’d gained 50lbs. I was also on bedrest for nearly 4 months of my pregnancy though, so that didn’t help, and I craved carbs so heavily. I just wanted potatoes and bread.

My son is 17 months now, I’m horrible at diet and exercise, and I’m back in my pre-pregnancy pants (second pregnancy, not first).

It just depends on your genetics.

I gained 53 with my son 2 years ago and now 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and have lost 8 pounds during this pregnancy

Both pregnancy I started out at the exact same weight, however both pregnancies I lost about 20 pounds in the first two months of pregnancy then gained 12-15 pounds back the rest of pregnancy, little over 1.5 years after my second kiddo and I’ve ended up loosing more weight after him even though I really don’t try or need to… Hopefully for baby #3 soon. Good luck on your journey hopefully everything goes smoothly!

I had baby #4, 10 months ago.

I dropped all my baby weight with baby #1,#2.

Baby #3,#4 I’m 10lbs heavier. Stuck at 140lbs

I gained 50 lbs with my first and got pregnant again 11 months later with all that weight still there—-I gained another 30 with my 2nd. :confounded: It’s easy to put it on but sooooooo hard to get it off.

With my first I gained about 30lbs didn’t lose anything after until about 2 years after when I tried to lose weight got down about 60 lbs. 4years after my first I had another and gained 30lbs again lol 2months post partum I lost 15. Still working on the last 15

My doctors were adamant about watching my weight all through my pregnancies & I had gestational diabetes with the first so had a very strict diet. Took dance classes through my 7th month.

Keep moving & eating healthy. It’s not just so you’ll look and feel better, but so you’ll be healthier and have more energy for the rest of your life. Eat lots of small meals: raw almonds, low fat/cal/sugar cereal (1/2 cup regular Cheerios, Grape Nuts, NutriGrain, any hot cereal), raw veggies, salads, cup of soup, whole grains (quinoa is great & is ready in a few minutes). Whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice vs. white, and keep carbs to small portions. Think vegetarian/vegan meals & add meat as garnish.

You don’t need any sugar, but if you do eat the occasional dessert, keep it small: angel food cake, 8 animal crackers, 1 sheet of graham crackers, 2 fun size chocolates, small scoop of frozen yoghurt. The less sugar you eat, the less you will crave it. Just completely avoid the cookie, candy, bread & baking aisles at the grocery store.

The first day after birth, take deep breaths. The second day, raise your arms & deep breaths. The third day, move your legs too. Do 20 reps of everything from the previous days & add one more thing until you’re able to resume your regular exercise/movement regime.

“Remember, you’re eating for two, but one of you is the size of a golf ball.”
—Dave Barry, Babies and Other Hazards of Sex.

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Watching your weight gain is important in pregnancy, but my doctor told me that unless you are eating like absolute crap and that’s what’s causing excessive weight gain, she doesn’t worry because there’s only so much control we have when we’re pregnant. She told me to focus on eating healthy and making sure I get exercise, and if I’m doing that then the weight gain was just going to happen regardless. I’ve gained 35 pounds so far in this pregnancy (31 weeks in) and that’s what she told me about the fact that I was already at my max suggested weight gain (though to be honest, I did go a little heavy on baked goods over quarantine).

“How do you have a 6 pack after 5 kids?” They always ask. I always give the same, free advice that was given to me years ago. Flex them. Whenever you think about it. While watching tv, doing dishes. I flex my abs for about 1/2 of my 11 hour shift each day. Other exercise a few times a week (for me, those are the ones that my chiropractor tells me to do, including planks), but my core is rock solid (front and back) from simply keeping them flexed whenever I think about it. I come from a family of larger people, and wear a size 4.

I swear there’s no rhyme or reason to weight gain or loss with pregnancy. With my first I gained over 20#. All I ate was fruit because that’s all I could keep down. My 2ng pregnancy, 11yrs later, I ate chocolate & mashed potatoes a lot. Other healthy foods as well but those were my cravings & I couldn’t get enough. I lost weight. My 3rd pregnancy I didn’t even know I was pg until 18 weeks. Ate pretty good because I was breast feeding. My 6 week pp weight with #2 & my discharge weight with #3 were about the same. (they’re a year apart). So I gained weight earring fruit but lost weight earring brownies. Go figure.

  1. It is unfortunate that you have to remind everyone to be nice on here. :hugs: hugs and support for ALL moms here.
  2. I went into 2nd pregnancy with about 20lbs more than with 1st. Tried to curb the carbs but i was slacking more than with 1st. I think if you try to eat as healthy as you can, when you can, you’ll do fine. I had to do the whole fitness routine after 2nd kid cuz those pregnancies took a toll on my back. We’re here to support you!! :sparkling_heart:

I was still carrying a little extra weight after my first and when I got pregnant with my second. But the second time around, I’m not gaining as much or nearly as fast. Also not swelling as much. Every pregnancy is different and if you eat right or take care of yourself, you’ll be okay. Just enjoy the experience and do what works for you!:heart:

Im expecting baby no 2 in 7/8 weeks when i had my little boy before him i was a size 16 walked a hell of a lot to get to my job and out with the dog ended up after having him and eating right with the odd treat during my first pregnancy i was all baby so went from a size 16 to a 10 ive always been curvy and enjoyed working out when i could never had the flat stomach learned to love my curves and body as it did an amazing thing , then met my partner and gained a little weight now due baby no 2 again just keeping a varied diet , plenty fruit veg home cooked food and running after a 2 year old keeps me busy hoping once little lady comes and i start breast feeding this time and walks eat right i loose a little weight

I gained so much weight the first time around. Over 5 stones. I took the same advice. Eat for two. Then everyone said. Don’t worry. You’ll lose it running around after a baby. My baby was so good. I never lost the weight. I think by the time I had my second baby. I was still carrying 3 stones of extra weight but I was really careful through out my pregnancy and didn’t gain much. She was a big baby too. 9lb 7oz. I lost a bit of weight but as soon as I stopped breast feeding I piled on the weight. I’ve yoyoed with food ever since. I just can’t seem to lose weight. Xx


I started at 125 when I got pregnant with my first. I gained 10lbs more in each pregnancy and kept an extra 5lbs from each. I definitely ate more than I needed to and actually developed a habit of overeating. Hard to cut down your appetite after birth, but keeping well hydrated definitely helped.

I was 250ish when I gave birth to my daughter (first kid) I gained alot of weight with her lol and stayed that way while being on the depo shot for 2 years or so. Got off the shot and lost 30lbs n weighed about 210 when I got prego with my son (second child) I jus had him on the 23 and I only gained to 230lbs so about 20lbs my whole pregnancy.

With my first I ate horrible and gained almost 50 lbs. then only lost 20 before getting pregnant with my second. I had 4 years in between kids. I was careful with my second and only gained 15. Now my baby is 2 and I’m trying to lose it all.

I gained 18 lbs with my first. Lost 30 lbs 3 weeks PP. When he was 14 months we found out I am pregnant again. Currently have 4 weeks left!! Both pregnancies I got preeclampsia diagnoses, so there’s alot of swelling. I’m currently at 12 lb gained during this pregnancy. She is 4 lbs of that. I eat what I want in moderation but I definitely stay away from salty and fried foods. Other than that, I eat whatever whenever.

Me!! :wave: I got pregnant with my first at 19, and took “eating for two” wayyyy too literally and gained about 70lbs. And after that, when losing the baby weight wasn’t as easy as I expected, I kept gaining for years. Before pregnancy I was 150 (I’m 5’7” for context) and at my highest, I weighed 267.
I had lost about 80lbs when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter last year (9 years after giving birth to my first child). I still had about 30lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I just focused on eating healthy and actually counted calories throughout the whole pregnancy, allowed just a few splurges, and walked as much as I could. I only gained 20 lbs and lost it all within 3 weeks of giving birth last November !
Now I’m at a plateau though lol :expressionless:

Yes. I lost my weight 3 weeks PP with #1 but gained it all back on birth control. I was sick of it so I got rid of the BC…but then got pregnant at 9 months PP :sweat_smile: I’ve kept my weight in check this whole pregnancy and I’ve only gained 10lbs which I’m pretty pleased with.

Baby #1 and Baby #2 are only 18 months apart. I had six pounds left over from my first pregnancy and then gained a heck of a lot more during my second pregnancy.

Overall I have only 9 pounds left till I’m back at the weight I was before kids. So considering that feel pretty lucky.

Baby #2 in almost 3 weeks old.

I lost all my weight after each pregnancy. Never had the extra anything left.

I did with all 3 of them, but I only gained 7 lbs with my last one. So I took it as a win.

Lets put it this way i was a size 12 when i had my first size 16 after my first was born. After having my 2nd im a size 18-20. It sucks. Lol

Baby 1 - gained 32lb, lost it all after
Baby 2/3 (twins) - gained 32lbs, only lost 10lbs
Baby 4 - gained only 10lbs, lost 10lbs when she was born.

No idea what made the weight difference as I ate the same every time

I lost my weight after all three relatively easy. My youngest is four and I am now in the past 6 months as large as I was with my pregnancies… I need to figure out how to lose my non baby weight

I gained 42.5lbs my first pregnancy,which only lasted 28wks and I had him…I had only lost 20lbs after having him and got pregnant 4 months later…I’ve been up and down in weight for the last 16 years and because I had 2 csections it’s always been harder cause of the extra hang-around flab

I put on 60 lbs with my first pregnancy and still had 25 lbs to go when I got pregnant again. I have only put on 23 lbs with my second pregnancy and have 3 weeks left. I too thought I was “eating for two” and that “breastfeeding would make the weight just fall off” I know better now and I am eating much healthier, walking more and not drinking cokes. If you are diligent and focus on your health you will be fine

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Gained more with first, none with second I was all baby, and third just a few!

I did not. My kids were born 10 months apart from each other. I started at 120lbs to 150lbs :grimacing: 2yrs later now I’m only down 10lbs so 140lbs

With my first i gained 50lbs.
I vastly over ate, but worked like no other to drop that weight. With my second and third babies i gained 36ish lbs with each, didnt keep any of that weight on with either of them (running afte kids kills that weight) and i had to work to put weight back on because i felt unhealthy.

Just eat normal dont over eat, do something daily for exercise, even just a walk. Dont go for junk food or fast foods, healthy foods all the way. Dont snack when bored and if you do snack make it a light healthy snack.

No I didn’t go into my second pregnancy with the weight I had

Considering I was pregnant with my second when my first was 7 months old…I’d say yesssss!

I still got my pregnancy weight from my last child from 10 years ago :joy: x

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I gained 70lbs with my first and lost 15 with my 2nd but was 5’8 135lbs when I got pregnant with my first and 220lbs when I got pregnant with my 2nd

Get a job in a hot factory. For real. When I was 26 I was 250 lbs and so sick of office jobs that took advantage of me and didn’t pay me what I was worth, I decided fuck it and quit. My dad knew a guy and offered to get me into a bean bag chair factory. I figured what the hell. After the first day I sat in my car for over an hour before I went inside because my feet hurt so bad. I kept going back and started to lose weight. About 5 lbs a week. Got down to 145 and finally got pregnant after years of fertility treatments and being told I couldn’t have babies <3 . One more kid after that and now I’m 180, both times I went and worked at a hot factory after having my babies to lose weight and it works great. Plus you get paid to basically work out.

With my oldest I was 150lbs went up to 196lbs
Went down to 160 after I had him gained a few lost again
Got pregnant with youngest I was 160 lbs and went all the way up to 205
Almost two years later I finally managed to get down to 170 but I’m trying to go as low as 145 like I was in my early 20’s

50 plus both pregnancy as long as I didnt have any health issues could give a f if I’m 110 or 160

You ladies give life, go easy on yourself. We still find you beautiful and sexy!


My first I gained 45lbs (140-185) and was able to get down to 150 but never any lower and I was happy with that as it’s a healthy BMI. My next baby, I didn’t have him until 6 years later but gained a lot of weight due to poor habits. I started off the pregnancy at 178 ended at 205. After giving birth I was able to go down to 185 but then went back to 205 because of my poor habits. I joined NOOM and got all the way down to 160 :muscle:t4:. And I felt confident that I had the skills and habits to keep it off. Now that I’m pregnant again I am 32 weeks and at 205 and I think I’ll still gain another 5-10 more. Knowing what I learnt from noom, I know for sure I’ll be able to shed it off, but remember one thing if you can… the slower you lose weight, the better chance of keeping it off. My goal is 160 again in a year from when baby is born. My comfortable/healthy weight :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did! Lost two pounds with my second

I can’t loose weight from my second to my 3 rd pregnancy :joy: I’m come to conclusion I’m free willys relative :joy::joy:

you got to remember with pregnancy, you don’t need to increase your appetiete very much. you only need to add like 100 calories to ypur diet unless your pregnant with more than one. keep you’re daily routine and your head high. you a mom, you’re creating new life. give yourself a break. your body is twice as beautiful now than before as you are giving the gift a life. A couple extra pounds is just some extra love on the hips from your kids, it’s their first hug to you. don’t beat yourself down because what you are doing is a beautiful thing, and it’s natural and healthy for thay to happen during preganancy. weight loss can be difficult but it’s also possible, all you got to do is set a half hour or so to yourself a day and just go for a walk or do a basic workout and your body will thank you. yes, it may be slow to see the progress your making but you will make it.

I started at 135lb and ended at 160lb after my first baby I am 5 foot 8 inches. I went to 140 after I breastfed I just went ahead when my baby was hungry never timed them strictly breast for 4 months and lost all my pregnancy weight and I walked every morning with her in her stroller aswell things I think helped I just drank natural juice or water nothing else no coke or coffee I honestly think it was breastfeeding that helped me just drop all the weight. That’s also adding that I craved everything green through my pregnancies. I consumed many greens on all 3 pregnancies especially lettuce celery and green apples. I dont think you should be hard on yourself all body’s and metabolisms are different you just might need to boost it. Something else I’m gonna add while pregnant I also stood on my feet all day idk if that was a contributing factor I would suggest just be kind to yourself do what you can walk 10 minutes or 15 you dont have to run marathons or diet like crazy any start is a good start. I’ve been all sizes from 3-11 after my third i was at 130 lbs very underweight my baby consumed all my calories and I’m a size 9 rn I’m very happy just take it day by day having a baby is tough i hope any information helps you🥰

I gained 60lbs with my first (from 95 to 155). I was able to get done to 145 before my second. I gained 10 lbs with her. 1.5 years later and i weigh 126

I lost the weight from my first pregnancy very quickly as I had a job that was very physical. Last summer I got a new position and spent my days at a desk, gained quite a bit of weight. I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, I expressed worry about already be over weight to my OB and she said just try and watch what I eat and get plenty of activity in. I’ve been weighing myself weekly just to make sure I don’t gain too quickly and eat as healthy as I can, occasionally giving in to cravings here and there

Love this question. My son is only 11 days old but we plan on trying again when he hitsn8 mo to a year. It took us 2 and a half yes to conceive him. I gained 46 pounds total and I am down 20 pounds but still have 26 to go plus I gained 20 pounds prior to pregnancy on fertility meds. My goal is to lose 56 pounds before next baby. But right now focusing on breast feeding cuz this is a full time job for sure

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I had a nearly 4 year gap between mine, running round after an energetic little one meant I actually lost weight with my 2nd :grinning:

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I did a lot of walking. Drink lots of water and eat in small meals during the day. Walking also made labor alot easier.

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I gained 35 pounds with my first pregnancy, lost some, gained it back. Got pregnant with my second at the same weight I was 9 months pregnant with my first. Only gained 16 pounds my second pregnancy, 9.5 of that baby. Weighed less than prepregnancy (the second time around) about two weeks post pregnancy. I ate a lot more protein and veggies the second time around than I did with my first. But I drank a gallon of water every day.

You dont actually need to " eat for two". You only need about 300 extra calories during pregnancy. Ive had 4 pregnancies and been overweight for all of them.

Drink water and eat healthy. Follow gestational diabetes diet while pregnant…you’ll most likely loose weight even while pregnant.