Did you have periods while pregnant?

I just want to ask if it is possible that you’re pregnant but still keep having periods? Did you guys have a similar experience to that? (Having menstruation not knowing you’re pregnant)


All of my pregnancies I had a period for the entire first trimester. Came dead on time too but the flow was a little lighter.

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It isn’t actual menstruation but yes you can still bleed during pregnancy.

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I didn’t but I know it’s possible. I’ve spoken to mommas who experienced it.

You cannot have menstruations while pregnant. You can however bleed through your pregnancy and mistake it for period.

I had one after finding out I was pregnant. It was during the time I would normally have had a period.

I had a ‘period’ for 6 months when I was pregnant with my twins. I also had an IUD in haha so I definitely was confused.

I had regular period heavy nothing out of the normal. When it finally didn’t come I went to the doctor and found out I was 5 months pregnant very shocked was an understatement.


Yes I had a period the first 4 months of my first pregnancy

Told the docs i needed to get in sooner than they scheduled. They refused. Said had to be so long after missed period. Then I got the whole “why did u wait so long?” Lecture :roll_eyes:

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I bled for 5 months, not as heavy as a normal period, but I had no pregnancy symptoms. I found out at 5 months that I was pregnant with my 3rd son. After the 5th month the bleeding stopped for the most part. It’s fairly common to have some bleeding during pregnancy. I also want to note that I took 3 tests over the course of 5 months that were all negative. I would make an appointment if you think you might be. Just to be sure.

I had a period the whole way through my pregnancy with my daughter x

I bled my whole first trimester, not as much as a normal period but enough to where I had to at least had to wear a pantyliner… Everything was always fine at my Dr appointments, Dr couldn’t find no reason I was bleeding said baby was fine just relax, finally stopped around 17/18 weeks… Had a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks!! He’s now 8 months and perfect!!

My mother in law had a period for 7 months of one of her pregnancies

Yes until I was 20 weeks pregnant n that’s when I found out how far along I was.

No . I had bleeding and thought I was miscarrying as I bled quite a bit with the third baby . Fortunately , it finally ended and the baby was just fine !

My mum did while she was pregnant with me, she disnt know she was even pregnant until 5months cause she still bled every month

I knew both times that I was pregnant before I even missed a period… but I know my body ve ed y well and know when something isnt right

When a woman is pregnant, she does not continue to ovulate and will not have a period. Menstruation only occurs when a person is not pregnant. Although it is possible for women to experience some bleeding during pregnancy, this will not be due to their menstrual cycle.

Take a test if you think you may be pregnant or call your doctor for testing. It happens but not likely. If you are pregnant and bleeding you definitely should see a doctor

I didn’t know I was pregnant till I was 6 in a half months along with my oldest daughter. I didn’t gain any weight, no pregnancy symptoms. And I had a period till a month before I had her.

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my great grandmother had a period all through her pregnancies

I Had one every month for 9 months with all 3 of my kids.I feel robbed of being period free🥴

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I had a period for the first 3months of pregnancy

I was 7 months when I found out…no symptoms…still having my period. women in my family has a genetic disposition that out bodies don’t produce enough of the hcg hormone

Yes. I had a period when I first got pregnant and didn’t know. It was just a brownish color compared to normal. I was feeling off so something told me to take a test.

Hi I’m a mom of 7 with my first child I was told that I was almost 6mth and I was bleeding like it was a period . So yes you can bleed and still be pregnant .

I didn’t personally but my cousin did. She didn’t find out she was pregnant until her 7th month. The whole time she had periods and no belly whatsoever.

My moms friends was pregnant with twins she still had her period regularly and she was a bit overweight and she didn’t notice the weight gain she went to the doctors because she was having really really bad pain and they said your giving birth :joy:

I had a period for 7 months with my first baby and 5 months with my second none with my third

I was 12 weeks pregnant and I didn’t know because I still had my cycle.

I’ve had periods for the first couple of months with both of my pregnancies

My mom had light periods through her pregnancies and 2 times out of 4 didnt know until the second trimester

My MIL had a normal cycle for about the first 6 months of her second pregnancy.

Yes until I was 33 weeks which is when I found out x

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Check in with your doctor because some bleeding can signal eclampsia (high blood pressure) or another condition brought on by pregnancy.


I thought i had 3 periods. They were all light and short and i thought maybe I was getting ready for menopause at 36. Didn’t realize i was pregnant until almost 11 weeks! First “period” was implantation bleeding, then the other episodes were from a subchorionic hematoma. Always have bleeding checked if you think you might be pregant! I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 39 weeks, and all bleeding stopped 2nd trimester (thanks to pelvic rest).

First pregnancy no second one yes

I bled with my 2nd and 3rd children due to hemorrhage… the 3rd I bled almost the whole time… it was awful :woman_facepalming:t3: but everything turned out fine :slightly_smiling_face:

yup! i found out til i was 19 weeks n 2 days!

I did for the first three months of my first pregnancy, but they were much lighter than my usual periods. Have had three more babies since then with no periods x

My mom had her period while pregnant w me first 5 mo

For 4 months and on the pill. Didn’t know I was pregnant until I went to the Dr. Cause I was even going to the gym. Stopped everything when I found out had a healthy boy who is 33yrs old now.

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I did up to the 7th month. Well, it appeared to be a period. It was a medical issue.
However, my periods were never normal so had I not been showing someone how to take a pregnancy test I don’t think I’d have known until she started moving.

Did with my son all 9 months. Pregnancy test always turned out negative. When I went into labor my test was still negative!! Everything was normal


I knew someone who did for the first 3 or 4 months into their pregnancy and she kept getting false readings. Her stomach was getting bigger. That’s the only reason why she thought she was pregnant.

I was three months pregnant and didn’t know it. I was going through menopause and had a baby at 38 years old! Was told I couldn’t have any more children in December of 1991 . My son was born in December of 1992!

I had mine for 4 months… had no idea! Went in to get an ultrasound to see how far along I was… the tech said “are you going to find out what you are having??” I said “not sure… have not decided” she said “ok, so do you want me to tell you or no?” I said “huh???” She said “I can tell you right now if you want to know, otherwise we will move on…” I said “don’t you have to be farther!!!” She said “you are 20 weeks, 5 days” SAY WHAT???

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It’s not possible to get an actual period while pregnant but some people have other bleeding they assume is their period. To be sure go to the dr

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I didn’t have them before I was pregnant with either of mine, but it is totally possible to have your period though all of it.

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I got period for 2 months and found out was pregnant, I missed a period then found out I was 8 weeks already.

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Not me but others have. Talk to your doctor , midwife, or nurses.

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When I was pregnant with my second daughter I had my cycle every month like clockwork until two months before she was born. They couldn’t get a due date based on my cycle. Doctor thought I was nuts when I told him that I hadn’t missed any periods.

I got pregnant during menopause,I hadn’t had a period for over 2years and BAAM! pregnant at 48,:astonished:. Imagine my shock,my baby was 21.


I had mine for 2 months didn’t even know i was pregnant the third month nothing. Talk to your dr. everyone is different.

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I did for the first 5 months of my first pregnancy. Dr told me it was normal. Didn’t at all during my second pregnancy.

How many of you dip -----s have considered asking your doctor about medical issues.


My niece’s other aunt had her period throughout her whole pregnancy.

My grandma was 6 months pregnant and had periods each month I was pregnant with my first child and didnt know until 3 months because I was having periods

Yes had it for first five months with my first son by time I found out I was pregnant I was already five months along

Yessss. 3 months by the time i figured it out Because i was still having a normal period.

I did with my three girls but stop after the second month of pregnancy but didn’t with my boy

My daughter did with her boys. Stopped at 32 weeks with both.

Yes I had mine up to 7 months pregnant with my first. And again with my 3rd

I had periods till 6 months with 2 off my pregnancy

Your answer is yes some women do have periods while pregnant I never did

I did with my second child

Yep for 7 months with my firstborn

I had mine till i was 5 months preg

Yep, with all 3 of mine. ended the first trimester.

Guys don’t have periods.

:raising_hand_woman: 3 times. 1st time i was 7 mo and did not know it. almost lost her. visited 3 doctors over severe pain before one finally figured out daughter was in there and had top of her head in falopian tube.she massaged her down and boom overnight not only did i stop bleeding but gained weight and looked prego. 2nd time around i knew i was but doctor kept telling me i wasnt because none of the teat would come back positive and i was bleeding monthly. took 3 months of pestering the doctor and he finally said fine i will do an ultrasound if there a baby in there i pay if not then you(me) pay. he paid for it :joy: stopped bleeding at 6 mo pregnate. 3rd time no missed periods, signs, symptoms, weight gain, nothing to indicate i was pregnate. had blood drawn to check on some long running stomach issues 9yrs worth. doctor called and asked me when i was due. :unamused: told her i was not pregante and didnt plan to be her test was a false positive as i have never had a positive test before or during pregnancy. she asked me to come in and redo the blood work just to makesure. it was positive again. so she did an ultrasound. 5mo prego! periods stopped at 8 mo and did not come back till he was 18 mo. now have a happy healthy 2 almost 3 yr old. only ever gained 3lbs with him too.

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My sister had hers her entire pregnancy

I had 3 and bleed on and off with my eldest i never found out I was pregnant till I went to the hospital with a kidney infection and they where luke you do no your 2 months pregnant. I had the implant at the time but had snaped and never knew I was only 18 best thing that ever happened tho xx

Yes, it’s possible to have “periods” during pregnancy. Yes, it is possible to not know you’re pregnant.

Yes! I got my period until 6 months with my first, and until the second trimester with my second