Did you lose weight after Mirena removal?

Hi! Wonder if anyone has had a mirena removed and lost weight?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did you lose weight after Mirena removal?

Girl I wanna know too :weary::weary: I’ve gained sooo much weight from it and scared it won’t come off when I get it removed

Is weight gain a side effect? I was going to get that after I have my son but I’ve already gained enough weight?

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Nope, I didn’t loose weight :sob:

My daughter has lost 15 lbs since getting it, but she has bleed for 3 solid months. The Dr even gave her pills to take to stop it and she is still bleeding

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Mirena is implanted and has nothing to do with weight gain it’s not a hormone. Not a Birth control pill. If you have weight gain than it’s because of something else


Nope. Still the same weight.

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I didn’t gain anything from it and I’ve had it a year

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I never gained weight with it. Ive had it twice. Both 5 year implants. However I did lose some weight when my second was removed. 16 lbs to be exact, before I got pregnant with my last bundle of joy and chose the permanent route.

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Also I didnt bleed at all. I spotted for the first week or two during implanting it. I went one month in between taking the old out and replacing the new so I had a regular cycle then. But the whole 5 years I did not have a menstrual cycle. Idk if thats helpful but wanted to put it out there.

I started losing weight right after my baby was born. I got Mirena 6 weeks later, and my weight loss stopped. Mine is supposed to be removed next year. I am big af now.

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Yes! I had it less then a year . I absolutely could not lose weight but kept gaining . I got it removed, and went from 250 down to 160 or so . Mirena was one of the worst IUDs I ever had .


I’ve had it twice. Never gained weight w it. Actually lost weight. I had it for 5 years the first time and 6 months now

Following as I’ve put on 5kg in a year of it being in :unamused:

Lillian Barton it’s not that the Mirena itself puts weight on you, it’s the side effect of the additional hormones. Medication affects people in different ways.

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I had it in for 4 years I had weight gain but I don’t think it was from the mirena. Eventually, I started to diet and work out and lost 35 almost 40 lbs on the IUD. I ended up getting it removed because my hair was thinning from it, but it did it’s job and I had no periods on it. I am planning on going back on it.

I did, but I worked hard at it. It didn’t just happen. I lost 120lbs in 11 months from eating right & exercise

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I didn’t not lose weight but I’m no longer bloated and no longer having migraines every couple of days like I was

I had mine for 6 1/2 years and after having it removed I lost weight !

I was always about 105 when I had it but after removing it after 4 years my weight slowly went up thankfully

I was on it for 5 years and didn’t gain bc of it. It’s removed and I’m slowly losing weight now

I am really skinny and have been on Mirena 12 years. I haven’t gained a pound

I lost weight after having Mirena. My weight fluctuated a lot on it. Then a year after got pregnant and gained an obscene amount of weight for me. And lost that within a year after having baby.

No but I got pregnant :woman_facepalming:


I lost 15 lbs within a week of having my first Mirena removed…without any other changes. I have my 2nd mirena now although I hate the side effects; I’ve gained 40+ lbs after getting it both times.

No because I found out I was pregnant the next month :sweat_smile:

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I lost too much weight while on mirena, it gave me super bad stomach issues and back/pelvic pain but as soon as I got it taken out, all that went away and I’m at a healthy weight now.

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I lost weight after removal. On it could not lose to save my life.

Mirena contains hormones just like other birth control so yes there’s definitely weight gain associated with it. The only IUD without hormones is the copper one called Paragaurd.

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I had mine for a year and gained…50lbs it was insane! I got it taken out… in October last year… so 4 months ago and havent lost any:(

Didn’t gain any while using it …didnt lose any when it was removed

I know a lot of women gain weight when they get that so losing weight after it’s taken out makes sense. My first time having it out I got pregnant immediately so couldn’t tell a difference but my second time after it fell out without me knowing I was losing weight couldn’t understand why until I went to the doctors for ovarian cysts and they told me I didn’t have an IUD. Ended up pregnant a couple months after it had fallen out.