Did you use a crib?

What’s everyone’s opinion. Is a crib necessary or once baby outgrows bassinet, is it ok for them to sleep in a pack in play instead of buying a crib?


Pack in plays aren’t as big as cribs, so they will grow that out too. Cribs are good for after bassinet because they can stay in it longer than a pack n play and most are convertible to toddler beds as well

I will get a crib that turns into a bed

My son slept in a pack n play! It was so much more convenient to take places or move around the house, plus they are cheaper. He slept in the top until he learned to roll then I moved the mattress down to the bottom, used it until he moved into a toddler bed. :blush:

I would not use one for their main bed

Pack and plays don’t have the support etc for constant use nor is is recommended, plus you will kill your back bending all the way down all the time.

Crib/cot is the better option and value for money especially one that. Converts to a toddler bed.

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My first went from bassist to pack and play and slept in it until she was 13 months. Pros it’s good for smaller spaces, travel and you can get one with a built in bassist. Cons there not as sturdy/ durable, they will outgrow it much faster I can’t imagine my now 2 year old being comfortable sleeping in it still, and just not as comfortable in general for them to sleep as they get older since there is little padding. You can buy a mattress for them but be easier in my opinion to go straight to a crib like I did with my second.

Walmart.com has cribs starting at $115 it’s nothing fancy but it works!

They need the support of a real mattress and the room in the crib

I never had a crib for my second. We couldn’t afford one plus we lived in a small apartment and didn’t have room for a crib.

The older they get they toss and turn and eventually they start waking up in the middle of the night. My first baby was in one for the first 9 months because of the space we lived in but once she got in a crib she slept much better. Just a thought.

My youngest son had a convertible crib-- he didn’t use it much as a baby but it was easily converted to a full and he’s using it now, and he will be 7 next month.