Did your feet grow with pregnancy?

Do your feet get bigger with every pregnancy or with just the first? My feet grew with the first pregnancy, but I’m wondering with my second if I’ll have to buy new shoes again


I was a 5 in womens pre pregnancy, post pregnancy i am a 7

Mine did with my first for sure. Not with my second though. Number 3 coming February 2020 we shall see what happens this time lol

Mine grew a whole size with my first pregnancy and then another 1/2 size with my second!

I never had to buy new shoes with mine my feet never got bigger

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Mine grew from an 8 to a 9 with my 1st and didnt change with my 2nd

Every pregnancy is different. My feet never “grew” they would just swell occasionally after being on them for so long.


Mine grew for both my pregnancies. Started at 5…went up to 6, now a 7.

Mine grew a half size with my first pregnancy but none with my other three pregnancies.

I went from a 7.5 to a 9 my first pregnancy. If they get any bigger with my next kid I’m gunna have clown feet. :rofl::sob:

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I was wondering the same. I am size 6-6.5, towards the end I was 7 during first pregnancy.
I’m just entering my 2nd trimester so far I’m still 6-6.5 so let’s see

Your feet don’t grow u get swollen

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Mine grew wuth both. Not as drastic the second time

Mine didnt grow with my first 4 and my 5th the grew a half size with my 6th so far they are the same size but we shall see what happens still got 9 more weeks in my 6th pregnancy

I have four kids! My foot has grown with every one of them!

Yes, started 7 three kids later 8.5, each one half size. Youngest 16 so don’t think they are going back :joy::joy: :foot::foot:

Omg not my feet but I felt like my nose has grown?

They dont really grow, they just become flatter

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I started as a size 8, am now a size 10 after 2 pregnancies. So hard to buy nice shoes in my size :sob:

Ive had 5 kids… went from a 9.5 to an 11 :dizzy_face::persevere:

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Everybody said I was crazy. I had never heard of it either. I was a size 5 before I got pregnant with my son and am a 6.5 now.

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The size stayed, but the width changed

I was a size 8 after my first
Size 9 after my second…
Size 9.5 with my third, sometimes a size 10

Started at a size 9…now I wear 9.5/10 after having a baby 9 months ago. I can still wear a 9 it’s just uncomfortable and I get anxious like its suffocating. If anything my feet were never swollen during pregnancy but it definitely seemed like my foot got flat.

Mine did not, they were just always hot

Everyone will be different. My feet grew with neither of my pregnancies, my moms grew with all of her pregnancies.

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I stayed the same besides swelling up like a balloon.

Yessica Aguilar ay te va

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I have 6 kids. My shoe size was a women’s 8 when pregnant with my first, then they went to a 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10,10.5, and now currently an 11 so yeah :frowning:

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My feet only got swollen while pregnant, went back to my normal size after i had all 4 of my babies.

My feet didn’t grow at all with my first, but they did with my second. About half a size. :scream:

Mine just swelled. However, after my partial hysterectomy, my feet grew and my boobs! No hormones taken here. Ten years later, I’m hot as hell half the time.

7.5 before my first, 8 after… still an 8 and my second is 8 months old.

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I’ve heard of feet and hands swelling… but I didn’t know that they could grow…

My feet completely stayed the same!

Mine have with every single pregnancy

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Mine didn’t grow they just swell if I’m on them too long

My foot is 1 size bigger after 2 babies

My feet didn’t grow with my first boy but did with my second by about a half size.

I only had one, but my foot is about a half size larger now.

With my first, my feet swelled up but went back to normal, but with my second they just went up a size … which is super inconvenient when your feet are already size 11 :sob::sob::sob: I can pretty much only wear men’s shoes now.

Maybe wider so maybe just swollen

my feet grew half a size… with my 1st and only swell with each pregnancy…never grew more.

Mine did with my second :flushed:

I wore an 8 and when I was pregnant with my first I ended up in a 9.5​:joy::flushed:

They only grow with the first pregnancy. My feet grew half a size with my first.

Mine didn’t get bigger with my first pregnancy at all. Even working 40+ hours as a bartender every week until my due date.

Believe it or not if you exercise your feet, they will tone up. Depending on how much I work my feet in modern or ballet dance (toe-ball-heel-ball-toe, push-offs, plies in parallel & turned out feet), or any fancy footwork, I can fit in smaller shoes.

Plus the more weight I put on, the more my feet seem to spread. I have mostly the same size shoes as always, but styles & cuts differ so some are roomier, some are more constricting. Wear high heels & pointy toes as little as possible (or not at all) if you want your feet to stay pretty & less painful as you age. Most of us don’t escape bunions.:slightly_frowning_face:

I’m confused, are you talking in length or as in swelling? I’ve never heard or even thought about checking something like that. My feet have been the same size my entire life from 16 years on.

Yupppppp I had to buy new shoes with each kid (3) 🤦

I went from a 7- 7.5 to just a 7.5 so not really

After 5 kids I only grew maybe 1 1/2 sizes

No my feet never swelled at all

Yes :confused: , then bought new shoes. 3 months later the new shoes were big. Seeing this post has helped I thought I was imagining the fact that my feet grew

My feet got bigger with both my pregnancies… A half a shoe size with each kid…

My feet went up half size.Then went down after.

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Mine didn’t grow but I could only wear loose slip on tennis shoes or sandals most of my first pregnancy because they swelled pretty bad.

Mine did. I started in size 9/9.5 with my first. On my 4th & now wear a size 11.

Mine few 1/2 a size with each (3) pregnancies. I went from a 7 to 8.5

My didn’t but m friends grew a whole size. Went back down after pregnancy

Yep. 1/2 a size with each kid.

My feet didn’t grow until my third pregnancy.

Yes!!! I was a size 5.5 with my first kid. A 6.5 with my second and now I’m a 7 after my 3rd.

My feet didn’t grow with any of my 4 pregnancies :thinking: I didn’t even know that was a thing

Yes they did. everything got bigger except my bank account!

Yep! I went from a 7 to an 8 1/2 and I only have one kid

With my first my shoes went from 7 to 7.5. With my 2nd they stayed a 7

Euh , no , never heard about this :woman_shrugging:t2: