Did your water break on its own?

Did your water break on its own? Was it your first child? How dialated were you? With my first they had to break my water eventually.

Had my water broken during my induction with my first, went into labor on my own and my water broke at home with my second. I was already 2cm or so dilated.

3 babies and not one of them has other water broken before labour started. I’m assuming number 4 will be the same…. It’ll break during transition most likely, same as other 3

Had my waters broken when pushing with my first, my second my waters broke themselves as I was pushing and with my third my waters broke on their own at 3am, he was born 3:56pm the following day!

With my first and third my water broke on it’s own before contractions started. With my second I was labouring for maybe 2-3 hours and then my water broke.

With my first my water broke at 38w5d and with my second my water broke at 38w2d.

First child… I was induced… had contractions and epidural - just felt like a sensation and asked what was that lol… she was a emergency csection. Can’t remember how dilated I was. But had contractions for 8 hours. Then was rushed in emergency due to baby head stuck in birth canal.

Second child - planned csection

Third - laying in bed (37 weeks) one week before my planned csection.
I turned over and just had this gush. I thought I had peed myself. It just kept dribbling out. I remember asking my hubby what is that - I’m all wet.

We were sniffing it lol. But it smelt like nothing (not pee) lol and rubbing it with our fingers… Was odd didn’t feel like water either as it basically dried up straight away on the skin. I stood up and it was just trickling down my leg.

  • went into the hospital. Sat on towels in the car… I was Drenched… as it was just leaking (obviously u have no control of it). Just Soaked up 3 pads that I was wearing.
    It was fine to have bubs so was prepped for csection.
    So was classed as a planned csection but a emergency csection before contractions began.
    Didn’t check how dilated I was as it was csection

My water broke at home on my due date , labor didn’t start until 9 hours later.

My 1st the dr broke my water.
My 2nd the water broke at 4cm

My first I was 3cm for weeks. My water broke at 37 weeks 5 days. My second and 3rd they had to break my water.