Different meal ideas for families?

Hey ladies I feel like I cook the same thing over and over I have one picky eater in my household but besides that my kids pretty much like all type of foods fruits and vegetables included so this post is mainly about giving me ideas about different meals that I can make for my family So can you please give me some ideas and I definitely wanna get into using my crockpot more so ideas for a crockpot with work and I absolutely love using my air fryer please help me out thanks


It would be helpful to know what kind of meals you usual make.

I’m no use but I feel this!

Go on line to Recipes.com. It;s free and you can type in what kind of ingredients you have on hand and thy will pull up recipes

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Since getting my air fryer i go on tik tok and search ideas. Legit use the air fryer for everything. But also love a good crockpot meal too