Dinner ideas for a 13 month old?

Can someone give me some ideas for dinner/snack ideas for my little one? She’s 13 months and has two teeth. I feel like she eats the same thing and I’m just out of ideas. She’s not picky love fruit and veggies she’s iffy about new meats but I’m open to any and all suggestions.


Offer everything that is on your plate but in smaller bite size portions. That’s how I finally got my son to eat things other than chicken nuggets and fruits… As for snacks, I always offer fresh fruits and yogurt. At that age my kids loved Gerber puffs. I made a trail mix that consisted puffs, Cheerios, Gerber freeze dried yogurt melts and mini M&M’s for a special treat.


Tofu cut up in little cubes soaked in broth, sauce or juice; chick peas or other small, cooked beans; little potatoes cooked in the microwave and cut into small pieces. Peas, small berries, quinoa, Pirate’s Booty, cooked zucchini, yellow or other squash cut up. Small olive halves, bits of soft cheeses.

We fed our little one meatloaf,green beans.he loved it.he could pick it up himself

My kids just ate what we eat at that age Just cut up small.

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Bite size pieces of whatever you have plus her sippy with milk.


We fed all our 3 kids whatever we had nothing special


At her age try smallt amounts of different meats with not much seasoning.

Meatloaf, meatballs, lasagna, pasta, Mac n cheese, peas, green beans

Just make dinner. Feed her whatever you eat, diced up in an onion chopper

By that age unless we were out and about ours just had the same meals as us. Rice, pasta, potatoes with lots of veg and bits of chicken etc. Snackwise it was mostly fruit but we did sometimes have mini rice cakes or ready made baby snacks. Just be very careful about fruit sizes and cut grapes in half lengthwise.