Discipline for not doing school work

What are some disciplinary actions for teens/pre-teens who don’t do/turn in their school work?? We hear the lines"I forgot, I didn’t know we had to do that, I didn’t do it" all too often and have since the 4th grade(they are now in 7th and 9th grade). We take away phones/TV, ground them to their room (meaning they literally can do nothing other than be in their room NOT sleeping), make them write daily sentences (this is really the only thing that gets to them, they adjust to everything else). We speak to them all the time about the importance of school and being responsible but they are teenagers so it goes in one ear and out the other. The other difficult part about this is that we are a split family and mom doesn’t always agree with what we think should happen. I want something that lets them know we are serious and not putting up with this anymore. Any ideas?! Thanks!!


Hy…teenage…u need to be friends more thn parents maybe they aren’t learning well at school or sthn sit with them tok to thm grounding n being strict like dat will make thm not to listen at all

Volunteer at a soup kitchen and get to know some of them and maybe that will help to teach them the importance of an education

You or another adult need to also be accountable. Obviously, this has been happening for years. Someone needs to be present to get the ball rolling. Be in the same room, turn off distractions. Have them explain what they’re learning and help if they need it. You can be doing your own thing like folding laundry, making dinner, reading a magazine, whatever… Show them that it’s important by giving your own time and attention. Hopefully, it will help them make better choices instead of being punished.

With my son, I made him clean and do yardwork. I told him, if you’re not going to use your mind, you need to get in shape for manual labor, for a job to support yourself. Yes he hated it but he started turning in homework.