DIY Pooh party decor ideas?

Hi moms & dads. So my sons first birthday is coming up on July 1st. Is anyone able to give me some advice on how I can get a cake, some decorations & a couple gifts for his birthday? I planned on having his birthday Winnie the Pooh themed but I literally cannot afford anything whatsoever. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much! Xo


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I’m not sure of your area but in my area our stores do a free 1st smash cake


Do you have any"Free" or “Buy Nothing” FB groups in ur area?

You could get a tri fold board and do a stand up of the characters!!!

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For some reason I can’t login to answer but go to dollar tree and get the balloons in the Winnie the Pooh color, if you get snap use snap to get a cake at your local grocery store, they do theme cakes.
Only buy a Winnie the Pooh table cloth for the cake table. And get goodie bags in Winnie the Pooh colors and get stickers from dollar tree to put on the bag to decorate it.
You really don’t need as much as you think for the party. As long as your cake table set don’t need anything else.
Amazon also sells balloon arch kit for like $10 and you can use that for the cake table.


Be creative and make your own party favors, cake, and get inexpensive presents. He’s 1 so keep it simple. Pin the tail on pooh, balloon pop, bubbles. Dollar tree has lots of small toys, color books, paper plates, etc. You can use twinkies to create a pooh cake. Have fun!

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Walmart does a free 1st birthday smash cake!


If the kid is 1 they arnt going to remember their birthday. And will love and enjoy anything you do for them.

Best thing you can give them is your time .

Go have a teddy bears picnic at the park.

Make toys from things like plastic bottles and rice/pasta/dried beans/ small stones etc. Or ribbons tied to sticks .

Go to the local appliances store and ask for the huge cardboard boxes and build a box fort or a play house.

Make homemade bubble mixture or playdough easy recipes available online.

Could always try second hand shops sometimes they have bags of toys cheap and some have free bins


I found this on Amazon!

Buy solid colored plates and then get the napkins in the print you want. Cheaper.

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See if you can pick up a few decorations at the dollar store and make a cake or cupcakes

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Google free printables online

I usually find stuff online to print for decorations

Just do a small dinner and a bday cake from home or cute cupcakes. :heart_eyes:

Forget decorations and get him a pooh gift, he won’t remember decorations. They sell $1 mixes at the grocery store. Also check dollar tree


Buy nothing group, Amazon, ebay,

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Make a cardboard honey pot, buy 2 stuffed bees from all a dollar in the toys and toss them over the honey pot into a bucket.

Do not worry too much he is just one and will probably not even enjoy a birthday party, so do something little , dollar tree have everything to celebrate a birthday party, so buy the essentials a table cover , a happy birthday sign and you can fill the floor with balloons so he can play with them.
You can buy a nice cake at Walmart or you can make cupcakes yourself, same with the presents, buy him some outfits and 1-2 toys

Cake mix and icing are 1.00 each and the dollar store has decorations.

They don’t know what’s going on at that age, so don’t stress.

Print thses out and stick then to ur walls the kids will love it I’ve done this over the years with different characters and they go down really well xx

The theme is for you and your guests. Go to the dollar store and buy a package of plates and napkins. They have several birthday patterns or solid colors. What’s important is that he is fed and hs diapers.