Do 4 month olds need water?

Do not give your baby water under 6 months old. And even then they’re only aloud 1-2 ounces.
Go to the dr if he’s getting dehydrated, especially at 4 months old. :woman_facepalming:


Take him to the doctor. He needs the nutrients in milk, but clearly has allergies to regular cow’s milk. Do not let this go any longer.


ABSOLUTELY NO WATER!!! You can make a baby that young very sick by giving them water. Are you giving him cows milk or formula or breast milk? No milk other than breast milk or formula until a year.


Get him to the doc he’s obviously got bad reflux and no water

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Do not give your 4 month old water… breastmilk or formula is all he needs. Water will fill him up but he won’t get the nutrients he needs. If he can’t keep formula or breastmilk down and is showing signs of dehydration go to the hospital ASAP.

Ugh people are so mean. God forbid not everyone knows all the wisdom!
I agree a 4 month old does not need water especially in winter. There shouldn’t be a reason for dehydration unless something is wrong. Let the doctors tell you your next step. If it’s bad enough for you to want to push fluids (which wont help him) then he could need even an IV.

I believe that it is a bit early go give water to a child that young. Those sound like signs of over hydration.

He’s obviously maybe allergic to the milk. You need to switch him! Take him to his pediatrician ASAP!

Wow… babies under 6 months of age should not have anything but formula or breast milk… and when you say you are giving him milk I sure hope you mean on of the two and not cows milk… you need to take him to the doctor from the sounds of it.

My pediatrician had me add pinches of powdered jello to the water. Just enough to take the bite out of water.

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Your so smart you know everything

You baby does not need water until 6mo! Also if you are breastfeeding or giving formula you def still don’t need to give water until 6mo! Also if you are giving cows milk that’s not good because they can’t break down the protein in cows milk under 1 year of age! If your baby is having 4-6 wet diapers a day and regular poops then baby is not dehydrated

Yes baby only need 1 oz of formula or breastmilk per hour until age 1! Don’t go more than 4 hours unless they sleep through the night. My lo eats every 3 hours but she nurses if I were to bottle feed her it’d be 3 oz every 3 hours! Anything more than 4.5 ounces is overfeedinf

May also have acid reflux very common in babies because their esophagus isn’t fully developed!

Give the child a SMALL bottle of pedialyte for dehydration.

You never give an infant that young water.

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Baby should be checked out by his doctor … you take that advice from his doc not online.


Holy shit how many more people are gonna post “don’t give your baby water” “who does that”,“wtf” the lady who asked this question probably already looked at this and now feels like a shitty person/ mom cuz some of you are complete fucking bitches. So I hope you women with the judgemental fucked up know it all attitudes feel better about yourself knowing you made someone feel like shit today :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:


My son is 4 months and he has water i sometimes put a tiny bit of cordial so it’s so plain and he’s fine (formula fed)

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Put a sip of apple juice with mostly water .

I was feeding my baby rice cereal at 8 weeks . and giving sips of water , when she was born .


Good grief ladies! Y’all could at least be nice about it… seeing all the “perfect mother’s” on here putting down another mother…she could be a first time mom for all we know.


You can absolutely give 1-2 oz of water a day under the age of 1 but that’s it. Multiple pediatricians will say so. But not all at once, and absolutely no more than that.


Lots of keyboard pediatricians here …I would consult a medical professional for advice . :blush:

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I’m a bit confused by milk do you mean cow milk? Formula? Breast? Cause that could have a lot to do with it no cow milk until 1 year. Their tummies can not handle that. Everyone saying don’t give baby that young water are correct they do get all hydration from formula or breast milk. How ever I personally feel little bits are fine my grandmother gave my baby water with a pinch of sugar when she was about that little. She was just fine of course that’s her and not all children. In my opinion you should take baby to the ER. Just because dehydration is nothing to risk. My kiddo (5yrs at the time) was severally dehydrated from being sick and had to stay the night over I’m very lucky to have my kiddo. Truth is we all can make mistakes no one is perfect. Take it from someone who’s been there always consult a doctor. There are no stupid questions when it comes to children. All of us don’t always know and it’s a bit unfair to be so rude to first time moms. I mean I did have to figure a lot out on my own I was 19 when I had my first and my mom passed shortly after. It’s harder for some and I think people need to realize this.


Sorry hun dont listen to the people who judge …the are not doctors …

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You should never give a baby water. Either breast milk or formula only. If he isn’t agreeing with the milk either change formula and/or take him to a doctor to make sure his stomach is alright. Even in the summer, all u give babies is milk or formula. No water. They don’t need it and it does nothing for them.

Might need to switch formulas.

Sounds like a milk protein allergy… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: if your breastfeeding elimination of dairy products and sometimes even soy

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4 months is used to be too young for water
Get the right formula that your baby can handle

My son hates regular water but I have gotten him to drink vitamin water so it has some flavor to it

My daughter’s peditrician told her not to give her baby water till after 1 year old and he was off of formula. I hope the “milk” you are giving him is formula or breast milk. A 4 month old cant handle milk.yes I gave all 6 of my kids water before 1 and they are all healthy,but this day and age is different.

So are you giving your 4 month old milk? Or formula?

Take the baby to the doctor. They can help u figure out ur next step.

Do not give your baby water. Take your baby to the Doctor and discuss it with them.

A 4 month old doesn’t need water. They need more breast milk or formula. Try pedialite between feedings. Are they on formula? Switch formulas. If you’re breast feeding change what you eat. Some babies have a lactose intolerance. I don’t eat or drink dairy while breast feeding and my baby supplements w similac sensitive. TAKE YOUR BABY TO THE DOCTOR!

Edit: Sounds like you need a new pediatrician. I have NEVER heard ANY pediatrician to recommend cooled boiling water. That makes absolutely NO sense! It is not safe and can make baby feel full when baby actually needs MILK.

Hydralyte and add flavours to the water fruits etc or fruit smoothies and use water as base liquid not milk my son loves them

This is a joke right?

Mix it with formula and don’t give more than an oz. I hate that these other moms are being total dill holes but you gotta ignore the haters. Listen to your pediatrician for sure I had to start giving my daughter water around 3 months, a pediatrician AND a child nutritionist told me that it was fine if they needed. As for the throwing up you may need to switch to soy, gentlese, or AR. My LO projectile vomited almost every time she ate from the day she was born until we put her on AR, that was even with breastfeeding

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You shouldn’t be giving your baby water. Change the formula if he keeps throwing up.