Do antibiotics affect birth control?

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The only antibiotic known to affect birth control is rifampin. Most others have been shown to not significantly increase risk of pregnancy, though studies are not perfect as birth control use is not perfect either. If you are that worried, just use backup protection for the time you are on the antibiotic.

Antibiotics and Birth Control

Yes, but your doctor wouldn’t give you an antibiotic for no reason. Using backup protection is your best bet

Yes you need to use back up protection the whole duration your on your antibiotics and not miss a dose of your birth control if taking the pill!

Yep, my pharmacist told me this with Amoxicillin.

Again with this question???

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Yup. That’s how I have a ten year old


Yup that’s why I have a little brother. Lolz

Yes… I have an 8yr old for this reason. Lol

That’s how my middle child came to be.

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Yes birth control pills will even say to use a second type of protection while taking meds

Yes they can make it less effective


Yes. If you are on birth control and take antibiotics then you should use condoms or abstinence until after the next month or you might end up pregnant…

Yes, they should tell you that when you are given them! Don’t have sex when you are taking antibiotics! A kid is NOT worth not holding out for a bit🤣

I am surprised everyone doesn’t know this…

I am a pharmacist and most commonly prescribed antibiotics don’t actually have any interaction with birth control. Rifampin is the main exception, but it is not a super common antibiotic used. I used to believe this prior to pharmacy school, but in general it is a myth.


Yes some can!Talk to the pharmacist when getting antibiotics to see if that kind affects BC.

yes it does, I got pregnant all three times while on antibiotic while on birth control, it wasn’t till my third pregnancy the doctor said something about antibiotics making birth control ineffective. No one told me that till after I was pregnant for the third time.

You should check with your doctor for your specific birth control and antibiotics but yes, my doc has always told me to use backup non-hormonal birth control (condoms) when I’m on an antibiotic even for a short time after finishing the prescription.

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My 14year old is living proof that yes, yes it does!!

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I used the pill for yrs and was always told to use another form as well when taking antibiotics because it can interfere. Also with some to eat yogurt as it can interfere with the good bacteria in the stomach and cause issues. You can always ask your Dr but best bet is just use other forms of protection for now if your concerned.

Absolutely! They mess with the effectiveness. Just like if you vary on the times you take them can also. I got pregnant with my 2nd child because I switched the time I took my pills because of taking a 3rd shift job.


Yes they do. That’s how I got pregnant on the depo cause my doctor never told me. When I brought it up to her she said “I just assumed everyone knew” it’s okay though cause I’m blessed with a little boy who will be here in about 2-2.5 weeks.


Yes, most pharmacists will advise of that when filling medications


Absolutely will screw up the pill on any day!!

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Wow!! I never new this!! (I’m 27) I’ve never used birth control but still definitely not common knowledge.

I Got pregnant on the depo I did not know I was pregnant because I didn’t get a period there for I went in for my routine depo and low and behold I was pregnant they thought I was a couple weeks turned out I was 25 weeks pregnant so basically I got pregnant on birth control my body became immune to it my daughter came out happy and health that was 10 years ago I was shocked to say the least pregnant on birth control 98.9% effective so how I do not know

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Yes it dose. I had baby number 2 that way. I was off the antibiotics for 2 months. Thought we where go to go but we weren’t.

100% they always recommend an alternative protection during the course of them and up to 7 days after.


No form of birth control is 100% effective. When you hear stories of “I took XYZ antibiotic when I was on birth control and I got prevent” it’s a coincidence. The pregnancy rate in similar populations who conceived while on that same birth control but who weren’t taking XYC is statically the same.

For over 20 years available scientific and pharmacokinetic data do not support the hypothesis that antibiotics (with the exception of rifampin) lower the contraceptive efficacy of oral contraceptives.

You might have heard this myth from your doctor, but anyone who is keeping abreast of research knows this to be false.

Besides, pharmacists are the ones you should be asking about drug to drug interactions. It’s their speciality.

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Yes. And it’s recommended to use a secondary form of birth control (condoms) for the duration of the antibiotics as well as for seven days after your last dose of the antibiotics.


Yes. Got pregnant with my youngest while on birth control and antibiotics.

Yes absolutely my proof is 20 years old😊

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Yes. It affects your gut flora and other meds

Um… really? Strangers on the internet are the best source you could come up with…maybe ask the doctor that prescribed each.


Absolutely! It’s one of the first things you’re told when you go on them!


The pill it does. Ask your dr which are good with antibiotics.

Yep. That’s how I got child # 2

YES! As far as the birth control pill. Your doctor should have told you that.

I am living proof that they indeed do

Yes that’s how I got pregnant with my first child!

My doctor had always told me to be careful and use a condom with my bc while I took antibiotics just to be safe.

Unless you have the coil IUD, yes it does!

Yes. It even says in the pamphlets for your birth control. And your dr and pharmacist should tell you that you will need to abstain or use condoms to prevent pregnancy while taking and for 7-14 days after stopping the meds depending on which one.

It happened to me. My 38 year old daughter is proof.

Yes! That’s how my birth control failed with my son lol.

They say yes for the pill, definitely ask if your on different kind

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Yes she’s 11 years old now!:expressionless:


Yes! How I got my son!!

Yes it does! My proof is 20 yrs old :joy:

Yes. One of my grandchildren is an antibiotic baby

If you are asking, you already know. Some do, some don’t, best to talk to your dr or better, pharmacist.

Yes, just ask my daughter and our beautiful granddaughter!

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Some of them do… check with your doctor or pharmacist!

ABSOLUTELY!! We have proof!

Yep. My 6 year old was concieved that way lol

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Absolutely! I got two kids to prove it!!

Yes for up to a few after u take the last dose

Lord yes! Use a condom…

Yes ma’am they do child #2 is proof of that :rofl:

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Yep!! I have a 3rd child to prove it!! :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

I’ve always been told that mostly for the pill :woman_shrugging:

Yes, my sister would know :slight_smile:

Only one kind of antibiotics affects your birth control.

Hmmmm…let me ask my youngest,and last child​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

He’ll be 12 in October :rofl::rofl:

Depends on the medication. When you get a prescription filled just ask the pharmacist. I recently got one and the pharmacist told me it will effect it and I’m using a IUD.

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Yes, my 14yo is proof. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: #happyaccidents

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Yes I believe they do

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They sure do, it can cancel them

Yes some do. I got pregnant with my first born that way. I had no clue antibiotics could do that. Be careful if your unsure about a drug you are taking use extra protection if you don’t want a wee little one :wink:

Yes my daughter was 6 months old and I was on birth control and had an ear infection dr. gave me antibiotic and I got pregnant

Yesssss it does,so if you are on antibiotics I suggest you finish the course & do not have unprotected sex unless you wanna have an unplanned pregnancy

I was blessed with a daughter because of this exact thing. Thank goodness for those antibiotics though!

Obviously, I never needed antibiotics, birth control could have used.

Yes,that’s how I got my fifth grandson, and we love him

Yes. This is how I wound up with my 13 year old

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I was told that melatonin also will effect birth control.

Yes it does. My granddaughter got pregnant while on antibiotics. Birth control doesn’t work while on antibiotics

Depends on the antibiotic, and is it not common knowledge to know this? It’s not new information.

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Yup. Ended up with two kids because of it

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