Do any other mamas have anxiety or PTSD?

Hello I am 30 years old mother of 3. I am curious to know is there any mothers on here that have or had suffered from anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder?? I have suffered with anxiety since I was 19 years old however it is only the past couple years its really got so bad panic attacks at night left feeling stressed n irritable during the day due to no sleep night before… Any coping tips you can please share with me also could being cellibate for over a year have anything to do with my stress levels?? What do you all think?? Thank you xxxx


I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder as well as depression, so I go in cycles. I have two kids. It’s not been easy.

I’m medicated. So that does help. I’ve also had to learn to identify my triggers and work on improving where I can. One big trigger for me was clutter. So I went on a big purge and cleaned a ton. I now have my room as my safe, peaceful space into which I can escape when I struggle.

Self care. Self care. Self care. Especially as a mom it’s not easy to take time for us. But I’ve learned how important it is to give myself a little me time every day.

Meditation too. I love it and it has helped me regain some focus.

Every one is diff went and I can gladly give you some more insight if you want to speak to me personally via PM. Hang in there mama. You are not alone.


I have PTSD and anxiety. I’m a mom of 2 and I have been cellibant for 28 months. I use outlets like audible and music to just pull myself today . I was having trouble with sleeping and I tried the meditation videos on YouTube which kinda helped

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I have PTSD and anxiety. I habe a YouTube list of rain sounds or wind sounds that help get me to sleep. I also work with my Dr to take antidepressants that work the best for me to help keep my anxiety and panic attacks from getting too bad. Definitely a lot of self care when in the midst of feeling bad!

Well said Vicky star! As for the Celibacy: reaching a climax has been known to release hormones allowing your body to semi regulate. You don’t have to have a “partner” to do this. For whatever reason you’ve chosen celibacy, it may help if you do climax regularly. However you chose to go about that is totally your business :blush:


Hun I got put on meds like last year for both I’m 33 with 2 boys a dnanpther boy on the way

I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD , bipolar 1, and anxiety disorder. Meds and therapy have helped me. I’m a mom of a 9, 5 and 2 year old and some days are super tough.

Following also 30 with Ptsd and anxiety I have a 3 year old and I’m being induced next week with a little boy

I find using essential oils every single day helps so much to keep my anxiety controlled. I don’t not take medication only use oils faithful every day.

food can help make a difference also using probiotics to be able to digest what you eat the more fresh fruit and vegetables the better

Yoga, meditation and acupuncture helped me get my life back! I tried anxiety meds but could not tolerate the side effects.

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Have you gone to Jesus for help

 Just asking

I have anxiety depression and ptsd and the main thing over found is I was prescribed meds to take daily for anxiety and one fat acting one for as needed, I take the as needed one before bed nights and it helps keep my awakening with panic attacks from bad dreams/flashbacks in dreams to a minimum.

I have both and, though I’m pregnant right now, I’m prescribed medications to help. See a doctor or therapist for some professional advice, it wasnt until I saw my physician and was prescribed medication that I began to improve.

I am diagnosed PTSD, bipolar 1, major depressive disorder, social anxiety and generalized anxiety. Was on prozac for years, but had bad side effects, now on lamictal 100 mg and lexapro 10 mg and I dont think they’re helping, at all.

Also, avoid alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs to self medicate because those can actually make your anxiety and PTSD worse. I’ve been free of those almost my entire pregnancy (since I’ve known I was pregnant) and having a clear, addiction-free mind has really done wonders for my mental health.

I use to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. Which caused depression. I spoke to my MD, was put on medication and at the time went to Library and read many books. I did go to therapist, but actually felt educating myself through the books was more helpful. I took what related to me from the books and worked on helpful coping skills. One book that really helped was The Seven Skills of Curing Anxiety. Another helpfull skill is learning to recognize people that cause anxiety. Stay away from them. Dont try to adjust to them, because you want to do the right thing. Kindly stay away from them. Yes some people can bring anxiety in your life. Best wishes to you. You can learn to overcome this. Hang in there, I am living proof that you can overcome anxirty.

I talk to a therapist monthly. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation. Less caffiene. Make a list of things you are trying to control and cross off what you can’t. Be proactive. I am a naturalist and went for a more natural approach then otc meds. Ex. Cbd oils.


I have severe anxiety and depression. I’ve been put on a medication called Doxepin. I just had my little a couple weeks ago. See your doctor about it.

I get two different panic attacks do to childhood and trauma from s bad relationship from three years ago. The first kind I tend to get is, my back starts to ache, then my chest until I feel I can’t breathe and my heart pounds. I sit under a vent or front of a fan, and if possible drink a really really cold bottle of water, then try my best to go to a happy place breathe in and out slowly. The second one my heart races, I can’t breathe and all I want to do is run, cbd is the only thing that helps

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I have PTSD Major depression disorder. I used to get medication to the moods and levels of ups and downs of my depressed bio husband and daughters. If they were bouncing all over the world I would have to function as the brain and discussion makers. Which when they were up was easier because it was somewhat saner but they wanted to spend money we didn’t always have. If they spent it I would have to make budget work I would get depressed add medication. When they were low I was ok. Just on Suicide watch for them. They would stop they medication it would be crazy they would attack me. My only help was Jesus and my church. I girls moved and husband passed. I don’t hope you have to weigh for that but I did.

Stress dont help you need time for you,I would get on meds.

Yep it sucks, medicine is sometimes needed just start small doses then work your way up. Gotta take care of yourself to take care of the family,


CBT or DBT therapies worked wonders for me.


I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years and have no children. I went off meds a while ago because I thought my depression got worse…maybe maybe not! I will contact my Doctor sometime soon! You are not alone, there are a ton of us who have a hard time in life! You are loved and understood!

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Yes i have it bad too. Anxiety gets me hard so i cant breath sometimes. I started using hempworx and i cant explain the relief i feel and much better and more energy i have. I havent had any anxiety and i can finally breath like i did years ago. So i started selling it as well to help more people like me. So many people use meds that dont work and its heartbreaking. HempWorx this has saved my life

lexapro 20 mg1x n buspirone 10 mg 3x a day…n it definately helps me…

I’ve found that reading a couple chapters of a good book helps calm me down and helps me sleep good. It gives your brain something else to think about.

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Try guided imagery. And talk to your doc about appropriate med options. Cytalopram works wonders for my anxiety.

Being cellibate and not having to deal with a significant other is a plus.

Cbd oil. I’ve been on almost every prescription and cbd oil finally did the trick. Plus no side affects. I’m also bipolar which it dramatically helps. Plus I sleep better.

Marijuana has helped relive most of my anxiety… Better than any of the meds I’ve taken… Not gunna recommend if u don’t live where it’s legal … But I love it… and for u mom shamers out here… Marijuana is no worse then your bottle of wine or Xanax… Keep going if u have anything negative to say …

Who the hell would laugh at this post?:confused: PTSD and anxiety isn’t fun :disappointed: I’m sorry you’re going through this.


I have extremely bad anxiety, insomnia, depression…I tried all different kinds of medicine and they all made me feel sick (dizzy, nauseous, etc). Any medicine that messes with your hormones makes me feel sick… medicine is not always the answer. What helped me the most was forcing myself to get out… take my kids outside, enjoy the fresh air. Good luck

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