Do any other mamas play calming music to help their kids sleep?

I’m curious to see if any other mamas play calming music for their kids at night to help them relax to go to sleep at night. My daughter is two, and it’s a fight to get her to calm down to go to sleep. With a side note that we are also trying to get her use to her own bed as well, that also has been an ongoing battle for a while now.


Have been doing that since kids were babies. Now my daughter is 5 and a half and my son is 3 we are still doing it. Helps both kids and me

I do for my youngest. He is also a super light sleeper and even me just turning over in the bed will wake him up. He just turned 1 and is still in our room as he does not sleep through the night

Actually my girls slept to three days grace till a about 6 months when the radio went up. Slept great

We’ve used a white noise machine that has other sounds and such since my son was a few weeks old. It has been amazing.

Mine sleep with a small fan … they are sleeping all night long

I play the Klove radio station all throughout the day and night.

Yes definitely !
I play white noise recommend if you can’t get her down tried and tested on all 3 of my children
Good luck :wink:

No, we use a sound machine that plays rain. Also colors like orange and red help baby sleep :sleeping:

I tried it and it didnt really do anything for my daughter sadly

We don’t, but you should look into a sensory light for her. We got our oldest daughter(she’s 5) one when she was a baby. It’s a turtle and on the shell it has stars and the moon and it has 3 different soft colors that can either stay on one color or it can change to all 3. It projects the stars and moon onto her walls and ceiling. It helped a ton. Still does.

I have!! Mine 4 month now been doing it since she 2.5 months. It has been a game changer

We have used it since birth pretty much. White noise first then we went to soft music until my oldest requested Jazz! It really is trial and error. As for getting child to sleep in own bed… make a big deal out of it, small little rewards for all night and maybe a special stuffy or blanket

Beethoven works every single time. Even my 11 yr old doesn’t stand a chance against Moonlight Sonata on repeat, it’s better then going hiking and melatonin combined on my kids.

We did that for my son from the time he was an infant to about age 6. Worked so well for us!

I use ocean sounds for my girl. Seems to work well. Sleeps in her own crib for 10-12 hours per night.

Honestly no i do not use any sort of noise maker when my son sleeps. I was intentionally loud when he was smaller so he could sleep through noise. Hell. I can go in and turn on lights, go through my drawers, clean up his toys, hell i could fart right next to his ear if i wanted to. He wont wake up.

I have a noise machine and music for my daughter. Music turns itself off after an hour. Sound machine goes all night to cover up sounds of hubs alarm/ nanas bathroom trips/brother getting up.

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Soooo im a horrid mom and i let my kids watch a movie to fall asleep. Works every time and it really only takes 1 movie… the TV has a timer and shuts off after so long. Both my kids are great sleepers and slept threw the night since weeks old.


This is what we use.

We got a lumb for in the cribthat plays music until she falls asleep and that will start back up after any crying longer than 30 seconds

We use a sound machine in all my kid’s rooms. My son has white noise and my daughter prefers lullaby music. They help them fall asleep but also help them not her my husband come home from work in the middle of the night

Yes. Jewel’s lullaby album. I used to sit on the edge of my sons bed and hum along with it until he fell asleep :sleeping:


I play an audible book we have a couple the tractor who wants to fall asleep and the elephant who wants to fall asleep …knocks me out listening and they carry a warning not to play near anyone driving hahaha they are good there are loads in this range I believe there is a dragon and a rabbit

I used to play the bedtime music on the Leapfrog stuffed animal named Violet. You can also program it to say your kids name so that was kinda of neat. You could play five, ten or fifteen minutes of “bedtime” music. It was just melodic instrumentals of lullabies- very soothing. It seemed to work for us. This was in addition to the white noise machine that was also on.

I use either white noise or calm rain noise to soothe my kiddos

I am advocating hard for kids sleep meditations on YouTube. That’s the only thing that has worked with my now 5 yr old!

Yes, since birth. I played them classical music like Bach in the womb, and continued it with a quiet radio after they were born, I found it helps them not wake up at every sound.

White noise machine and then my son has a hippo star machine that he can control that plays music. Its usually set to rain and nature sounds if/when he uses it.

I would take my son his bath at night with the lavender baby wash and lotion. Put him on some warm pjs and rub his back as he was trying to sleep.

We played classical music for our youngest son

i YouTube “baby sleep music” and let my child listen to that. its actually put me to sleep and kept both of us asleep all night

White noise machine and music.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has lullaby versions of songs from all kinds of bands. It’s fun to listen to!
By the end of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ my little one is usually asleep, or at least calm.

My hubby plays native flute on his phone. It puts the kids and him out cold lol

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Used music with both of mine since birth still works playing my oldest his favorites like Hozier and Sia my youngest sleeps to rap and 21 pilots :joy:


We play white noise with a black screen on our tv off youtube most nights for our baby (:

We use a sound machine. My son loves sleeping to crickets lmao

I played music for my kids to sleep since they were babies. They always went to sleep with no problems

Meeee any classical music like Bach,ECT. That was for my son my daughter is almost 2 and loves country music so that’s what she has

I used to put on a calm rain or pond with animal sounds but now we just watch asmr lol knocks her right out

If you consider William tell a calming song, then yes. We have to listen to it almost nightly.

I play the rain forest or ocean sounds my L.O loves it and it calms me too lol

I have always played instrumental lullabyes for my kids since they were born. They both have a speaker in the room with a little ipod nano, they both use the same playlist. My daughter is 7 and still prefers to sleep with it on

We turn on YouTube aquarium lullabies. My daughter loves watching the fish and listening to the music

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Yes. We do white noise and we use their Scout pup to play 15 minutes of music.
But seriously, I swear by white noise.

I do daycare in my home. I youtube Disney lullabies for naptime.

Yep and my daughter is 9 lol. She used to fall asleep with my mom and she got used to the murmur from the tv being on real low. She can’t fall asleep in a quiet room to save her life now.

I use a white noise sound. Rain on a tin rooof thunder storm or even the sound of a vaccum or shower running works for my daughter but shes 4months old. For my son i used white noise as well but alternate between those sounds and actual lullabies to help him sleep after a while he didnt even need them

I play music for my son every single time I put him to sleep. He’s 6 months old and it works every time!

I don’t play music but that might help with my 4 month old, she loves music and she use to sleep perfectly fine at night and now all of a sudden she will get up and want to stay up any tips?

I put the radio on for my daycare kiddos. Helps a ton. :grin:

My son can’t sleep without a tv on. So at bedtime we turn on YouTube bedtime music he’s out on 5 mins after stating he’s not a baby and doesn’t like baby bedtime music :rofl:

Works well for my almost 13 year old daughter too

I have pandora on my smart tv and play a babies lullaby station every night for my son to sleep

I have a lullaby station that I play via Alexa/Echo in their room.

Disney lullaby on spotify

I put her on my chest n sing very softly for her. She’s 19 months. It works for now

I turn on “lullabies and bedtime music” on amazon on the echo for my kids

My sons fine to go to sleep but im sick of waiting in the room so iv been playing calmong white noise lately and hes out like a light straight away almost :slight_smile:

I work in an infant room and that is our go to move when we’re trying to get four infants to sleep at the same time. It truly works.

You’ve gotta try bedtime explorers. It’s awesome my 7 year old Loves it

I play rain sounds for my son and it helps a great deal.

No. My house is never quiet enough. And i see no point to it in my opinion…

Heated teddy bear,works