Do babies need pacifiers?

Do babies needs pacifiers? Like when they are born do they have to have them?


My two never took pacifiers. Some kids love them

I have 4 kids, only 3 used one

7 kids. 1 loves his n he’s 2.5 yrs. It soothes him

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My mom has 3 kids & we had ours all the time

My son never liked them but my daughter liked it

Neither of my daughter’s took to the pacifier

My first refused, hated it. My 2nd is 3 and still has it at bed time (we’re giving it up for Easter). My 3rd has one, he took to his a few hours old as he was missing something and kept fidgeting with his mouth. He’s nearly 9month & loves his dummy when he goes to sleep :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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none of my 3 really “took” to them

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Its the parents choice. No one else’s x

Absolutely not lol neither of my sons liked them.


My son hated them. If it didn’t have food coming out of it, he didn’t want it. My daughter loved hers. Personal choice, I think.


My oldest two didn’t take one but my youngest does

You as mum. You do your baby the way you want. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself.

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It’s not requirement, it keep all 3 of my babies to sleep through the night though. As soon as they learned to keep it in their mouth they sleep through the night

8 kids and only 1 kid had it because he was kept in hospital longer,
Nurses gave it and I kept throwing them away.
The day we left hospital was the last day he ever had one.

No, my daughter never took one, not even when she was in the NICU. She’s never wanted to put anything like that in her mouth and she had no issues growing up

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My first loved his binky. My second one doesn’t like them and he’s 5 months old.

No, but they’ve shown a correlation between paci usage and a reduced risk of Sid’s in infants!


No, but it does help soothe them. Wouldn’t recommend a pacifier though if you’re breastfeeding atleast not right away. They can get confused with what’s nipple and what’s pacifier.

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They don’t need one but it soothes them since sucking is a natural reflex for them and it also helps prevent SIDS. Also no it will not cause nipple confusion if your breastfeeding. They have nipple shaped pacifiers if your worried about that but my kids used a pacifier right away and breastfed and were fine.


It helps with learning how to suck. Atleast for my preemie

Nope. The hospital gave my child one in the nursery. I took it out when the nurses left my hospital room.

The day we were discharged I threw it away in front of a nurse. She said can’t you can’t do that, I said I just did :woman_shrugging:

My child never had one after that day and I threw away all the ones I got at my baby shower.

All pacifiers do is ruin teeth and gums. The same thing if you keep them on the bottle too long.

Well no technically but study have shown that it reduces the risk of SIDS in infents. It also helps little ones to self sooth.


It helped my two learn to self-soothe
It really wasn’t difficult to break them of it either. Our dog chewed each up, like he knew it was time :joy:
The kids still loved the dog, also


Self soothing cuts down discomfort when they’re irritable


my youngest son didn’t like them. i take them first birthdays anyway.

I never had one. My kid never had one. My neighbors gave their daughter one, and they never wanted to take it away so she was 7 falling asleep at night with a pacifier and all her teeth were rotting. They couldn’t figure out why until their dentist found out she had a pacifier to fall asleep.

It’s not neccessary. Each baby is different in what they like as comfort.
I’ve only had one baby that liked a pacifier. I’ve also had one that sucked her thumb and 2 that have cuddled blankets.

Neither of my children have ever had pacifiers and I’m glad cause I don’t have to go through having to take it

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Pacifier makes teeth crooked. Also giving a bottle with milk causes dental decay

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Some babies like them. Some do not. It does help them self sooth and studies show it reduces SIDS. My first didn’t care for it. My second loved that thing. And would only use a certain brand.

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My kids would use them but not often. When I tossed them they had no clue and didn’t miss them. I’m glad we didn’t have to deal with the meltdowns of not having one. I got lucky because my kids didn’t like them.

No they do not. Raised 3 kids with zero pacis. My sister tried giving them to my kids and took some pics, but further than that they never needed them nor took them for more than a few secs, we survived just fine. I nursed them all on demand too.

I never used any on any of my kids

No. My kids didn’t like them.

None of my kids liked them

They don’t need the. We I troduced one to help him settle and now at 4 months he doesn’t use one except for bedtime

No. None of my 3 used them.

My 2 oldest refused them. My youngest did refuse it but the ‘old school’ NICU nurse couldn’t stand him crying every time she touched him and dipped it in sugar water to get him to take it.

They don’t have to, but it’s helpful for them and you if you don’t breastfeed. Breastfed babies comfort nurse more instead of use a binky. Babies tend to have a natural urge to suckle to soothe. Binkies help reduce SIDS and are easier to break than thumb/finger sucking.

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No, my daughter spit hers out when she was a few months old and my sisters baby never took his. He’s almost 8 months old.

Looked it up … In 2020 a study was done that showed that the research suggesting a reduced SIDS risk was severely flawed. However it found breastfeeding your baby cuts the risk of SIDS in half.

No they don’t…but they’re really useful for premmies to learn how to suck.

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There’s pros and cons of using them and not using them

I don’t know,my baby she’s 3 years old now,she never used pacifier she just thumb suck , I mean her she used to suck her two middle fingers

Nope, neither of our kids had them,

No. If you want to know why US kids need braces you can blame pacifiers. Mine never had them and has beautifully straight teeth.

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I used a dummy when my kids
Were new born (they both adults now)
They used dummies with their kids

No. Neither of my kids would even take one. Think of it this way… babies have been being born for much longer than pacifiers have even been invented. It’s a modern day fix to keep babies from crying… not shaming anyone who uses them, I wish my kids took them at times. But it is not a need.

Nope. Developers bad habit

My twins didn’t take them but my youngest did

I never used any for all 4 of mine . There 4,6,7,9 now. Never missed out on a thing.

They don’t NEED them - it’s more of a personal preference, really. There is pros and cons to pacifiers, and not all babies take to them. My eldest son took to a pacifier until I weaned him off at about 3-4 years old and my youngest never really did care for them.

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My daughter (now 29) had no interest in a pacifier. Never gave her one & she did great!

I gave my daughter one just because I thought that’s what everyone did. And I’m glad I gave her one. She’s not a thumb sucker which I’m really thankful for. And at one point I stopped buying them (around 1.5-2 years old) and we got to her very last one and she lost it. It was a hard night but then we were all done with that.

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No and if they don’t take one don’t force it 2 out of 3 of my kids didn’t take my youngest did take but was almost hard to take it away. I said she was a big girl she didn’t need it and the paci :man_fairy: came took it away.

Only 2 out of 3 of my girls liked pacifiers . It really just depends on your baby. They’re all different.

It’s up to the baby. My oldest n one of my twins aren’t fans of it my other twin n my son liked them. But with our twins cuz they were premature babies they used pacifier to help them learn to suck so they could feed by mouth

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They’re not a necessity. my first kid loved her binky, second wanted nothing to do with it.

No. None of my four liked them

No 4/5 of my kids hated them and refused to use one , there has been studies that shows it can help reduce the risk of sids and they can help to self soothe but they aren’t necessary and some babies just won’t take them no matter what.

It’s not a neccesity. My boys took them. My daughter refused it.

No. My children were addicted to them, but my granddaughter never would take one

They are helpful for strictly bottle fed newborns. Babies have the instinct to cluster feed. cluster feeding with a bottle can lead to projectile vomiting… ask me how I know lol. I only used the pacifier for my daughter until she had passed that stage then I stopped giving it to her. She didn’t even miss it.

None of my boys had them, well my first son did but he never took to them so I just binned them all x

3/4 of my kids hated them

They don’t have to have them. My oldest loved hers, she took it until she was 2.5. My middle baby loves her pacifier. She didn’t when she was born and really didn’t until she was hospitalized with IB snd when she started gaining her strength back they gave her one to help with her sucking reflex. She’s 1.5 now and it’s her comfort. We’ve started trying to phase it out though, only allowed to have it at nap and bed time. My youngest hates a pacifier. He’s almost never taken one

Honestly they don’t need them my son rarely uses his he’d prefer his finger

My oldest spit it out and stuck her thumb in. She sucked her thumb from birth. My second wanted no part of a pacifier. My third would take one until about 4 mo. My youngest was 2 and a half when I finally broke her from hers.

I have 3 kids ad didn’t use them