Do babies need solids?

My baby is 8 months old. She has suddenly stopped eating her baby food when I give it to her. She will only take a bottle for the last couple of days. She is happy as can be but wants to sleep more and doesn’t want to eat any baby food. Is this a phase?


As long as she is taking her bottle she will be okay


She may be teething, and the sleep could be because of a growth spurt, as long as she’s being fed-even just a bottle-then don’t worry.


As long as she is staying hydrated she will be fine

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Mine only ate baby food from 7.5 to 9 months and never for me. Then she would eat table food.

Look in to baby led weaning :slightly_smiling_face:

Is she eating purées still? My daughter eventually refused purées, big eat tiny pieces of regular food like a champ.

You can put cereal for babys in the milk also animal crackers for kids in the milk shake it let it get soft but not to much of it hell love it I fif it to three of my children good luck hell be fine

I honestly put my daughter’s baby food in her bottle and watered it down so that she could drink it through her bottle! Otherwise she wouldn’t eat it at all, but as long as she drinks milk she will be ok.

ah my little guy is going through this at the minute! hes gone off everything except yoghurt! weve put it down to a growth spurt or teething xx

My daughter did the same. Switched from wanting a bottle or baby food every other week. A few weeks and we had our first tooth :blush: she’s almost 10 months now and eats normal

Try BLW. She eats what you eat, cut down to size and less sugar or fats used. It’ll help with teething also :blush:

Mine wanted real home cooked food

Growth spurt my kids wont eat as much and sleep so much during a growth spurt… also maybe try giving her more table food (of course soft food still) but my daughter didn’t like baby food she wanted what we ate…

She could be teething. My daughter won’t eat much baby food if she has teeth coming in.

Growth spurt or teething I’d say hut if it concerns you take her in to be sure. Better safe then sorry

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“Food before one is just for fun.” If she’s eating enough from the bottle, she’ll be okay. I have the opposite problem with my 7 month old son. He’s refusing the bottle and wants our food. I resorted to putting a teaspoon or two of sweet potato or carrot puree into the bottle and shaking it up really well to flavor his formula enough that he’ll take it.

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Growth spurt or teething

Probably teething when my babies were teething they relied on the bottle a lot more and we’re more sleepy

Hows her diapers been? Sometimes if they get backed up the slow down on solids.

My son is 9 months and if I can get him to eat baby food it’s a miracle. He is a horse by nature. Used to have 3-4 jars a day plus a 4 oz. Bottle after each one. He had 2 teeth at that point but was eating off of a regular spoon maybe because it was cold? I’m not sure. Currently since he has 3 new teeth coming in at once all he wants is formula. I’m hoping it passes really soon as formula is getting quite expensive… good luck to you.

Start giving her table food cut into small pieces… at 7 months I gave my kids the same things we ate… they had no interest in jar foods

Teething, Growth spurg. Could be something else too. Perhaps check with a doctor

Growth spurt probably

She may have a bit of a sore throat or something that can make them not want to swallow baby food

Its okay mama it is just a phase as long as she’s taking her milk shes good to go but at this stage both my girls lost the taste for the baby food and we just startes giving them food we were eating except mushed. Like dhal and rice or mashed potatoes with salted butter etc