Do babies need swaddled?

Thoughts on swaddling? Doctor says it’s not recommended.
did anyone plan on breastfeeding and it didn’t work out…why?


So with my first one breastfeeding just didn’t work out. I wasn’t educated. He had lip ties and tongue ties that I didn’t know would help if they got fixed. Then we used a nipple shield saw blood in it ones time freaked out and stopped.
But been breastfeeding baby number two for over a year now.

Why did your doctor tell you not to swaddle?


Some babies love to be swaddled and some don’t just do whatever your baby is comfortable with. My daughter tried to nurse and her nipples were to big for her baby’s mouth, she never could latch on.

My supply didn’t come in with my first. Im currently 39 weeks and there are signs that will be able to breastfeed ( which i plan on)
I swaddled my first until she was over a year ( the only way she would sleep ) i kept my eye on her like a hawk.

I tried to breastfeed but my son never matched on correctly and gummed my nips bloody.

I swaddled until my kids were starting to roll over. I tried breastfeeding both kids. one only got 2 weeks worth because I developed an infection and couldn’t feed with the antibiotics and other meds. the second went to 4 months then we started supplementing. at six months it just was not working anymore so we switched to formula. I think he had a tongue or lip tie that was preventing proper latching/suction

I’ve never heard of a Dr saying no to swaddling?! I’m mind blown by that :thinking: but all babies are different, some babies NEED to be swaddled, some hate it!

Curious as to why Dr said swaddling is not recommended. First time mom and baby isnt here yet but planned on it

I didn’t swaddle my daughter because she hated it. I couldn’t breastfeed, my supply never came in.

I couldn’t breast feed with either of mine because I never produced milk. Never swaddled both of mine hated it.

Why would your doctor tell you that when the nurses do it at the hospital?

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The trick with swaddling is making it too tight on their legs and it’s bad on their hips. So you want their legs to relax like a frog. First I tried breast feeding uneducated, she was born during the holidays and didnt dedicate enough time to it.

When I would have my god daughter overnight as a newborn I had what is called a swaddle pod which it is a swaddle sack that zips up instead of Velcro and it has a nifty little zip at the very bottom where the feet are so that way you can just unzip it and change your diaper without having to worry about taking her out of it she loves it she had no problem with it when she would sleep at night she wood push her Binky out of her mouth with her arms because newborns don’t have very much control over the muscles yet and then she would cry and threw a baby form of a temper tantrum because she didn’t have her pacifier so I started swaddling her so she would stop doing that and we had a happy baby who slept a lot during the night without much problem

Both my boys loved swaddling. It was a life saver. I planned on breastfeeding but could never supply enough.

We used the Woombie grow-with-me swaddle. It’s stretchy and doesn’t limit hips or legs, and transitions into a sleep sack once they’re ready to be unswaddled.

I didn’t swaddle when feeding I swaddled at first for bed time. But my daughter hated her arms in it

Breast feeding takes a lot of time. I was young when I had my daughter. I breast fed till she was 6 months. While going to school and pumping. It’s dedication in a way I guess. Also is stressful when you need a break but baby needs you. Because your it’s food source. After six months I became overwhelmed with every and I went to formula. Swaddling my daughter hated it.

My last 2 babies didnt nurse, daughter was having reaction to my milk, I pretty much gave up everything and nothing helped. And my son had a tongue tie that wasnt noticed until I was dry and switched drs

My supply came in strong after 5 days pp and then it started getting lower and lower so I have to supplement as well as pump

I wanted to breastfeed with my first, but I ended up having a postpartum hemmorage that required surgery an hour after my son was born. and they were giving me some pretty heavy pain killers so I didn’t want to give him that through my milk. With my second my supply never came in. I wish I could have with both of them.

I swaddled both of my babies until they were starting to roll over even at the hospital they swaddled them. And I breastfed my son for a few months but I could tell something was going on because he would constantly cry and want to fed so one day I tried giving him a bottle of formula and after eating he slept a whole 6 hours and then ever since then he hasn’t had any issues and so we determined I wasn’t producing enough milk in the evenings Even though I was in the mornings… and I tried to do formula and breast milk but after drinking formula the first time he never wanted breast milk again

All 3 of my current children did not like to be swaddled… they all liked soft fuzzy blankets but not wrapped up tightly… I breastfed my oldest for 8 months… my 2nd only about 3 weeks… my 3rd for 6 months but also supplemented with formula… he is a big eater

I never swaddled and always unwrapped my kids when the nurses wrapped them. I prefer to let them move around.

I tried breastfeeding, but due to low milk production (with nothing helping) I had to bottle supplement and stopped after a couple months.

I stopped swaddling after the first few weeks. I did it until my baby didn’t seem to be comforted by it anymore. Depends what your baby likes :slightly_smiling_face:

I never swaddled… my kids absolutely hated it

We swaddled until she grew to not like it anymore… The hospital kept her swaddled. Not sure why a dr. Told u it isnt recommended. They recommended it.


Girl get your self a swaddle sack they sell them at Walmart it is literally a sleeping bag you place the baby in zip them/snap them into and then has a blanket like fabric that you wrap and Velcro around the baby’s arms. It’s a life saver because if your baby hates there arms being pinned down(mine did after he’s was a few weeks old) you can leave out the blanket wrap part and use it as a sleep suit so they still feel comfort from it.& once they learn to roll a normal sleep suit that leaves arms free and just keeps the body / legs in the suit bottom comes into play. Breastfeeding I wanted to do but couldn’t because of medical reasons if you don’t think it’s a good fit for you and or don’t think it’ll really bug you if you don’t from personal experience when you straight up can’t it sucks if you can even for a little while I’d say give it a go the baby gets a lot of good things from the breastmilk in the first few weeks of life but you can also do formula and the baby turn out just fine as long as you read the can and fallow the information on the can, my son was formula feed after his 1st feeding because I found out I couldn’t breast feed a little to late thankfully nothing happened to him because of it but he’s a happy healthy one &1/2 year old that stoped the bottle by himself at 11 months fully because he found out food was wayyy better lol


My daughter currently. Her Dr swaddles her after every appt too and she likes to be tighter than this as well and get Dr and the hospital says is fine and help’s them sleep better. She’s 4 weeks old and I did the same tight swaddle to my now 3 yo and she’s perfectly fine. I only swaddle when I’m asleep though. If I’m awake she’s swaddle free.

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after i had my baby they made me keep her in swaddles! at the hospital. we just wrapped her up in a blanket when we got home

They change their minds with each year that passes. Do what’s safe for your child and move on. Studies need to be replicated and use proper scientific method before they change the whole world.

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I swaddled if they liked it, didn’t if they didn’t.

I swaddled my son without any issues. The hospital recommended it and it helped him sleep better. As for breast feeding, I was barely able to produce for two months before my supply dried up. I was leaking colostrum at 22 weeks an outrageous amount, but it didnt last as long as I would have liked. I ended up giving him formula and he’s a happy healthy kid.

All 3 of my babies loved swaddling, if they cried when I put them down to sleep all that I had to do was swaddle and crying stopped. Doesn’t mean all babies like it but mine did/do. As for BF I pumped for about 2w for all 3 babies, I just didn’t have the patience or motivation to do what it takes to bf. Also my first two babies were 35w and 34w and 1 had to have a feeding tube so I couldn’t even try bf. My 3rd is 5w old today and he spent time in NICU with feeding tube. Just didn’t work out for me.

Swaddling is definitely a yes! It’s important to consult a lactation consultant regarding breastfeeding! There is no reason to fail and feel bad about it. It’s a learned art!

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Didn’t produce milk with my first son. I did it exclusively with my 2nd son for about 2 months, man is it hard! I’m going to try again with this one tho. My kids hated being swaddled.

I swaddled my baby until he was able to wiggle himself out of it.

I attempted to breastfeed but it took a LOT out of me being a FTM. I commend those who could do it, but I couldn’t. Not only did I not make enough, but breastfeeding is exhausting. It just took all of my energy. So I formula fed.


Myself and my babies had loved to be swaddled. I swaddled them until they started to roll over, but would swaddle them only when I was holding them in my arms and then loosen the wrap almost completely when laying them down.
I breastfed both of my son’s for the first month, then had to switch between pumping bottle and formula because my supply would not stay up for anything.

I only swaddled my baby for the first two weeks.

My niece just had a baby on March 4th. She swaddles her baby and the baby loves it. It’s the only way she will sleep is by being swaddled. She also breast feeds. This is her second child. She struggled with the oldest one with breastfeeding. But with this one every thing is going well for them. Also a big hint. Don’t ever wake a baby up to feed it. Unless it needs to be feed for medical reasons. I learned this from my oldest son. I would wake him up to feed him every two to three hours and my niece did the same thing with her oldest daughter. With my second I would let him sleep but he woke up every 2-3 hours on his own to feed. My niece with her second one just let’s her eat when she is hungry. Good luck on your new bundle of joy

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I swaddled my son who is now almost 5. Swaddled him quite a bit. I’ve only swaddled my daughter a couple times she is 1 month. As far as breast feeding… I breast fed him for 24 months but i was unable to pump. I am breast feeding her and am able to pump. Everyone is different. All babies are different. If yours doesnt like to be swaddled, he/she will make it known.

My daughter was allergic to my milk…a lot of Dr’s will say that’s not possible but it is. My mother was also allergic to her mother’s milk

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My doctor recommended swaddling?? It helps them sleep better

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I had to swaddle my son didn’t sleep well otherwise

We didn’t swaddle because our girl broke out of it all the time!

As for breast feeding, I did until 8 weeks when we finally discovered she had severe tongue, lip, and cheek ties. She screamed for the first 8 weeks, which turned out to be probably hunger. After that, we had to supplement with formula and my daughter’s mouth didn’t have the strength to breast feed, and my supply tanked.

I’ve never heard of any doctor not recommending swaddling
They literally do it with every single newborn IN the hospital


I swaddled through 8 months. Our little guy loved it and always slept better. Our VERY favorite is this one:

I swaddled all 3 of mine and will swaddle the 4th once born. It’s always soothes them and helped them sleep better. Never heard of a doctor not recommending it…

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I tried for the first few months to breastfeed but i was also pumping for night feedings but it didn’t work, it downed my supply and he only was able to breastfeed for a month before going to formula…

Both my kids had no interest is being swaddled.

My kids were swaddled but arms free its fine. I tried with my daughter only made it 6 months then I dried up out of nowhere tried with my son and no production at all.

We swaddled ours. It helped them sleep better. I tried nursing my first. He weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. He would nurse just enough to get my milk flowing & scream for a bottle. I would French my shirt in milk. He would still get a bottle & my boobs were killing me

My doctor said swaddling was fine. Both my kids hated it

Mine hated it. Ive tried breastfeeding them all. Never works out. Not enough of a flow or maybe not enough milk. I have no idea why i cant

They swaddle the baby at the hospital so how Is it not recommended?

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Get a new pediatrician. Swaddling is perfectly okay. I swaddled mine until he hated it.

As for breastfeeding, I stopped producing when he was 2 months old.

My Dr (switched not long after) with my first born told us not to swaddle. Something to do with messing up their hips?? Which was something I thought was weird bc everyone else, even at the hospital had told me it was fine. I was 19 so I just avoided it, my daughter didn’t really like it anyway.
I wasnt able to breastfeed. My milk wasnt coming in/building up. From both boobs, the most I was able to get was 2oz. I cried so hard when we first gave her formula, but it was a life saver. Never feel bad if you have to supplement or if you have to use formula. That’s why its there! You got this mama!

One loved swaddling one hated it and with my first child my milk was so good but stopped producing after 4 weeks with my second she had a slight lactose reaction and my milk supply was lacking so we just switched to formula but honestly doctors say breastfeeding is better but I’m not so sure anymore formula has come so far between my 11 yr old and my 18mth old and unless your diet is absolutely amazing all of the time how do you know if they are really getting what they need! with formula they get the same amount every time!

I wanted to breastfeed badly and tried with both my girls. Unfortunately my supply just dried up. Nothing I did helped it. After a couple months we did formula.

My daughter hated to be swaddled. I wanted to breastfeed but my milk never came in.

My 1 1/2 year old loved being swaddled. That was the only way she would sleep. My Dr told me it was fine. She grew out of liking it after a few months.

I exclusively have breastfed and swaddled my son. My daughter (oldest) i swaddled her as well and could get her to latch correctly and eventually she wouldnt try, so she was formula fed from 2 weeks old and on. They have these amazing swaddles you can get at Walmart for babies! It worked great and my son loved them when he fit in them haha

I swaddled all 4 of mine my daughter was born in September so it was still warm so I only swaddled her at night and nap time. She now to this day sleeps wrapped up in her blanket