Do babies need to be swaddled?

2 month old hates to be swaddled but startles? Hard to put him in crib because of this. Anybody’s baby like this?


I had to get my baby girl the chenille/minky sheets for her bassinet/crib because the cool feel of cotton sheets would startle her awake.

My son constantly kicks out of his swaddle but it’s the only way I can get him into the crib asleep

Yes! The only thing that worked for us was the rock and play because it cradled her and made her feel secure. But unfortunately that’s been recalled. So I would say look on amazon at crib wedges that keep baby from laying flat or baby support pillows.

Mine would startle awake every time I laid him on his back.(never swaddled him) Sleep like an angel when he was on his tummy(have me a freaking heart attach and I couldn’t sleep) His was acid reflux. Meds made life easier. :ok_hand:t2:

My son would always escape his swaddle. My husband and I would lay a fluffy microfleece blanket in his crib and lay him on top of it then fold the corners over him. We didn’t swaddle him just laid it over loosely. We did this until he started rolling on his side and then we stopped. He loved it.

I tucked a blanket into my baby around his belly button and down. He slept well that way.

Hey y’all it’s my question lol

We have no reflux issues thank god (my daughter had it it was awful) and yes he does sleep really good on his side but I can’t let him do that all night yet :frowning:
I have the nested bean zen sack but it doesn’t seem to make a difference at all
We also do a nightly routine and it’s helped a little

Get the love to dream swaddle sack! It’s been a lifesaver for us. Our LO would have a hard time staying asleep because of her arms moving around. Game. Changer. Lol.

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Honestly mine did this but as she got older we had to stop swaddling… they get use to sleeping without it just have patience momma

Our little would startle awake and we have her in a bassinet. We would gently rock the bassinet because it glides or pat her bottom and she would go back to sleep.

I have worked with infants for 16 years. We have state licencing rules we can’t swaddle. I have found the Merlin suit as a great transition from swaddling to regular sleep sack.

Try the bed side sleeper that ingenuity makes similar to rock and play but not as inclined!

Try the bag type blanket

My parents were foster parents had 4 kids of their own and as of right now 7 grandchildren so my mom took/takes care of a lot of babies she’s like the baby whisperer always figures out what works for babies lol. Most of the time when that’s a issue she folds the swaddling blanket a couple times just so she can swaddle the baby’s arms down by their sides and always makes sure the baby has socks on and in colder weather puts socks on even when they have footie pjs on.

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My daughter hated being swaddled since day one. I tuck the blanket in around her. She doesnt seem to mind. Also keep in mind, your baby spent the last 9 months with you so the crib is kinda scary still. Get a cosleeper bassinet or a swing that simulates rocking. Gl!

My 1 month old hates his arms to be swaddled. I wrap him up like I’m swaddling him but leave his arms out. He loves it that way :grinning:

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Swaddling should stop after 8 weeks or rolling begins - whichever happens first - anyway. I recommend a sleep sack. And not sleeping inclined as that’s a huge suffocation risk.

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Both mine didn’t like the swaddle so I never did. They just slept in crib no prob.