Do babies need tummy time?

Mommas I need some pick me up. I’m a stay at home mom, and a while back I had posts posted for me about gallbladder removal and all that Jazz. Well through the process of all that it went fair well, surgery did any way. Well what I thought was complications revealed underlying health issues. I am 23 and have pulmonary hypertension, and apparently my liver is enlarged. I’ve been in an out appointments and ers because I can’t freaking breath man. My heart occasionally hurts my chest gets heavy. I’m struggling. All I have is my daughter and her dad and my mother in-law . It seems like once the gallbladder problems came people started dropping and once the more serious stuff came everyone vanished. My parents? I haven’t talked to them since I had my surgery. I feel so alone. Hubby has to much on his plate trying to care for me and baby and be the sole provider. I’m so helpless. I suffer severe depression and anxiety as well and it’s eating me alive. I have no one to vent to because I don’t wanna make him feel worse. He worries about me all day as it is already. I just need some encouragement please :broken_heart:

-A broken momma


Call your mom. Maybe she doesnt realize how bad it is. Tell her you want to see her…I’m sorry this is happening to you. Xo

Please call your local mental health help line. You need some support, and right now you don’t have it. Don’t ignore your feelings. You are facing a traumatic diagnosis, and it is so hard to accept that. You are so young. Make sure your GP sends you to a good cardiologist and a respirologist, to help you with your breathing and pulmonary hypertension. Get into a group of moms in your location - maybe at the Y, for kid classes, or a Moms’ group just to hang out and talk. Don’t stay alone! Do you belong to a faith family? If you do - reach out to someone there. Don’t give up.


Your not alone. I experienced similar things when I had my gall bladder surgery. It will be tough but hound your doctor about how you feel. I went on Celexia for depression and anxiety it has helped a lot. If your doctor doesn’t seem to take you seriously get a second opinion.

Just remember you’re stronger than you think. Easier said than done but tell yourself multiple times a day “I’m strong enough”. I’d reach out to your parents and ask them why they pulled away. It’s not am excuse but maybe this is hard on them too? Tell them straight up you need them.


Thank you ladies for the kinda words. Frankly I have never been my dads favorite kid and step mom kinda just follows him like a puppy. I am on depression meds and a separate one for anxiety, but I am afraid of changing or increasing medication right and it reacting negatively with my current health.

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I highly recommend a book called The Power of Positive Thinking. Or you can choose a more secular mindset book or a free audio of one on YouTube. Earl Nightingale is a great one. Some of his are aimed at sales. Simon Sinek is a more contemporary choice. There’s a ton of choices on there. I personally choose sermons a lot of times because that reflects my personal beliefs, but it doesn’t have to be a religious avenue. I listen to at least 30 minutes a day. I also have a grateful board where I post pictures, printouts, and reminders of the things that I am grateful for in life. I also have a vision board that has my goals on it and that helps me stay focused and find of depression that sometimes tries to slip in. I hope some of this helps because it has sure helped me. I went through a similar experience and still have not talked to my parents in quite a while. But I have so much to be thankful for and I have faith that that will work itself out.

Honey im listening. I to in hospital most of june. I was put on zoloft took a week to kick in but helps. I no its depressing just came from drs vented to her and feel alittle now.

Trust me. I get it. I am going through some things and I also feel alone. I have called someone for help. I suggest you do the same. Having someone else to talk to is such a comfort. You need that unbiased ear.