Do babies need tummy time?

My son is 4 months on July 13th and has yet to start pushing up with his arms and doesn’t even seem close to starting. He also hates tummy time? Is this normal or is he “behind”? What can I do to help him progress?


He isnt behind hes four months old.
Let your baby be a baby ! X


What u mean pushing up with his arms? Hes a baby… theres no time limit for them to do stuff, its not a competition.


My son is almost 5 months. He’s only just started pushing up with his arms two days ago

Sounds normal. Don’t worry. Enjoy the time you don’t have to chase him.

Baby is only 3 months old. He will do it when hes ready. Hes not behind…dont rush it.

He’s NORMAL…they don’t push up until about 6 months… they might scoot backwards or turn around…give him tummy time even if he doesn’t want to do it… trust me he will in time…I say all this cuz I’m a infant teacher and I know first hand what your going through