Do babies need tummy time?

What do I do if my baby absolutely hates tummy time. He cries so bad when I pick him up hes literally shaking I feel so bad I even got him a little pillow to prop him up and he still hates it . Hes 2 months old


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Do babies need tummy time?

We usually did tummy time with my girls laying on our chests and talking to them. Until they were around 4 months old and wanted to play with toys :relaxed: all three hated tummy time until they could focus on something in front of them.


I don’t know if they absolutely have to have it. But it helps develop neck muscles so that the baby can hold his head up. He might be crying because he can’t see you? Try lying beside him and letting him see you while he’s on his tummy.

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Maybe just try alittle bit each day, but not on a full tummy, especially if he’s got a sensitive tummy.

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I usually put mine on his tummy when he’s sleepy lol then I lay by him n talk to him. I occasionally put a pacifier in his mouth as well. He will wake up and then lift his head to turn n see where the heck he is lol I think it helps alot with strengthening his neck muscles- he’s almost 2 mo.

I agree with the comments about putting baby on your chest for tummy time. Mine wasn’t a fan of being on the floor, but she loved spending that time with me…and at her 4 month appointment, her doctor commented on her strength and said she was meeting or exceeding all expected milestones.
She’s 6 months now and once she learned how to roll over, she stopped hating the floor so much.

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Prop him underneath the armpits so his arms dangle

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Yeah lots of babies don’t like it. I would just do it for a bit each day.

Use a boppy pillow! It helps some but some babies just don’t like it. Neither one of mine did and both required it for development reasons because they were preemie. We did it 3x a day in 10 minute sessions so it wasn’t so bad for him.

My baby don’t mind tummy time but for short amounts of time. He usually laid on our chests ut now he hates laying on our chests. He wants to sit up. At 2 months they said we should start tummy time. But we had already started. Hes 4 months as of July 3rd and just started rolling from back to tummy

Put your baby on your chest and do tummy time that way. Tummy time helps them develop the muscles in their neck.

My daughter really disliked it until she could roll over. My son hated it forever but he has acid reflux and laying on his belly hurt him as a baby.

Yes, they really do. It strengthens their neck and back muscles. Also their arm muscles. Maybe your baby doesn’t like tummy time because he can’t see you as well from his tummy. I wonder if you got down on your tummy with him, if that would help. Maybe place a few soft, small toys in front of him to reach for. You don’t have to leave him down for long. Just a few minutes. For now go ahead and pick him back up, but try getting down with him. He may surprise you one day.

Lay them on your tummy, with you laying on your back and slowly progress from there

I didn’t put mine on the floor, they just laid tummy to tummy with me ALOT

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Could be that he has a gas problem and the pressure of being on his tummy hurts. My son was colicky and did the same thing.

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Lay him down on your belly, belly to belly

My boy hated it too. We didn’t force him but tried for about 1-2 mins at a time. But until he was 3 months he’d scream occasionally and we noticed his “balls” swelling. I went to Dr every single time it happened except in middle of night and they just kept saying it was fluid in the sack he’d out grow it. I kept saying he would not be in this much pain if that’s all it was. Fought and fought issue. Finally ended up in er because they looked like they’d bust open. He had to have bilateral hernia surgery because his intestines were slipping in to them. Now we are have yet another surgery at 8 month old because one testie has not dropped.
So also talk to pediatrician about it make sure everything is ok with him. And something’s not going on and that’s why he can’t be on tummy.
It took about another month after surgery for mine to be ok with tummy time now he is rolling everywhere and is on his tummy and playing and push up and bring up knees too. Is is all good.

Just do it for short periods of time, tummy time is important for they development and getting strong

Don’t tummy time him

Mine didn’t like it and my son had really bad silent reflux and couldn’t bear to lie on his tummy on floor. They all held their own heads up from birth though so I was never concerned about them not doing it.

We did tummy time on our chests and talked to them

Tummy time can be any time spent on tummy. That includes; laying on your chest (this is thd best option early on), holding them on your arms on their belly, etc. There’s tons of good ways to get tummy time in without baby melting down. You might also look into bicycling his legs before tummy time to push out any gas, trapped gas can make tummy time painful.

He don’t like tummy time so don’t do it

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