Do babies need tummy time?

My 5 mo. old absolutely hates tummy time !! Five min and she is completely over it. Im looking for suggestions please. I’ve tried getting down there with her, puttin toys infront of her. She still wants nothing to do with it. I mean she will roll herself over and then cry bc she dosent want to b on her belly and wont roll herself bck over…lol
Im scared she isnt going to crawl. Ok maybe thats a little dramatic. But any suggestions are very appreciated!!!

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Honestly, we didn’t really do it with either of ours kids. They both hated it. Especially our daughter. And they turned out fine, they were not delayed in any major milestones.
Let her do what she will and don’t worry about it. She’ll be fine.

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My two hated also until the could crawl.

Mine were just fine with it if I propped them with a boppy or pillow or even a blanket…

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We just do it until she gets mad and doesn’t want to (like 5 minutes😂) and then wait and do it again when shes not mad about it anymore

I didn’t really do it with my kids. They turned out good. Crawled, then learn to stand up. Then walk. Then run.

my girl DESPISED tummy time haha! In all honesty I have not met a single parent who says their baby loves it lol. She did perfectly fine and even crawled early at 6 months old.

My son is 5 months and he absolutely hates tummy time as well not even 5 minutes and hes already crying so I don’t really do it as much.

Every kid hates tummy time. What worked for me is putting kid on my chest… She learned to strength her neck and arm muscles that way. Don’t sweat it. All kids grow at different pace

Both of my babies hated it too. Hang in there mama. Pretty soon they’ll be walking and getting into everything!

My 2nd son hated it wouldnt do it for nothing. But he did good and started crawling on time. She will do just fine I think the only reason my oldest son loved it is because I started tummy time super early with him at like 2 months old.

She’ll be fine :wink: it’s good for them but not the end of the world. Seems like most babies hate it and probably do less than the recommendation. My kids hated it. Still met/meeting all milestones just fine :woman_shrugging:t3:

All kids are different. She will be fine. Don’t worry mom.

I didn’t do it with my kids…they learned to roll over early so they put themselves however they wanted to be

Do tummy time on you. Relax back on the couch and prop her up on your boobs right in your face and interact. It is still strengthening the neck and back just as effectively as laying on the floor, but won’t seem like a chore for either of you.

Just do tummy time for a couple of mins…but do it…a few times a day…and as she adjusts she will stay longer… my youngest hated it so bad…but but she will do it for about 10mins at a time

If you have a mirror that can lean up against something have her lay in front of that. They like to see the reflection. My soon loves it

I never did tummy time BC my baby hated it, she crawled on time, rolled over, sat up by her self on time & is now standing by herself and starting to walk. Honestly your baby will do things on their time. Tummy time to me was pointless my child just screamed bloody murder for 15 mins straight.

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Both my babies LOATHED tummy time. Would instantly start screaming if I even tried to put them down on their tummy’s. I don’t think I’ve met a baby who didnt scream bloody murder in the beginning for tummy time. Don’t worry they grow out of it.

All babies hate tummy time. But you just do it because it’s necessary for development 🤷 I put out lots of toys…sometimes used a boppy pillow…and I’d get down there with her and play with her. 5 min intervals are fine a few times a day!! Just have to stick with it!

Some kids just don’t like being on their tummy’s. My nephew still won’t and he’s 4. He’s fine and not doing tummy time never hurt him developmentally. He just didn’t like it. He never crawled just got up and walked early at about 9 months. Crawling isn’t considered a milestone some do it and some don’t.

I never did tummy time with any of my kids. Don’t worry she will crawl in her own time.

My son hated tummy time as well, he didnt really start going on his tumny on his own until he was a little older. I used to just put him on his tummy for the 5 minutes and then when he started fussing I would do something else but even if its just the 5 minutes its okay not to leave them on thier tummy for long, they will do it when they are ready for it, just keep working on it!

My daughter hated tummy time so I never did it and she started crawling at 6 months. My son hated tummy time and started crawling at 8 months.

My now one year old hated it. He acted like it was killing him. So I just didn’t do it that much. I mean I see no benefit to a child if they hate it that much. I was pretty much just laying my baby on the mat to watch him freak out. No ma’am. He crawled at around 8 months. Do what you feel is best!

Mine was the same until I used the Boppy! If you haven’t tried this, Google “tummy time with Boppy”. She 100% loved tummy time after that! There’s all kinds of fun ideas to expose them to while in that position as well, but I kept it simple with toys she liked.

Stop fussing over baby not rolling over, she’ll get the hang of it soon enough, than it’s no stopping her.