Do babies need tummy time?

I need some tips for tummy time. My 3 month old HATES being on his tummy. He instantly cries and he will not try at all! I’ve tried encouraging with toys and laying in the ground with him. I’ve tried using my lap and putting him in my chest. He hates its . Please help.


Try a tummy time mate that has toys on it

Lay down on your back on the floor and lay baby on tummy on you ?

It’s okay, just keep putting him on his back to play. Eventually, he will get curious enough and start rolling himself over. My son would make it clear across the room just rolling there… then came the sliding :smiley:


Maybe his back is out of alignment

Lay down on the couch yourself and have your baby lay against your chest, that still yummy time if he’s awake.


Make sure he is fully burped before you put him on his belly


None of my kids liked tummy time. My older daughter was walking fully by 10 months
I wouldn’t worry about it too much

My newborn is the same way. I just let her lay on my tummy on the couch


My kids hated tummy time on the floor but loved playing on my bed instead.


Try laying baby on your bed (with you there of course). My daughter hated the floor but loved laying on us or on the bed.

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Try not to do it right after a feed, and be sure he’s well burped. Also, a Boppy is great for this! Google how to position them on it, but my 18 month old hated tummy time as an infant until I discovered this trick. She would stay that way much longer and could see so much more being propped that way. Remember that they have to build up to longer times, so at his age you’ll be doing it for shorter times but more times each day. Good luck!

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my son did tis too. 5 mins a day…you gotta make him tough it out.

Just keep doing every day and baby will get used to it


He may have a sore tummy is his bellybutton big …pressure may hurt

Lean back on the couch or in a chair you don’t have to lay completely flat. This is how I started out with my daughter and we gradually moved to her play mat. Now she wants to be on her tummy all the time and she hated it in the beginning.

I had this issue with my son. Try a boppy pillow.

my son absolutely hated tummy time
more so always wanted to sit up and such, he still managed to have strength when on belly and has now started crawling and almost walking.
only way my son really liked tummy time was when he was laying on our stomachs

Try a boppy pillow. I’m a infant teacher and I have a child who does the same …he’s getting better but at first it was like crying alot

Try the tummy down carry, my son really liked doing his tummy time that way!


My son hated tummy time as well cried and cried never tired, he would even fall asleep to get out of tummy time. Just keep doing it everyday he’ll get us to it. I mounted a mirror up to the wall where he can see himself he loved it after.

My kid hates being on her tummy. 6 months old and she had been on her tummy all of maybe 3 hours.
She is right where she needs to be when it comes to those milestones.