Do food aversions go away after baby is born?

I am just curious about food aversions, I’m 23 weeks with a baby boy, and I’ve had awful food aversions. I cannot eat any meat, eggs, onions. Most of the food I normally enjoy makes me extremely sick. My question is, mommas who struggled with this… did your taste go back to normal after the baby was here? I didn’t have any food aversions with my daughter. I honestly didn’t even know they were a thing. A friend told me yesterday that she still can’t eat meat, and her daughter is 2. So I’m just wondering if you got your taste back, or if you still struggle after the baby is here?


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Mine went away. Meat made me very sick with my first son. Honestly everything made me super sick. After I had him though I was back to normal

I don’t know about food but I can’t stand any smell from bath and bath with I was pregnant with my baby boy. But know I’m fine

Took me about 4 years to be able to eat carrots

They’ll go away, it’s just hormones.

mine did, i couldn’t eat pork or drink coffee even the smell or sight of it made me sick

I’ll be 8 months tomorrow, I loved loved pizza and up until about 2 weeks ago I couldn’t even stomach the smell of it let alone eat it but then craved it the other day and its fine to me again, I also hated the smell of eggs anything and it’s better too so I’d say yes you’ll enjoy the things you like again. Pregnancy does weird things to us :rofl:

Some do, some stay for a while. I had food aversions to chocolate, BBQ’ed meat and coffee.
I was able to consume it when the baby was born but because of gastric issues for the baby I limited consumption of them while breastfeeding. Later on my baby would get very sick when I ate gluten dense meals so I had to avoid that for a while.

Mine came back,
I couldn’t eat bread, red meat, garlic, mushrooms, cheese anything too savoury or strong.
My taste came back the month after I had him xx

Sometimes…I puked cinnamon toast crunch when I was prego with the last one…most horrible thing ever to puke btw…I still wont eat cinnamon stuff the baby is 5 lol but I could never stand the smell of bacon while prego but that always went away thank goodness lol

Mine went away after birth. I had horrible aversions to meat when I was pregnant with my second son. I couldn’t even cook the entire pregnancy. The sight and smell of it even would send me over the edge. We had lots of takeout :see_no_evil: but now I am fine.

I went off coffee which was sad because I LOVE it and usually have a cup a day… It made me feel so sick :face_vomiting::pensive: luckily it went away after my little man was born and I’m very much a coffee drinker again! All the sweets and stuff I craved while pregnant and the sickly fizzy drinks I couldn’t get enough of back then I can’t stomach anymore though so it’s kinda gone in reverse for me :joy: I went off meat with my eldest and soon got over that one after he was born. Hormones do weird things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the only thing that stayed with me is not being able to look at raw chicken :nauseated_face: that still turns my stomach, but everything else I couldn’t eat while pregnant went away soon afterwards…

I have a 7 year old son and a soon to be 4 month old son. I had severe food aversions during both pregnancies. Both times it went away after about a month or two. I still have the pregnancy cravings I had though.

I became averse to corn off the cob while preggo with my son. He’s turning 9. I hate corn unless it’s raw now :woozy_face:

They go away.My first child i couldn’t stand the sight or smell of cheese and couldn’t fathom my favorite grilled cheese sandwich but it went away after I had him.

Ok it’s not a food aversion but that carex blue hand wash. I hated it. Couldnt stand the smell. If somebody used it and sat near my I was sick.
My daughter is 11 and it still makes my feel like morning sickness is back

It may or may not…I could not eat hamburgers when I was pregnant & popcorn smelled like hot garbage… after pregnancy I got over that… the only thing that has stayed with me is my aversion to maple syrup… can’t even stand the smell

Some.of.mine for.meat never fully went away when I was pregnant with my oldest i couldn’t cook any meat and eat it lol I could for my hubby or who ever but I wouldn’t be able to eat it myself. I still havw the.odd issue with meat but I can cook and eat it now lol

It really just depends. Sometimes you simply don’t like some things anymore and sometimes you end up liking them again and sometimes you end up liking things you never use to live before. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Some yes some no. I also had a meat aversion with my last pregnancy (she’s almost 6) and I can eat most meats now, but if I prep/touch raw chicken I still can’t eat it. I’m not sure about pork because the aversion made me stop eating it which helped me realize it just doesn’t agree with my body, so I permanently quit pork.

In general it goes. But there is always a food I still can’t eat, it’s happened with every pregnancy I’ve had. Each time it went away but a few foods if never eaten again. I’ve always gone off cooking or eating meat whilst pregnant x

My youngest is 6 and I still don’t like soda

I gave birth 11 weeks ago to my son and I lived off carrots and celery when pregnant, and sometimes soup, I hated anything else. And was anemic because of it, I’m still the same, have no joy about food, I don’t like the thought of anything, I literally eat so I survive and so I produce milk to feed my baby! I’m really hoping to be able to enjoy food again at somepoint!

Mine didn’t. I still can’t stand the smell of pickles. Funny thing when I was pregnant if I tried to cuddle my boyfriend I would smell them and get sick. Fyi he hadn’t been eating them. And now my son likes them.

I still can’t handle most pork - bacon is ok, sausage is meh. But just the smell of pork cooking still makes me sick - my youngest is 1.5. Taste for red meats came back shortly after I had her. But it’s still not the same.

I didn’t have food aversion with my daughter. I had it big time this pregnancy. Right from the start. But I’m 37 weeks and it’s starting to go away.

10 years later and I still can’t eat banana or oatmeal. Took my Aunt almost 25 years to drink coffee again

I still can’t eat eggs and my daughter is almost 2. I still have a hard time with a lot of food

My youngest is almost 3 and I still don’t care for eggs. Everyone is different and for me every pregnancy was different with this as well.

Coffee, as soon as I had my daughter. Popcorn I could eat again pretty quickly. Pickles didn’t taste good again until she was at least 2.

I used to eat yogurt everyday when I was pregnant I got extremely sick after eating it and now 7 months postpartum I still have a hard time eating it. I’m hoping at some point I can eat it again but so far I have not been able to.

My oldest is 7 and I still cant eat any kind of eggs. It used to be my favorite. Until i got pregnant and then never again. I tried it a few times hoping i could eat it again. But never been able to

For my first pregnancy I couldn’t even be in the house if someone was cooking meat. I couldn’t eat it at all. It was all fine almost immediately after I gave birth. I ate the biggest baconator from Wendy’s that I could while I was in the hospital :joy:

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I hated sweet things with my second baby and unfortunately I still do

Iv been like this since 25 weeks, I’m now 33 weeks. Literally anything I eat is making me sick, I’m barely eating and barely drinking. Iv been on anti sickness tablets for almost the whole of my pregnancy, they worked through the 2nd trimester, but they no longer work. I am carrying a baby boy. I have a daughter and experienced nothing like this when I was pregnant with her. I’m also wondering the same thing, although mine isn’t with just certain things I eat, it’s with almost everything I eat, it’s horrible and I feel completely drained and tired all the time.

I think everyone is different, I didn’t want chicken if it was on the bone and coffee made me want to throw up. My taste for chicken came right back but it took a while for me to like coffee again

I absolutely hated pickles with my daughter it took 4 years after for me to like them again. Weirdly I didn’t stop liking things but started liking them with my son, I now enjoy strawberries and hated them before him. He will be 3 in July and I still like them.

I couldn’t eat eggs for 4 years. Then my Dr advised that I try them again once a month.
Within 2 months I was eating eggs again. Dr said it was temporary.

I had food aversion with my daughter. She despised most meats. I could eat chicken and turkey for meat when I was Prego. It took me a little while to start enjoying certain things (like pork and fried foods) but I was eating beef within a couple months. My doctor told me to take a couple small bites here and there and just listen to my body. She’s about to be 9 and I eat pretty much anything these days

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Mine didn’t. Still to this day, I can not eat red meat. 12 years later. I loved it before I had her.

I have HATED bacon for years now… I dry heave if I eat it, and gag when I smell it…

thank you 13 yr old, I’ve been called un-American so many times over this, lololololol

Thank you 7 yr old for making me unable to handle pickles… at least I can still enjoy the juice :woman_shrugging:

But, to answer your question… for some, yes… food aversions going away, for others they hang out and annoy you for the rest of your life (it seems)

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Once I had all my kids my adversions went away

I couldn’t eat eggs or pizza when I was pregnant with my son. I got to where I liked them again when he was between 1&2 yrs old

I disliked all of my favorite foods my entire pregnancy. Each pregnancy I had a different set of aversions, but they went away within a couple months post birth.

I’ve had it go the other way around. I always hated ham… craved it with my son… now it’s one of my favorite foods and my son is 12.

With my 6yr, 4yr, 3yr and current pregnancy I have to force myself to eat small amounts of meat. That always went away after I had baby so hopefully it does the same this around.

Depends on a person. Usually goes away after baby is born. For some it sticks around for life.

Mine went back to normal.

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I used to eat like 4 eggs before I had my baby, I Could have them with anything anytime, hated the smell, alone with red meat. His turning 9 in April and I can only stand to eat 1 egg, once on like 4 or so months. I’ll try to boil or fry but they just don’t taste the same anymore. I’ll eat some stew once in awhile as well, if I’m visiting someone, but I stopped buying it ages ago and stick to chicken and fish

I was also very different with both of my pregnancies, My taste buds came back

Almost immediately after the baby is delivered

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I couldn’t eat chicken I was just yuck. I also couldn’t drink coffee and it was something I’d always have pre pregnancy. That was with 2 of my 3 pregnancies. My 3rd I was able to eat anything just as if I wasn’t pregnant. But woththe first 2, horrible… I was able to eat chicken after my pregnancies bit it did take awhile.

its part of the pregnancy nausea it goes away

For me the aversion to chicken never did go away. :nauseated_face: The rest of them did though.

Went back to normal a few days after both births.
Basically your body is telling you what you need /don’t need while pregnant. Listen to it

Depends took 10 years for me to like eggs again

Mine went away immediately after. I hated pizza and eggs so badly when I was pregnant.

My adverstion to cooking hamburger meat or smelling it cooking still can’t and my oldest is 30

Yes it does go away and everything should go back to normal, i couldn’t stand any kind of foods, i literally just wanted fried chips and cheese with fresh bread rolls and that was it with my 2nd baby and my third i just ate peanut butter and bread i couldn’t stomach anything else

I still can’t eat tilapia fish and my baby is 2. I just don’t like it anymore. Before pregnancy though I ate it quite often. #thanksalotkiddo :unamused:

I had aversion to meat after my second pregnancy. I was sick the whole time and could barely keep anything down. Afterwards I couldn’t stomach meat. It’d smell good, and look good, but it tasted horrible and made me sick. This lasted ten years, until I got pregnant with my third child. Then I craved meat and have been fine eating it ever since. Although I now have an aversion to eggs that I never had before. I used to eat eggs daily, now I get nauseous seeing them uncooked, so it makes it hard to make them or eat them…

I can no longer eat prawns. My daughter is 17 years old this year and I still can’t stand the smell or taste

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Yes it goes away after baby comes. Try other proteins like beans and rice etc

I think every mama and every pregnancy is different. I had boys my first 2 pregnancies, and currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first girl. All 3 pregnancies I had an aversion to all meat, especially chicken & eggs during my whole first trimester. Both boys, the aversions were completely gone by the second trimester and this time around I couldn’t handle eggs again until about 3 weeks ago. Most likely you’ll be fine after delivery.

:sob: i still hate the smell of bacon and cant stand the taste

Ehhh I enjoyed taco bell with my daughter but after I had her my body cannot tolerate taco bell as well as a few other places…makes me sick…but I loved bean burritos before I was prego and during as well. My daughter does not like bean burritos at all lmao

My oldest is 22 and I still can’t eat lamb or beets. I used to love lamb chops with mint sauce and still to this day can’t eat them. Oh how I miss pickled beets to. But I also started to like other foods I didn’t like before my pregnancies to.

I couldn’t eat meat during my 4th pregnancy. But after she was born I could.

Most of it will go away but sometimes certain ones can stay for awhile. I couldn’t stand even the smell of beef jerky for years after my first was born

I was completely put off meat when pregnant first time but I ate meat not to long after pregnancy, maybe 6 months at the most! I still can’t drink tea though, was badly put off that sick everytime I even tried it, my daughter is nearly 8 and I still can’t drink tea.

For the most part, yes.

Sort of, when I was pregnant with my daughter any meat besides chicken made me sick. It took a couple months after having my daughter for me to be able to eat it without being nauseous. Now that my daughter is 2 years old I barely wanna eat anything but chicken because anything else just doesn’t sound appetizing to me anymore sadly.

All my daughters did

Mine didn’t for YEARS! My son is now 8 and I only started being able to tolerate salsa this year. The smell of eggs and raw meat went away soon after my kids.

I was SO fussy… lived on cerial specifically shreddies most of my early and late pregnancy… now I have times where I am fussy… but more less back to normal…

with my first i couldn’t stand eggs and bacon. she’s now over two and i still can’t stand anything to do with eggs, with my second i couldn’t eat any meat but steak and crab. everything else just looking at it made me sick. i’m slowly getting back to being able to eat more meats

When I was pregnant 37 & 34 years ago, I couldn’t stand touching raw meat and I didn’t eat much of it, even today raw meat bothers me and I still don’t care for much meat and every so often, the look or smell of it nauseates me

With my first I couldn’t do any kind of spaghetti sauce. That went away shortly after she was born but my 3rd bacon made me soooo sick and he was about 5 before I could actually eat it again

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Just like allergies and intolerances can come and go with pregnancy. The body is such a complex and amazing thing.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking meat. And I couldn’t eat eggs. My third sone i couldnt eat beef. Made me horribly sick. I’ve had three boys and one girl. They’re 13,11,3&2 now and I can’t eat whatever I want :slight_smile:

Mine went away afterwards!