Do I Have a Right to Be Upset My Boyfriend's Ex Still Buys Him Things?

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"So. My boyfriend’s ex-wife and he have a daughter, and they co-parent pretty well, which I think is amazing. I like the ex, and she’s in a relationship…and has been with her boyfriend for almost a year. My issue is every single time I’m around her (with my boyfriend picking up or dropping off their daughter) she always brings up stories about my boyfriend and her. Like everything they did in their marriage, or whatever. She also buys my boyfriend books and things whenever she goes to a thrift store. I told him I didn’t know how I felt about her buying him things, and he told me I was thinking too much into it. I guess I may be, but I need some opinions. How would y'all feel?"

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"They broke up let it go!."

"They are friends… that is nice …"

"Be glad they co-parent well. Who’s to say their kid didn’t pick it out. Sheesh. Maybe take note. There are worse things in the world."

"I guess it would depend on why they divorced? WS it amicable? Are they still good friends? If so then I wouldn’t worry about it. Some people are just chill like that and if she’s also in a relationship she’s probably not trying to sabotage yours. But not everyone throws away how ever many years of friendship just bc they couldn’t make a romantic relationship work."

"My son's dad and I buy each other gifts for holidays and he sends me LARGE bouquets for Mother’s Day. We have been broken up for 8 years. It’s fine and my husband doesn’t mind at all"

"I may be the odd one out here but I think it’s showing their child a healthy co-parenting relationship."

"So she saw a few things while out and about that he’d like and she picked them up for him. They have a child together, a history together… doesn’t mean she wants him back or anything. I side with him on this. You’re thinking too much on this."

"It all depends on how things were with her marriage and the divorce. If they’re amicable and they’re friendly and they just have a good relationship they just decided not to be married that’s a whole other story. If there’s nothing going further than that don’t worry about it so I’m making something more out of it."

"Honestly they’re always going to care for each other, they have a child together. I don’t think it’s weird at all. I’m sure my child father and I will chat about the past too. The great thing about it is that IT'S THE PAST. You’re the FUTURE."

"I don’t think there is anything wrong with it… my parents split and we still do vacations, birthdays, family dinners… my mom always looks out for my dad. It is nice for us kids, even as adults. That we can do all that together and that they get along (for the most part)"

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