Do I Have a Right to Kick Out My Boyfriend?

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"I am told I am being unreasonable. Short of the story. My boyfriend let our 3-year-old to watch YouTube on his phone. He didn’t delete his Facebook messages. And one popped up where he was asking a woman for p***y pictures. Well according to my boyfriend our 3-year-old must have sent that message. I want him out of my house. And yes rent is in my name… and all the bills are in my name because he moved in with me. Do I have the right to kick him out? And he has no job so all the bills are paid for by me."

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"Depending on your state, if he refuses to leave & gets mail there, you might have to evict him"

"Yup kick him out no 3 year old is going to type that to a random female"

"You might have to legally evict him but that’s just going down to the courthouse and filling out paperwork and he’ll be served"

"You will have to give him notice move out. In writing. Check your state laws."

"Yes but if he has been there awhile you have to have him legally evicted and give him 30 day notice depending on your state laws. I would kick him to the curb for sure"

"You have to legally evict him. File in court. Where I am it costs like $50 to file."

"In my state, if someone is living with you for more than 90 days, you have to give them 30 days eviction notice. Whether they’re name is on the lease or not."

"He’s got 30 days and you will have to legally evict him"

"If he has mail coming there he has squatters rights"

"You can try to kick him out without a fight, but if he doesn’t want to go you will have to evict him to get him out. Him on the lease or not."

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