Do I have a right to take my mom to court?

I’ve been living at my Grandma’s since I was a teen. I was the one who took care of my Grandma daily. I was the only one who was actually here for my Grandma. When she passed away, there was no will, so everything went to my aunt & mother. Well, my boyfriend and I have been staying here at my Grandma’s and paying the bills. It’s been ten months since she passed away & just last week, my mother comes to tell me that I’m going to have roommates. Mind you, I DON’T know these people. I got upset about it because she didn’t talk to me about it. They move in and start drama with my boyfriend & my mother doesn’t like him, so she told them that he wasn’t allowed here and that if he came to call the cops. Well, I disagree with what she told them to do because he’s the one that’s been paying the bills, we got into a huge argument, and she sent my brother to serve me a 30-day notice to get out. My two daughters, boyfriend & I don’t have anywhere to go! While my other brother and I were going through my Grandma’s things, we found a letter stating what my Grandma wanted for everyone and it was signed and dated. My brother showed it to my aunt and she ripped it up! Could we take them to court for it?

First of all, ALWAYS make copies and hide originals. Secondly, NEVER tell anyone your nect move. Just play it off, never reveal ANYTHING. Third, the eviction notice isn’t legal because it has to be sent by certified mail through court (I think). (Do NOT tell them that!) Talk to a lawyer, most consultations are free, and see what your nect move is. Again, do NOT reveal your plans or what you know. Keep ALL texts and anything they send you! Do NOT tell them you are. Do everything in secret!