Do I have to give my baby her fathers last name?

So I had my daughter five weeks ago and I was pressured into giving her my now ex boyfriends last name. I knew as well as the ones who talked me into giving her his last name that she wasn’t his baby. He also knows she’s not his. My question is how would I go about a name change in the state of California? (Please no judgement it was a very emotional time for me.) Thanks.


You have to petition through Probate Court.

Shouldn’t a paternity test allow you to change her name back to yours?


You may just be able to file an amended one within the first 6 weeks.


The sooner you do it the better and easier it is to change birth certificate and social security card.


You have 60 days after the baby. Go to the town office

As far as I know in NH, You can get it done for free within a year. But do a DNA test and should be simpler

U have to pay for it , and why if it wasn’t his child and u werent together

Go to court to change it.

Start asking for child support…he’ll sign off fast… you have to do name change through the courts now.

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I agree ask for child support, he will sign

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I’m sorry I understand that it was emotional choice for you but seeing as how it is not his child you kinda got yourself in this situation, I understand feeling pressure from someone to do something I don’t want to do during a very emotional and difficult time that has to do with my child but now I know that it’s my job as the parent to suck it up long enough to make the RIGHT choice. Once I make the choice needed I allow myself to deal with those emotions. I’m not judging you but I’m sharing a very important experience so that later down the road your in a same kinda situation with emotions and pressure you can be tough enough to do the smart right thing and I’m sure I’ll get some angry faces but oh well. That’s usually what happens when truth is spoken


Have a DNA test then take it to court

Petition the court for a name change

A judge will now have legally change it.

I think you have a time period that you are able to change a name after birth…


Check with the STATE LAWS.

Is his name on the birth certificate as the father? Or baby girl just has his last name? Two very different scenarios. One the court clerk and recorder can remedy, the other you’re going to need a family law attorney, and prove he is not the father. DO NOT LET THIS GO. You made one mistake---- don’t compound it.


Not sure about California but in Georgia you can change the name anytime during the first year. No charge. We did this with my son to give him his dads last name. I gave him my name when he was born. It wasn’t a big deal at all.


That’s all you have to do. Petition the courts for a name change

I also live in California and unfortunately you would have to go through the courts and you may have to pay sense you are changing her legal last name (not 100% sure). Also if he signed the birth certificate I believe you have to get his signature to ok the name change.

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You’ll have to go through court. It cost money.

Hopefully you learned your lesson. You don’t give your children some random guys last name, whether you’re dating him or not. It’s either your name or their fathers, not a ‘boyfriend’.
And if you put him down as the father on her certificate, which wouldn’t shock me, you have a whole other issue on your hands if he chose to want to see her.

Now you know what NOT to do when you first have a child


Most states, if the man signed the birth certificate, he is the Father. Getting it changed does require a DNA test. A court of law where he has to sign to get babies name changed from his if he isn’t the dad. . All states are different, Google for more info . It’s quite a process if his name is on the birth certificate.

You are going to have to go through the court and get a DNA test with your ex boyfriend to prove that he is not the father and have the court relinquish him from any responsibility legally towards the child and request a last name change. Go talk to someone in your local courthouse that does family law they will be able to give you accurate information on what to do and what steps to take

Yes you have a time period so call around tomorrow morning and get it done ASAP

I wouldn’t change her name I’d leave it as is

All depends on state laws. Is he listed on the birth certificate? If not you can just petition the court for a name change.

I would leave her last name as is. I grew up with my mothe’rs ex husband’s last name who isn’t my father and it didn’t affect the way my mother raised me! If she wants to change it cuz it bothers her later down the road then thats something you deal with at that time. This is not a big issue if you can live with it…

I believe theres a time limit i gave my daughter her dads last name then decided give her mine i went to medical records for birth certficate paid an changed her name an changed on ss card also then you had a time frame to change

Do a dna test to proove he isnt the father, and you will have to have her last name legally changed. Is he on her birth certifivate as well??

Have you sent off for a ss card yet that is the only thing that would be legally binding the name